Friday, May 25, 2012

Brass Armadillo Memorial Day Event

Do you Love to Negotiate?

Do you Live for the Art of The Deal?


Do you, like me, have a Gypsy Soul and it's in your Blood to Haggle and make Offers and it's Fun for you to enter into a Negotiation for a Purchase or to Close a Sale?

Well then, do I have Good News for you my Friends... because this Memorial Day Weekend THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, where Yours Truly has a Booth {Booth #44 on Nebraska Ave.}, is having an Event through Monday!!!

On Saturday and Sunday we will be having 50 Cent Hotdogs and $1 Hamburgers... from 11:00 til' gone...

And on Monday, just for those of you who enjoy Negotiating, Haggling and the Art of the Deal... we will be having a "Name Your Own Price Sale"... with Dealers on hand to Negotiate with and Close The Deal for your desired Found Treasures!  *Whoo Hoo!*

I will be there most of the day ready to Haggle with you for my Stash of Found Treasures in Booth #44... in the Morning and Early Afternoon just to Close The Deals...

And from 5:00-9:00 pm I'll be there Working my Shift, so you can find me either doing the Hospitality Greeting behind the 57 Chevy Greeter Station or Assisting Customers throughout the Mall... so if you see anything in my Booth that you just can't Live without... give me a Holla and I'm sure we can work something out so that we both have a Happy Day! *Winks* 

You know I LIVE FOR the Art of the Deal and Gypsy Style Haggling... whether Selling or Buying I LOVE Negotiating & Wheeling & Dealing!!! *Winks*  After all, like my Dear Ole' Dad used to say to me... you never get what you deserve, you get what  you Negotiate...

And all of the Dealers have been busy bringing in New Inventory all week for your Shopping Delight and Pleasure during the Event!   Aren't these Scrabble Tile Creations in my Friend Pamela's Showroom Sweet?!


And her Pastel Furniture is so Romantic and Fun...  If you're a Crafter, Mixed Media Artist or Scrapbook Diva you'll find everything you need in her Showroom too.

And these Vintage Feather Fans that another Dealer has are Beautifully Showcased and Framed and are To Die For!   Peacock Feathers...

And Ostrich Feathers...

Oh my... what's not to Love?!?  *Swooning*

And my Friends Myko & Brett have been tirelessly working on their Booth #906... Myko has been Published and is an accomplished Artist... that Sweet little Wool Mouse on the lower half of the Photo is one of her Creations which she will be Featuring how to Create in her New Book, which will be coming out in August! 

So be sure to also Visit Myko Bocek Studios on Myko's Facebook Page and Etsy Shop to see even more of her Fabulously Sweet and Enchanting Creations!  And look for her Book in August...


There's no shortage of Art at The Brass though... I was Adoring this New Dealer's Subway Urban Style Art...

So Bright, Bold, Vivid and Captivating... and the Booth also has a wealth of Vintage Teen Mags that I remember from back in the day... such a rush of Nostalgia!  AND... there were also some Munster Collectible Figurines in this Booth for those of you, who like me, fondly recall the Old Munster and Addams Family Series!!!????

In fact, it doesn't matter what your Style or Vibe is... you are sure to Discover it here in the over 900 Booths, Cases and Showrooms at the Antique Mall...


If some of you have been seeking those Deconstructed Lampshades I've been outfitting all my Lamps with... there's a Booth here that Creates them out of Vintage Lampshade Skeletons...

And if you've been trying to Source some Cool Mantiques, like a Vintage Gas Pump... from when Gas was below a Dollar a Gallon... well... here 'tis...

And the Graphics, Enamel and Colors on it are absolutely Pristine!!!


And since we live in a Desert, it's harder to come by Vintage Winter Equipment than in other parts of the Country... but not here... we've got it.  And sometimes when it's well over 100 degrees every day, just Styling with the Essence of Winter seems to Cool things off on the Canvas of our Imaginations! *LOL*

So come in out of the Heat of the Desert this Memorial Day Weekend my Friends and Visit us in Air Conditioned Comfort... whilst on the Thrill Of The Hunt for those particular Treasures you're seeking...

Or just those Fun Accents that catch your eye... for Gift Giving or just to bring a Smile to your own face in your Decorating Projects as you Style your Home, Office or Shop for Summer... and bring the Essence of it Alive...

As the Changing of the Seasons makes us want a Change in our Environment, our Styling and the Atmosphere we want to Evoke and Create.

I mean couldn't you just Envision your Retro Hairstyling Salon sporting this Vintage Hairdrying Chair?!?

Yep, you could be joining Snoopy & the Rainbow Donkey for a new "Do" in Retro Style... *Winks*

Or Lighting up your Romantic Style Boudoir with a Lovely Lamp and Lace Lampshade...

Sorry about the Lampshade Obsession lately... I get intently focused on things like that... and so then I seem to notice them everywhere I go!!!  *LOL*

See what I mean?!?  *Winks*  I'm obviously going to need Vintage Lampshade Intervention and Therapy very soon!  *Smiles*

But in the meantime... let us join in the Festivities... grab a 50 Cent Hotdog, a Dollar Hamburger and enter into the Art of the Deal with a good Haggle shall we?  

You know it's going to be the Ideal Time to Source your Found Treasures for the Home, Office, Studio or your own Shops... because who doesn't Love getting a Deal?!?

And then be sure to come back to the Land Of Blog to brag about your Negotiating Skills and what you "Scored" Okay?!?

So I'll see  you there my Friends!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sure wish I could figure out how to get down there to haggle and taste one of those good ole hotdogs! Have fun & sell up a storm! Happy Holiday, Dawn.

  2. Dawn - fab photos! It's going to be a fun weekend at the Brass Armadillo!!! xo

    -pamela ;)


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