Saturday, June 23, 2012

All American Antique Celebration!

I spent the Afternoon re-stocking my Booth at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST for the upcoming 5-day All American Antique Celebration, which will be held the 4th of July through Sunday, July 8th!

When I think of Celebrating my American Heritage I can't help but think of the great melting pot of rich Cultures that make up the diversity of America... and so when I 'scored' these Dolls Of The World recently I knew they'd be the perfect representation of my Booth Theme for the 4th of July Celebration... representing the Diversity of Cultures that make up America!

And so I set about Photographing the Girls Of The World as a backdrop to the Blog Post to let you all in on the Calendar of Events for our All American Antique Celebration!

There will be 15% Off ALL Inventory during the 5-Day Sale for Customer Appreciation!!!

On Wednesday, the 4th of July, we will be serving the All American Tradition... Apple Pie!!!

On Thursday, July 5th, we will be giving away five $5 Gift Cards every Hour on the Hour!!!

On Friday, July 6th, we will have Armadillo Cookies & Punch and be giving away five $5 Gift Cards every Hour on the Hour!!!

On Saturday, July 7th, we will be serving up another All-American Grilling Staple... Hot Dogs, from 11:00 a.m. until they're gone!!!

On Sunday, July 8th, the final day of the Sale, we will be giving away five $5 Gift Cards every Hour on the Hour!!!

And Dealers, don't forget that July 7th will also be our Monthly Dealer Breakfast... to Fellowship and to fuel you all up before the doors open!!!  *Winks*

Don't forget that we will be having 15% Off Everyting in the Mall during the whole Celebration... so bring your Friends and Family and join in on the Festivities & snag some Found Treasures!!!

We want to give a very big Thank You for all our wonderful Customers...

It is YOU that has made our Mall such a Success on the West Side!!!

And I must say that being a Dealer there has been even more Fun than I ever expected or anticipated and I've made so many new Friends!

So much so that after we get through The Man's Major Surgery & Recovery next Month, I'm looking into expanding my Space and possibly consider a Show Room...

I wanted to start out Small and learn the ropes of Selling Found Treasures... and I want to Thank all of my Friends that have so generously Encouraged and Mentored me during the Process...

It has given me the Confidence and Desire to do so much more in the Future... and expand the Vision and Dream...

And I Believe that is what Epitomizes the American Dream... the Entreprenuer Spirit... and that so much is Possible in our Great Country to those with a Dream, a Vision and Work Ethic!!!

For Generations many have come to our Shores with this Dream & Vision... of achieving Prosperity and attaining the Best for their Precious Families, now and for Future Generations to come...

And along with the many Indigenous Native American Tribes of America, and the Inuit & Hawaiian Peoples of Alaska & the Hawaiian Islands, each wave of Immigrants has added to the American Dream & Diversity by adding Distinctive Cultures, Cuisine, Music, Creativity, Traditions and Flavor to what it is to be American.  And I Love that about our Country!

Happy 4th of July my Friends!!!  We look forward to seeing you...

Now lets get this Party Started!!!  *Winks*

And speaking of Patriotic Parties... head on over to COMMON GROUND where a Patriotic Red, White & Blue Blog Party and Giveaway is currently underway!

Blessings from Arizona Desert... God Bless America... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    I just wanted to say hello and the dolls of the world caught my eye. I own some of these dolls. In the 70's my dad used to surprise me with these. They were a giveaway premium from a gas station. My sister and I had a whole collection of these and I still have them. Thanks for sharing.



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