Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Visit

We're excited... the Auntie is flying in from Texas tonight and spending the entire weekend with us after visiting & staying with her Sons in the City for the first two days of her Visit.  It hasn't been such a long time that most of them moved to Texas, but it seems like an eternity... we had become so accustomed to the closeness in proximity and Relationship that we've shared for so many years... and we miss them so... the trio of Aunties, the Uncle, the trio of Young Cousins.


The Auntie is a Foodie like me... so we're thinking about what to stock the Pantry and Fridge with... *Winks*

Guilty Indulgences will be... well... indulged during the visit... that's a 'given'...  *LOL*

We'll think about and go back to our Diets later... after the visit... *Smiles*

And Fresh Fruit Tarts and the like are somewhat healthy, right?  *Winks*

And visually so appealing... you eat them with your eyes first...

So yes, Fresh Fruit Tarts will most definitely be on "The List"...

And Teas... for the Tea Parties we shall have...  Princess T will definitely want to Host a Tea or two... or three... or four... or five... while her Favorite Auntie is in Town visiting!  *Smiles*  Their bond is so strong that the Missing has been intense since the Move.

And so I got the Guest Room ready to receive her...

Which is no small feat... since the Guest Room in this Old House is the one where stuff I don't know what to do with yet... or don't want to... or haven't put away seems to end up... *Smiles*

Do you have a Room like that my Friends?  The "Stash Room" I like to call it... where your Hoarding instincts and excessiveness are most evident because the overflow of random stuff is sequestered there... out of sight and out of mind since it's the least occupied Room of the House?  Okay... so maybe I'm the only one... *Smiles... but I seriously doubt it if we're keeping it Real...*

So there I was... with the relatively short deadline to get the Guest Room in order to receive a Guest... and attempt to make it comfortable, cozy, inviting and Welcoming without being overwhelming by my Excess. *LOL*   Re-arranging and taking out portions of my Stash. *Whew... what a workout that was!*  

At least the Auntie knows me well and is also a BFF & Family so she forgives my Eccentricities and Domestic Shortcomings even though she is immaculate at Housekeeping.  She will overlook the dust and clutter and pretend not to notice... True Friends do that and aren't judgmental.  She will appreciate my efforts to make room for yet another at this Old House, which is always a full House... and not just of objects... but of People... and make herself at Home because we expect any Guest to feel as if this is a 2nd Home.  Whether she will actually sleep in the infamous "Haunted" Guest Room or not remains to be seen... but that's a whole other Story and Post.  *LOL*

After all... she and The Princess are inseparable and they could end up just sharing a place to doss down for the Night... and it wouldn't have been the first time that Friends, Family and Guests have ended up sleeping where ever they liked and were most comfy and at Peace in the many rooms or Cottages of the Bohemian Valhalla Homestead. *Winks*  There's always room for Family and Friends... amid the Found Treasures. *Smiles*

Footnote: That is not a staged Sleeping Beauty or Dark Shadows pose... this is how The Princess often sleeps... like you could put a Cala Lily on her... it cracks us up... she definitely is a Wednesday Addams type of Child!  *LOL* 

Source: FADED CHARM Blog, White Wednesday #151

And talking about Wednesday... and because I haven't joined a Linky Party in such a long time I decided to join FADED CHARM for their White Wednesday Blog Party since I had a single White Image to share today *LOL* you all know how hard it is for me not to Live in Living Color.. so be sure to stop by and see all the White Fabulousness everyone is sharing over there.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How I wish my stashing were limited to a "Stashing Room"!

    I'd ♥ to sleep in your guest room. It looks cozy & inviting.

    I DO know the minor stress involved in wanting to meet the standards/approval of a house guest. Your aunt sounds like a gracious and charming guest, though.

    Sure wish I had your talent for whipping up such beautiful desserts. That tart looks amazing. I KNOW everyone will have a wonderful time. Including you.

    This post reminds me of an old (and favorite) book I once read on hospitality and relationships. It was titled "Open Heart; Open Home." Seems to sum up your Bohemian Valhalla Cottage.

  2. Dawn - For a moment, I thought you were serving food in your booth...LOL!

    Did you see the photo I posted of you on my blog? hee hee! BTW, the new GW is OPENING tomorrow at 61st Ave/Bell... xo


  3. I wish I had a Stash Room. I have no room! That's why we're moving. Hopefully I can keep the clutter down given more room.
    And yes, I love how the Princess sleeps. I was totally thinking Mortisha Addams but you beat me to it!

  4. Ah yes, I have 2 spare bedrooms that have become my stash rooms too. My finds end up on the beds, in the corners,and just generally...ALL OVER! I love the stuff, but I can not stand the clutter until I can sell it. Drives me crazy!!! And I had to just had to figure out where to go with stuff now too, and I am having company this week. Whew.......please don't let them look UNDER the bed.


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