Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final Day Of Grand Opening ~ Brass Armadillo West

John Wayne Personality, Geo & I... always having Fun at the Brass!!!

Yes, this is a real Davy Crocket Style Coonskin Cap from Canada!  Love it!!!

Prince R & Friend at my Booth...

Pamela & I in front of her Showroom

Source: Myko Diann ~ Facebook Page ~ Pamela's Showroom

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ the Guys working hard to Serve Hotdogs & 50's Style Loose Meat Sandwiches to the hungry crowds

John Wayne Personality & Pamela

The Man with a Birdseye View to get exclusive Coverage just for you!

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ KOOL FM Team Broadcasting Live

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ The Man & I bringing you exclusive Birdseye Coverage from areas not open to the Public!

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ My Booth & others from a Birdseye View

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ You caught us visiting & stuffing our faces! *Winks*

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page

Source: Pamela ~ Brass Armadillo Facebook Page ~ Our Manager Dan with John Wayne Personality

One of the awesome pieces of Taxidermy at Geo's Showroom

Vintage Car Show going on in our Parking Lot

Vintage Cars on Display ~ Princess T & I in front of our favorites...

Can't help but feel Gangsta' in front of this one!  *LOL*

Myko Diann & Brett's Booth AquaMarina Antiques

Armadillo Cookies... how cute are these!!!????  And yummy too!  *Winks*

This Trade Stimulator reminded me of an Episode of AMERICAN PICKERS when Mike & Frank scored one! *LOL*

Channeling Barbara Eden...

I could sure use a Jeannie in a Bottle... I've been so busy this Old House is a mess!  *Winks*



I actually saw one of these on a Series of Extreme Homes that profiled the only Personal Floating Island Houseboat in the World!   Well, Antonio has one in his Booth if you want to add her to your own Private Island! *Winks*

Today is the Final Day of our Grand Opening Event at the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.  There is still going to be Free Food & Fun my Friends so if you haven't already headed out to the West Valley, come on over and join in on the Festivities, which will be going on until 9:00 pm Tonight!   We've had a great turnout each day... folks were lining up Friday and Saturday to scour the Mall for Found Treasures... there were over 70 Pizzas Served, over 200 Hotdogs and untold amounts of delicious 50's Style Loose Meat Sandwiches & Refreshments... the Staff was working hard to ensure everyone's Shopping Pleasure and a Memorable & Enjoyable Experience.   KOOL FM was there broadcasting Live... we had a John Wayne Personality mingling with the crowds... Vintage Cars on Display... Hourly Give-aways... and 300 Gift Certificates will have been handed out during the 3 Day Celebration for the first 100 Shoppers that came through the Doors each Morning.   As you can plainly see, each Day we've had a blast attending and covering the Event... we Hope to see you there Today!?!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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