Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Melrose Street Fair & Car Show ~ Part III

As we continue strolling around the Melrose Street Fair & Car Show... and I take you on Treasure Hunts in this Post through a few of my Favorite Shops along 7th Avenue... RUST & ROSES... SIRENS & SAINTS... and FIGS... we'll talk.

We'll talk about some of the things I've thought about as being a Plus while living here in Arizona... and some of the things I've thought about as being a Minus in regards to Vintage Cars & Old Treasures in particular.   On the Plus side, we've always been a Mecca of Old Cars primarily because they don't rust out here and remain well preserved because of the climate being dry and no salting of our roads.  So Old Cars abound and for the Old Car Enthusiasts & Collectors that's definitely a bonus... not only to be able to procure these Mobile Treasures, Restoring & Preserving them, but also to just be able to see so many and share them with the Public.  Another Plus is that things left strewn about the Desert over the Centuries tend to also not decay nearly as rapidly as other Climates... so whilst traipsing around the Desert you often come across Lost Treasures and for a Junquer and Seeker of Found Treasures that is always a Rush!  And in regards to Ghost Towns, it has been a Blessing that many of the Old Towns that no longer had a boom, were just simply abandoned and left standing still in Time, not necessarily always Preserved in the Manmade sense, but left "As Is" in most cases.   And those parts of our State History are precious and such a Joy to visit and explore.  Just remember that in such sites to take only Pictures and leave only Footprints.

And now on to the Minus side... yes, there have been Negs about living here too... especially for the Lover of all things Old.  You see, Arizona has been way behind the curve in Preservation of Historic Homes and Architecture in the populated areas that are still growing and thriving.  So, by the time they finally realized the value of these Beautiful Old Places, the majority of them had already been Lost... razed to make way for the new or sadly neglected to a point of no return.  I remember when Grand Old Victorian Mansions lined many of the Downtown Urban Streets... and I was deeply grieved every time another one was torn down.  And in the Rural areas it was even worse, as Urban Sprawl encroached upon the Old Farms, Ranches and Homesteads.  Its become a bit better in recent years, but not nearly soon enough... and once gone, they are forever Lost to Future Generations and that is a great pity because History is as important as the Present and the Future... there should be a healthy balance of each don't you think?  I commend those States that took Preservation seriously and retained a great part of their History, I only wish Arizona had been among them sooner.   And I also lament that there were not more Salvage Yards willing and eager to at least  Rescue and Save the Salvaged pieces of these Grand Old Places as they were dismantled.  I shudder to think of all the Salvage Treasures that were just hauled away to landfills and thus also Lost and not recycled, upcycled, repurposed and offered to those of us who would have appreciated them and recognized their value!  Or allow folks to recover whatever could be Rescued & Saved before it is hauled off as trash rather than Treasure!!!  I've tried to do my part every time I have seen a demolition underway or evident, but as one person I couldn't possible Hope to Save it all... though I surely wanted it ALL! *Winks*  Even if I couldn't keep it all, at least I'd know it would eventually go to other good Homes and Treasure Seekers who would Love it as much as I do!!! {Yeah, you know that I'm talking about YOU right? Smiles}  And I feel much better after my little Rant & Rave about a few of the "+" and "-" of Living in the Beautiful Desert here in the Valley of the Sun.

We'll continue with our Melrose Street Fair & Car Show tomorrow... because as always I took a multitude of Images and never tire of enjoying Beautiful Old Things... and new Creations...

Dawn... The Bohemian

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