Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Man's Anniversary Gift

Even though The Man will ultimately go on his Cabelas Shopping Spree for our Anniversary I wanted to get him a Special Surprise Gift... something that would make an impact when I presented it and be so very "him" that he'd be elated to receive it and not at all be expecting it.

I've found that when you think upon such things with intent focus the Laws of Attraction go to work in your favor and the object(s) just seem to come "to you" almost as if magnetically attracted to the intense desires of your Heart.  And it's always, always PERFECT and better than you could have Hoped or Dreamed for!  Such was the case for the Quest for The Man's Perfect Anniversary Surprise.

You see, I didn't even know WHAT I was going to seek... but NEED and WANT lined up Divinely in this case because The Man needs good Walking Sticks or Canes due to his Service related injuries... and he's a Proud Guy so that's always difficult for him because Macho Men don't take well to assistance devices... well, unless they're WAY COOL! *Winks*  So... needless to say over the years I've tried to find the Coolest Canes and he always "accidentally" leaves them at Home, even on days when he really would benefit from the use of them.

But again, I wasn't even seeking a Cool Cane for this Anniversary Gift... but apparently IT was seeking me!!! *Winks*  So... I'm at Work at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST last Night and one of the Coolest Dealers, Geo, walks in... he's been tirelessly working on his Amazing Booth, which holds the most fabulous Antiques and Mantiques and Oddities from his many travels around the World.  And all of his Inventory has the most Amazing Stories and Memories that give provenance to each piece, so The Man and I had already had interesting conversations about some of them that Grace the exterior of the Showroom...  you see, Geo's Booth had yet to have it's Grand Opening to the Public until it was complete for a Reveal... so many Secrets lay inside and we were dying to see what they might be!?!

Well... because Geo had previously met us and knew The Man's Passions and their shared Love and Experiences of extensive Foreign Travels... of Hunting, Big Game and Exotic Hunting in particular, when he was working on his Showroom last Night during my Shift he Invited me back to see some Special Pieces he knew The Man and I would ADORE... and graciously let me get a sneak peek at the Treasures that lay inside ... and there IT was!!!  Yes... THE MOST AMAZING AND PERFECT CANE... Hunted by and Mounted by Geo himself... of a Huge Rattlesnake in striking stance, fashioned into a Cane!!!  So during my Break I hadda have it because I knew this piece was Special and wouldn't last long... and we both were excited at what The Man's Reaction would be when he was presented with it!!!  He only wished he could be there to see his face as well... and made me Promise to take pictures... which is a "Given" for me, right?!*LOL*  We knew he was gonna FLIP over this piece!

And you KNOW I wouldn't forget to give you all a tiny Sneak Peek into Geo's fab Showroom Lair now would you!? *Smiles*  But just a tiny peek, since he's still filling it with Exotic Treasures from the far corners of the World... and you're gonna be enchanted by it all, I Promise!!!

Because his Taste is exquisite and it won't just be the Guys drooling over the Found Treasures he's Sourced from every part of the Globe... and each has a Special Story... a Book Worthy Story... so if you see Geo and procure your Special piece, you might want  to hear the amazing Story that accompanies it... I know I do...

Because the only thing I like even better than a Great Treasure... is a Great Story that accompanies it...  because that's what Life and Memories are made of... Great Stories... Our Stories...

Blessing from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That has to be one of the most unusual canes I've ever seen. Wow what a find!!! Coolness!!! The Man will be bedazzeled for sure!!
    Geo's chair is more a thone for royalty :o)
    Have a really great day,
    Always, Queenie

  2. OMG Dawn. What a wonderful gift. Cool is not even the right word. You are so right about the LOA. Every time I put the intent out for something it shows up and even better than I could have planned. It's always a wonderful surprise. I can name event after event in my life. I manifested 3 houses that way. My first one at 9 years old. I had no clue what I was doing till years later. Can you imagine!
    Glad I stopped by for a visit. Make it a wonderful weekend!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. SNAKE!! We have snakes here and some of them have looked at me just like your man's snake is looking.....I'm glad that the snake is not here....I might have to escort it off the property. Well if it still moved that doesn't still move does it?!? That's a scary face for sure.....I hope that the man likes his new cane. Me? Well I'm REALLY hoping that he likes it so that it doesn't go back on the's just the type of thing "she" might buy. And probably would just to terrorize me! Can you believe it?!?!


    Romeo (who is still ferocious. except for snakes.)

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