Saturday, March 17, 2012

Melrose Crawl ~ Zinnia's & An Irish Buffet

One of my favorite places to Shop and meet up with
Friends during the Melrose Crawl is ZINNIA'S.  My Sweet Friend Tricia of VINTAGE BLISS has Booths there and stocks them will the Coolest & Fun Vintage finds and Creations.

A great spot to Source your Asian Lanterns and Parasols... among other things... I was totally digging the bright Pink & Yellow one... and may come back for it... but I was on another "Mission"... so alas, it had to remain behind... for now...

I can be easily distracted by Beautiful Treasures of all sorts... but when I'm on a "Mission" for something Specific... well, I'm single minded and have better resistance than usual. *Winks*

And believe me... when you enter this Antique Mall there will be a LOT that you would have to attempt to resist!!!  The selection and Inventory is vast and the variety of Dealers makes it a True Treasure Hunt because it isn't a predictable place... you could find almost anything here!!!

Just check out this Vintage Dinette... can you say FABULOUS?!????!!!!!  I remember sitting around one of these, in similar colors, all of my Childhood... brings back many fond Memories of Good Meals and Good Times with Friends and Family!!!   I could easily go totally Retro in our Front Kitchen if I moved the French Wrought Iron Garden Dinette Set out and one of these in... but THAT wasn't the "Mission"... *LOL*

And though the BFF was on her own 'Mission' and totally fell in Love with many things while we Shopped... I also had her on the lookout for my "Mission Possible"... an extra set of eyes never hurts when you're on the Hunt!  *Smiles*

And though this is also THE spot to seek out a vast array of Antique & Vintage Religious Collectibles and Faith based Spiritual Art & Artifacts... I even resisted all of that... which is no easy feat for me since Religious Collections are my oldest Collections... but I was SO focused!   You see, we not only WANTED but NEEDED a new Floor Lamp for the Livingroom beside The Man's Recliner.  Because the Milkglass one was just too bright and not tall enough.

But I'm  VERY SPECIFIC when I'm replacing anything nowadays... and I set the Laws of Attraction in motion with my specificities!   This "Mission" for a new Vintage or Antique Floor Lamp needed to be a hybrid of Bordello meets Funeral Parlour in Styling... and the Shade must be either Deconstructed by Time or totally Awesome Custom Vintage Style of that Genre... and it must be Dark... preferably Black... but I would settle for Tea Stained... but Black was most definitely preferred on this "Mission".
Yes, my Laundry List of Specificities was long... but that's how I roll... and so I had assumed I would have to find the Stand and Shade separately on Treasure Hunts and marry them.

Little did I know that "THE" STAND AND "THE" SHADE were about to find ME and they would be together already!!!  And on SALE... 20% OFF of an already reduced price in fact!!! *Whoo freakin' Hoo!!!!!! S-C-O-R-E and Cha-Ching!!!!!!!!*  I was absolutely elated my Friends... it just doesn't get any better than this! {Insert me pinching myself to see if I was Dreamin'!?!}

Total break in Post now as I show it off at Home... just so you can see how perfect it is... with Old Milkglass Floorlamp pushed to the side on it's way out the door and to my Booth. *LOL*  Yeah, I move fast & Mercilessly like that once I'm done with something... *Winks*

The Stand is all Wood with Gilding accentuating the carved accents... and there are two lights with two pull chains... which The Man and G-Kids Love because Light intensity can be adjusted... and the long Fringe diffuses the Light Beautifully... not too Bright and not too Dark...

And that Custom Shade is to die for... and I paid less for the entire Stand and Shade than I know that Shade cost to have made... a real Bargain and the Dealer is one of the Sweetest People ever... he really has a vast array of great pieces in all of his Booths there and an eye for what I also adore...

Including an impressive Collection of Religious Antiques and Collectibles... so I'll let you just lust after some of them I photographed as he and I discussed our shared Passions... isn't it great when you meet Kindred Spirits!?  And you both 'Rescue' and Collect similar Found Treasures!!!

Yeah... he also has a Shared Passion for Vintage Fabrics, Velvet particularly... and Persian Rugs & Kilims... I've bought several gorgeous ones from him in the Past and Recently in fact.

But there are many, many other Booths and Dealers here... so whatever YOUR Passion, Style and Interests... you're very likely to find it here my Friends.

And once my "Mission" was accomplished... well, I caved to one other small purchase that I could not resist... a Framed Shadowbox Style Vintage Mardi Gras Mask... LOVE IT!!!

But I had to resist SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more and many other Loves... such as Vintage Moroccan Pouffs, Exotic Rugs & Middle Eastern Lighting...

And Spiritual pieces everywhere I turned... oh my...

Just look at this HUGE gorgeous Chalkware Vintage Statuary of the Holy Mother and our Lord...

I am so proud of self for resisting so much... {Insert me patting Self on back... Smiles}

It always helps that the Fellowship there is always as much Fun as the Treasure Hunting... all of our Friends congregate there over the Buffets so generously provided each Crawl... this Buffet's Theme of coarse was an Irish Buffet just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, there was Corned Beef and Cabbage... and a Vegetarian version, which the BFF appreciated.
There were also LOTS of yummy Deserts brought in by everyone... my compliments to all of the Bakers and Chefs... everything tasted wonderful!!!

So what could be better my Friends than being surrounded by such a bounty of Treasures awaiting Discovery... Good People to Fellowship with... Good Food and Good Times?  It makes for a most enjoyable Evening.

And I Hope that next 3rd Thursday we shall see you there as well?  The Buffet is usually served about Dusk... just look for the Tealight Path leading up the Staircase...

It's a Warehouse Sized Shop with two Floors of Fabulousness!!!  And ANTIQUE SUGAR is in the same Building... where you can Source all of your authentic Vintage Wear and Accessories as well.

And I doubt you will be able to come away empty handed... oh no... you're most definitely going to find something Special here...

And have a Fun time in the bargain...

But we're not done yet... oh no... we're still Trawling and Crawling Melrose... this was a Day packed with Fun from Sunup to way into the Evening... so I Hope you will continue to hang with us?

And perhaps one day very soon we can do it together in person?!  Wouldn't that be awesome!!!????

I know you won't say No... so just say YES, YES, YES!!!   *Winks*  You'll be glad you did...

Because there's still a wealth of Treasures waiting on YOU to Discover them and Feather your Nest with them...

Because after all... that's why you come here isn't it... in part at least... because Treasure Seeking is in your Blood too... just like us!  And the Love of Old is an urge you just cannot resist! *Winks*

And Kindred Spirits always attract towards each other... just like the Treasures will attract towards you if they are the Desires of your Heart!  So... put the Laws of Attraction to work in YOUR Favor as well my Friends...

And lets see what turns up and where it leads us... and we'll have such Stories to tell...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You must have been like a kid in a toy store. Just look at all those vintage goodies. Awesome floor lamp that made its way home with you. I love those tin signs. Fun!

  2. wow...what a lot of cool treasures!! That victorian lamp is awesome...


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