Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In Search Of The Perfect Deconstructed Lampshade

A new Booth has opened up at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST that had just what I had been looking for to finish up an ongoing Project here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence.  You see I had been in search of the perfect Deconstructed Lampshade to finish decking out my lamps.  But I was Loving just about everything this Vendor had Created... including the Rag Skirt Banners...

And lots of Burlap and Linen touches...

And the use of Salvage Style by Repurposing objects like Old Gates and Wire Fencing...

And bundling up Old Books with Sweet Rag Bows and Vintage Buttons & Rag Rosettes...

Yes, I really enjoyed perusing the Inventory in this new Booth, even though I was on a specific Mission...

Not to procure more Old Books...

Or Salvage Architectural Elements or Innovative Wreaths...

But to seek out the perfect Deconstructed Lampshade for the last lamp at Home that needed one...

I had been fortunate to discover a couple of Antique Lampshades Deconstructed Naturally by Time... but those are few and far between so I didn't want to wait forever and a day to find others one at a time over extended periods of time and leave the rest of my lamps shadeless and with bare bulbs.  *Smiles*

And so... when I spied the perfect one in this Booth to complete the Mission at hand I was ecstatic!

Sure there was lots of other Eye Candy tempting me... but the Shade was what I was after on this Junquing Spree... so that finally every lamp would have a Deconstructed Shade, each in a different Style and yet somehow similar enough to be cohesive.

And this was the one I chose!  With an Organic hued Rag Rim and Rag Rosette... and Linen wrapped lampshade skeleton...

I was Loving the way the Artist made her Rosettes...

And the Creative Styling of everything...

So yes, I succumbed to Temptation and also bought the Rag Skirt Banner... which will always come in handy at disguising and hiding something behind... that I don't want in plain sight... *Winks* ... and the Prices were SOOOOOOOOO reasonable that I couldn't make them myself for much less... so why bother, right?  Especially when my Laundry List of Projects is already too lengthy. *LOL*

And so here it is in all it's Glory at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence in the Library Room topping one of my Antique Lamps... the last lamp in fact that needed topping.

Which is part of a pair of Antique Lamps... the other of which is already Sporting a Deconstructed Shade 'scored' at my Friend Eileen's Booth at THE MAD HATTER in Glendale.  I Love Eileen's Booth too and had gleefully discovered two of my Deconstructed Shades there on a previous Shopping Mission in Search of the Perfect Deconstructed Lampshades. 

And though the Lamps are a matching pair I didn't want a matchy-matchy pair of Shades... I'm quirkly like that, matchy-matchy just isn't my Style... Variety is the Spice of my Life!  *Winks*  I find it much more Interesting and Visually stimulating.  And yes, as you can see I haven't yet gotten to the Library Room yet in the Big Edit & Purge of 2012 and so there is still a lot to wade through on my other Mission to Simplify and Downsize... but it's still a Work in Progress.  *LOL*

A Close-Up of the Rag & Button Rosette on the Shade... Love the Mix of Fabrics and Textures...

The other Shade is more Simple in Design but no less stunning IMO... Love them both and they were just what I had been searching for...

And here's the other one I 'scored' at Eileen's Booth... on an Antique Lamp in our Boudoir...  I like to hang my Jewelry upon my Deconstructed Shades, so that they serve double duty.

And the Deconstructed Style is Ideal for producing Bright Light and illuminating a Room well... which I prefer... I'm actually not a big fan of Lampshades only because though many can be Lovely to look at, they often interfere with function because they diminish the Light the bulb is producing.

And the one thing I Adore about this Old House is how Bright all of the Rooms are illuminated by Day by Natural Light streaming through the numerous Windows.

And so once the Sun sets I don't want it to feel Cavelike when I need to turn on a Light... and so I'm absolutely Loving most of my Lamps now wearing their Deconstructed Shades...

Because if any of you lives in a very Old House you know that overhead Lighting isn't as plentiful as in Modern Homes and so the use of Lamps and Sconces is how most rooms will be electrically illuminated unless you want to know an Electrician intimately and fund their next Vacation... *Smiles*

And I Love the Lighting from Lamps, Chandies and Sconces don't you?  And so I have a LOT of them scattered about this Old House.  And now my Mission Possible has been accomplished for the Deconstructed Lampshade Project.

And I'm Delighted with the Results...

Blessings and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. And I have been sewing lampshades for years, WHY...I love the two old shades at the bottom. I still can't resist them when I find one, they fit perfectly in my lil' pink shack!

    Have sunny week friend!

  2. I REALLY need to get out more! Deconstructed lampshades never crossed my mind until now! I actually have one - outside trying its hand at being yard art! I'm going to bring it in immediately!

  3. When I build my new home and I coming to shop with YOU!

  4. I am in love with that last lamp!!! Gorgeous...Love them all...I have been using wrought iron lanterns I have picked up over the years and am finally getting around to wiring them... using the old fashioned looking bulbs... I just saw one of the rag banners on a blog somewhere and they were using it as a curtain which I thought was a good idea...this one is really nice...Great buys Dawn!!!

    Coming to you from waterlogged Maine...LOL we need it tho!!


  5. You did really great shopping, Dawn. Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find. I wish I could be with you to hunt the treasures. These deconstructed lampshades are great:)


  6. Girl I LOVE those first two lamps are they capademonte style ? also love your shabby shades. I have never seen those around here but I live in a not cool area for repursposed things . I have fixed a couple shades up before and took to flea market and no one even looked at them and it wasn't becuse they wasn't great LOL Oh well

    I have my 1st giveaway and would like you to enter



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