Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating Old Stuff In Cases

Anytime I see an Old Case I am intrigued...

What lies inside? 

 Even an empty Old Case with the evidence of History marking it's exterior sparks my interest and holds my attention... even if the contents are long gone I can imagine what it might have held over the years and what Stories it could tell or reveal?

And so when I spied this Old Case whilst Goodwill Hunting one weekend I had to have it, even before I took a peek inside.  And of coarse I took a peek inside.  Wouldn't you? *Winks*

And the Cool Old Musical Instrument it revealed was very interesting and quite a pleasant Surprise... as was the bold Red Felt interior. 

It was dusty and obviously in need of repair... and being no Musician I had absolutely no idea what it was... but I liked it... I liked it's lines, it's Color and it's Old Graphics.  I had liked the Old worn Case it came in and was going to buy that anyway, so the contents was a Bonus, whatever it was?
And what was it I wondered?

Seeking out information about Found Treasures of an unknown Origin or Identity is half of the Fun in Celebrating Old Stuff and expanding my Horizons for the Love of Old Treasures.  Sometimes you can easily Identify something and sometimes it's not so clear and can remain a bit of a Mystery... especially with Musical Instruments since there seems to be a variety of similar pieces but with different names and functions.  But this appeared to be closest to something called a Zither... and so... now I was the proud Owner of a Zither... whatever THAT was?  *LOL*

Source: KNICK OF TIME Blog Party

And so I thought I would Share this latest Celebration of Old Stuff In Cases at the Blog Party being held over at KNICK OF TIME...

Where every Tuesday Angie is Hosting a Blog Linky Party to Celebrate Old Stuff... or stuff that looks Old.  So if you enjoy Celebrating Old Stuff too, come on over and join the Party!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What out, Curiosity killed the cat!

  2. I just love looking to see what is inside old cases. My Grandmother had something similar to what you found and we played with it when we were kids...she called it an autoharp.


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