Sunday, June 24, 2012

For The Love Of Old Revisited

I live on the far West Side, so I don't get out to the East Side often, but when I need a handy excuse to travel across the City... FOR THE LOVE OF OLD is the Shop I'd do it for in a heartbeat!

I Love this Shop and I know you will too... from the moment you walk in the Ambiance will captivate you... there is always the delightful scent of exquisite Exotic Candles burning and Music playing... and along with the Visuals, it is a Scensory Pleasure that will make you want to linger.

And Owners Geisel & Roman will Welcome  you and make you feel like Old Friends.

There is a wonderful selection of Vintage Lighting... I was adoring this ornate Slag Glass Chandie!

And the Butterscotch Striped Vintage Suitcases are among my Favorite Style of Old Luggage.

This Glider matches a Chair I have at Home in a Turquoise Hue with the same cut-out design...

And the attention to Detail & Styling is just my Style.

You can find so many On-Trend Pieces Sourced with care... from Vintage Dress Forms...

To Original well worn Rustic Painted Furniture Fresh from the Farm!

Check out this Killer Beadboard Cupboard!!!

And if you Adore squishy, comfortable Antique Velvet Furniture as much as I do... there are plenty of Amazine pieces to choose from... I really liked this one... perfect Hue of Aged Velvet and in Pristine Condition...

Well... and this one too!  *Winks*  Good Lord, I'd need a new House to have room for all of the Furnishings I fell in Love with during this visit!!! *LOL*

Old Wall Maps, Old Fans & Old Scales...

Steamer Trunks and Antique Cash Registers...

Fun pieces... gotta Love the Pink Flamingo Lawn Art... *Winks*

And eye catching OOAK pieces...

Deconstructed Lampshades... {and you all know how much I Love those! Winks}

This Vintage Dress Form was going Home with a Beautiful Young Model who was also Shopping for Found Treasures this day...

And she 'scored' the Black Cow Skull too... I can only Imagine how Stylish her Home is, she was absolutely Adorable, Trendy and so Sweet.  Don't you always meet the Nicest People when you go Junquing?  Kindred Spirits always have a Connection, regardless of which Generation we are from.

I have always enjoyed Vintage Industrial Style Lighting... so Functional and Sturdy.


This Old Doctor Style Bag was filled with Vintage Ephemera.  I could spend Hours looking through Old Paperwork that takes you back in Time.

And you know how I feel about Oversized Industrial Letters and Old Bottles!  *Smiles*

My Friend Joseph would LOVE that Hat... I must tell him about it!

And I Loved this Vignette...

So lets take a Closer Look & get a Close-Up of it!  *Smiles*

In fact the Atmosphere at the Shop is so Welcoming, Zen and Enjoyable that you'll want to stay a while... I know I did... Photographing the Shop for a Blog Post was a Joy.

As well as Visiting with Giesel, Roman, their Uncle & some of the other Customers.

What a Cute way to Re-Purpose your Old Wine Bottles as a Display... In fact there was Inspiration abounding everywhere in the Shop.

And lots of Upcycled Found Treasures.

I really liked this Architectural Salvage Display...

And this Old Mantle...

Trust me, I'm fairly certain you're going to find something you would Love to own as well?

But this day I was actually a Woman on a Mission...

You see, Giesele had a Vintage Persian Rug I'd had my eye on for quite some time and was Jonesin' to make MINE if she would Sell it?!  *Winks*  And I was Hoping she still had it and that it might be for Sale because I hadn't been able to get it off my Heart or Mind!!!   She had loaned it to my Friend Pauline during a Trunk Show last March and I had fallen in Love with it at First Sight! {This was IT at First Sight!}  Wanna see it NOW? {Now after all that Hype of COARSE you do!!! LOL}

Ta-Da!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn't it TO DIE FOR?!?!  You cannot even Imagine how Jazzed I was to FINALLY own it!!!  The Colors are Superb and the Design is gorgeous... and it's Old and Worn to Perfection, just the way I like them!!!

And yep, it came Home with me to the Bohemian Valhalla Residence... and now Graces our Back Kitchen.  *Color me Happy!*  Thank You Giesele for Offering it to me and giving me such a great price!!!  I told you I was Tenacious when I'm really, really wanting something with a Passion, I can wait for what I REALLY want!

And I also 'scored' this Lovely Vintage Sacred Heart Piece in a Beautifully Aged Frame.  Spiritual Art are among my all-time Favorite Things to add to my Collections.  This was a very Old Piece that still had the Fragile, now Brittle, Sepia Aged Paperwork & Prayer attached to the back.

 Even more Fabulous Velvet Antique Furniture... this Chair was in a Gorgeous Shade of Plum Velvet! 

Vintage Industrial can be Purposed in so many Useful ways... and it can take a licking, which sometimes comes in handy! *LOL*  Well... maybe that's just at MY House?  *Smiles*

Sometimes I think that Old Lockers that still have the Key to each Unit might come in handy too in order to keep the Beast Princess and her Posse OUT of my Stuff?!?  *LOL*

And definitely an Old Ice Chest would come in handy now that we're in the midst of an Arizona Desert Summer! 

Anything in a Shade of Aqua or Turquoise is going to catch my eye...

What Hues scream out to YOU my Friends?

I mean I'll notice Aqua or Turquoise as if I have Radar for it... at the exclusion of all else!!!  *Winks*

Even if it's only the tiniest Detail on a Piece or in a Vignette...  BTW... LOVING this particular Vignette...  So Simple and yet I was Loving everything about it.

And whenever I get a Show Room of my own I do plan to Source some Old Crates as Wall Displays... just Love the way it looks...

I Hope you're enjoying Junquing at FOR THE LOVE OF OLD with me?

And more than that, I Hope you come by in Person to see it all for yourself because my Images don't do it Justice... Truly it's more of an Experience than this... some things you just have to BE there for to Savor everything it has to offer...

The aroma of the Scented Candles smelled absolutely Divine!!! 

It really is a Space where you enjoy Hanging Out as much as you do Shopping for your Treasures!

And for me at least, the Ambiance and Serenity of my Shopping Experience is as important to me as what I might 'score'.  I like to take my time and capture lots and lots of Images through the eye of my lens to Share here in the Land of Blog and use for Future Inspiration and Reference.

I also like to Support the Dream and Vision of my Friends who own Shops and/or are Local Artists.  And I Hope that you too support your Local Small Business Owners?

I shudder to think if all that was available were the conglomerates and mass marketed products... same-o, same-o, BORING & without Character and Individuality... *Gack!*

Because if everybody has one just identically like it then I'm not even sure I even want one!  That would be too Stepford Wives for Yours Truly... *LOL*

I too have a Love Of Old, a Taste and Preference for the Unique, the Salvaged, the Re-Purposed, Upcycled and Artist Created Pieces.

Things that are Time Worn and have a sense of History and a Story behind them.

Fun or Ordinary Things that have been Repurposed in Inspired and Extraordinary ways...

And Styled by those who have a Unique Talent for putting things together in delightful ways to Visually engage us and draw us in...

And as you can see Giesel and Roman have a Talent for doing just that!

And I really Enjoy Shopping where Kindred Spirits Style their Shops much like I Style my Home... because I KNOW I will always find something Special there to Feather our Nest with... and be Inspired by.

And this Visit made my 3rd Thursday Girl's Day Out even more of a Shopping Adventure.

And even though I was limited budget-wise by what I could get this time around... I had my eyes on some possibilities for Future Junquing Adventures...

Because even though I can't have it all... I can certainly ENJOY it all during my Junquing Adventures... and capture Images of it all to Share with you.

And Photographing Beautiful Images is as much a Passion and Joy of mine now as Collecting and Junquing are... perhaps even moreso because it can be so easily Shared and doesn't cost a fortune to indulge in. *Winks*

And as the Lovely Dress Form was going out the door with the Beautiful Young Model, so I was going out the door too with my Found Treasures in tow...  but you can rest assured I'll be back... and perhaps I'll run into you there too?

And today I want to also take you to a new Blog and Blog Party I was just Invited to by a new Follower, Barbe, over at BEEZ RENTAL DESIGNS... so come on over and join the Party my Friends!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! I love the pictures you took of the shop, Dawn. I've never been there but would love to pay them a visit! My Grandma used to come visit us from California using those same tan suitcases with the stripes! Brings back lovely memories. Hugs, Janice

  2. Underbar blogg med fantastiska saker.
    Tack för att jag fick titta in.

  3. The rug is Amazing!!! Love it so much, what beautiful colors!! have a great day

  4. Great pictures! What a great shop :). I would love for you to link up to my linky party via:

    Mrs. Delightful


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