Thursday, March 22, 2012

Melrose Crawl ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Urban Renewal

Yes, we did attend the SWEET SALVAGE "Urban Renewal" Event when we first arrived for our Melrose Crawl, it was our first destination as I wanted to attempt to capture the Lovely Vignettes before the crowds descended upon them.  And yes, because I now take Photos at the speed of light from so much practice *winks* I was also able to get several Lovely Images of the Celebration of Spring in the City, which this Event so Beautifully Showcased, before things went South as mentioned in a previous Post and we had to leave. 

Loads of Lovelies were under Glass, which as you know is always a favorite for me since I'm a Cloche Lover... and a Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet Chair that was awesome & swoon worthy.  And though we didn't stay very long and I had to have the BFF stand in the checkout line for me so that I could get the G-Kid Force outside because it had all become too much for them, and for me... I did manage to 'score' one Treasure.  Can you guess what it was my Friends among the Lovely Images captured? 

Yes, a Lovely Engraved Silver Tray from France.  The inscription reads:

Pate d Amandes bise

The amazing Success and popularity of this Monthly Occassional Sale Event has quite obviously quickly outgrown the present location and modest beginnings.  It is my Hope that in the near future a larger spacious location with ample parking and room to adequately Host the large crowds of excited Shoppers could be a possibility?   So much hard work goes into the Sourcing, Creation of the Vignettes and Styling that it should be enjoyed properly... so that you can take it all in, move around with ease and discover the Treasures in a comfortable & pleasurable setting.  Loving the Sweet Staff, the Styling, Treasures and Visuals as always... but crowd control & parking has definitely become a problem as the popularity of each Event has increased exponentially, especially on Opening Day.  I Hope the logistics will work out soon to solve these obstacles so that continued Success and Fun Treasures Hunting may be enjoyed by both the Staff and Patrons. 

Dawn... The Bohemian 

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