Sunday, March 4, 2012

Melrose Street Fair & Car Show ~ Part I

As we continue with our whirlwind Weekend of Events I'm taking you now to Downtown Phoenix for the Melrose on 7th Avenue Street Fair & Classic Car Show that was held this Saturday.  It will take a few Posts to take it all in since there was Shopping, Live Music, good Food, Vendors of every sort, Hot Classic Cars & Vintage Trailers, Crafts and Carnival Rides for the kids.  But the bulk of this Post shall be all about my good Friends Pauline "Ranch Barbie" & Victor... and the Reveal of their Vintage Trailer transformation!!!

They have invested considerable Time, Talents and Treasures in this Mobile Gypsy Style Dream Caravan Studio and have done a superb job... I have been eager to finally see & reveal it to you... it is a real Labor of Love and done in true 'Ranch Barbie' Style!  It was a great addition to the Fair and naturally they had loaded up fabulous Found Treasures to offer.

The Lovely Pauline will give us the Grand Tour...

And show off Victor's considerable Talents of Restoration and Transformation of the Beautiful new reinforced Flooring, which can now hold even the heaviest of Treasures *winks*... and Interior Remodel...

These two make a Great Team and are such a Sweet Couple, I'm so Happy for them!

So, lets step inside shall we...  Notice Pauline's shared Love of the Vintage Persian Rug... {and Old Doors I might add... Winks} ... Yep, she's certainly a Kindred Spirit... which is why I always adore what she Sources for her Booths and Mobile Studio!  I have gotten many a Found Treasure there for the Bohemian Valhalla Residence...

This makes me even more impatient for The Man to 'score' my Vintage Caravan!!! *Smiles*

Just look at that new Floor... Magnificent!!!  And the Found Treasures... *Insert me Swooning!*

Everything was Styled so comfortably and was so Inviting...

An Old Chair Aged to perfection and in my all time favorite Vintage Hue... God I Love this Color!

And Pauline's attention to Detail is Legendary... this Gal knows how to Style and make enticing Vignettes...

And her Vintage & Antique 'scores' are so Cool...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Vintage Hat...

And she shares my Passion for Religious Collectibles and Antiques...

Along with the occassional interesting Oddity...

And we are most definitely drawn to many of the same Exotic Hues... and how cute was that Pooch getting in on the Photo Shoot & Posing once she saw the camera!? *LOL*

Loving the Aged to perfection Turquoise chippy Patina of this carved Chair.

And I've said it before... EVERYTHING looks better under glass... I am most definitely a Cloche Lover!

And okay, I will share just a few Photos of some of the Great Classic Cars on display for this Post... with more coming in future Posts about the Event...  I've always thought the Woody Style has an appeal.

But I've always had a Love Affair with the Old Gangster Era Cars!  I confess they are always my favorites at any Car Show.

Though the Old Muscle Cars definitely have fond Memories and Nostalgia of my Youth... The Man actually owned one of these back in the day... makes us wish he'd kept it, ya know! *Le Sigh*

And though some of the Colors are definitely more Hot Rod Indie than Classic Style, they still Rock!

And of coarse the Classic Style has a Timeless Appeal for each Generation that beholds them.

And the Sweet Man who owns and Restored this Classic Beauty saw me admiring it and was gracious enough to ask me to hop on in and have my pix taken... what a pleasant unexpected Surprise that was!!!  Thank You!!!

Ah yes, it was a very good day my Friends... and as you can see our weather was once again glorious and in the mid 80's... perfect for an Outdoor Event... so come back for tomorrow's Post and the next installment of the Street Fair & Car Show...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. It would have been worth being there just for the WEATHER! I'm very ready for "warm" and sunshine.

    I, too, am in the market for a caravan to renew. ALL the stars will have to align in order for me to be able to find one that fits within our budget!

  2. What a great Caravan Pauline and Victor have. I just have a Dodge Caravan. I guess it's not the same thing, huh?
    Anyway, how cool of that guy to let you hop on in. We were once at a outdoor antique car show and 5 year old Johnny leaned on a car to look into it. The owner yelled at him. We then had "words"
    I find that some car owners are welcoming, like you guy, and others are the complete opposite.

  3. Man, how do I miss this stuff! I'm gonna have to lift my welding helmet more often and see what's going on. I swear that blue chair was at an estate sale I was at about 2 weeks ago.


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