Saturday, March 10, 2012

Easter Vignettes In The Making

I absolutely Love Decorating and Styling for each and every Holiday and Holy Day... but sometimes due to hectic schedules and lack of time and energy I take the Lazy Gal's route to Vignette making. This past few Months of Holidays and Holy Day Decorating has kinda been like that, where I shortcut everything, but in spite of not having sufficient time or energy to do it right, or in my usual way, it's turned out okay anyway.

I've found a Host of little Treasures in recent Junquing Forrays to tuck into my old staples for Easter now too, so I haven't had to try to find or unpack anything out of Storage or do too much... and was able to leave a lot of things "As Is" from Thanksgiving through Easter Decorating with just a few slight changes.  

This Lovely Old Faith based Statuary was a Goodwill Hunting 'score' as was the Vintage Metal Rosary... all for under $7 and that was quite the Rush & Delight since I Loved both pieces.

I have a particular fondness for Religious Collectibles and though I've let some pieces go that I've owned a long time and was ready to part with... it's always fun to discover a few select others that I will keep.

Some pieces just speak to your Spirit and Soul like that.

And I'm a total sucker for Old Books with Cool Vintage Graphics... this 1958 Book from the Philippines still has such Beautiful, Bold, Colorful Graphics on the front and back covers... perfect for Easter and was only a Dollar!

I was Junquing for Booth Inventory when I found these few inexpensive Treasures that I decided to keep for myself... because some things are just meant to go Home with you. *Winks*  I'm proud of Self for putting 98% of what I'm 'scoring' presently in Inventory though... and being ultra conservative, selective and discerning about what I bring into the Bohemian Valhalla Residence rather than the Booth... so I'm making progress at curbing my Hoarding instincts too! *LOL* 

Here's the back of that sweet little Old Book... what a great 50's Livingroom Graphic with a touch of Bohemian Spirit!  It looks like my Mom might have Styled this place! *Smiles*  Slap an Algerian Tapestry on that Wall and an Antique Persian Rug on the floor and it could have been a scene from our Home in the 50's!

And look at this adorable, very fragile Pottery Chick... how it has survived virtually unscathed all these years is nothing short of miraculous!  It's as delicate as an Eggshell and another Ninety-Nine Cent 'score'!

I think it's a little Planter... but we'll keep it "As Is" so as to protect it.

Yes, the transformation is still in progress to manifest the Vision I have for the Ideal Styling Project I've always Dreamed of.  So the Great Edit & Purge of 2012 is still in full swing... keeping only what we Love and Letting Go of the majority of the Hoard of Found Treasures amassed over a Lifetime... very liberating it has been... and satisfying that its all going to appreciative new Homes via my Booth Sales.  I'm Sourcing Inventory from Home and Junquing Forrays & having a blast doing so!

And also Trading "Up" for those Special Pieces that I've had on my Wish List... those "keeper" pieces that are a guilty indulgence, but so worth the Investment when you Love it so!  And of coarse when it can be had at a Deal, well, what can I say... I'll let go of a dozen or more 'ehhhh' pieces to fund & to 'score' those coveted ones! *Winks* 

See anything that I'd previously hinted that I would get? *Winks*

Yep, I went in today and 'scored' all three of those awesome Folk Art Button Flower Bunches from that fab Funky Southwestern Inspired Booth!

Love that Gal's Inventory... and I can see many others do too because her Treasures are moving like greased lightening... which is why I scooped up all the Button Flowers lest they not be there later!

And it's a Cool Project to involve the G-Kids in Creating as a Fun Craft Project using our Old Vintage Buttons.  Not only to tuck into Vignettes at Home... but also attaching to wrapped Presents rather than using store bought bows.

I had been looking for just the perfect Lovely to put into the delicate Antique Crystal & Silver Vase that I inherited from my Dear Dad.  Didn't want to risk putting real Flowers and water in the Crystal since it's very, very Old and I don't want to risk damage.  The 30 Floral Button Bouquet is just perfect & so Boheme' Retro, we're Loving it and Inspired by it.

And just look at this gorgeous Quartet of real Ivy "Tree" trained Topiaries that I 'scored' at the Grocery Store in the After-Valentine's-Day-Clearance in the Floral Department...

At a Dollar each I couldn't resist... they had been about $15 each originally and the Ivy is still very healthy!  I Love living Plants and incorporate them in my Styling often... blurring the distinction between Inside and Out...

These will be repotted in fine Vintage Pots so that they can continue to flourish and look totally awesome.  I have a Love Affair with Ivy and Vines...

Though I must say as Spring is quickly approaching and our temps have mostly beein in the 80's lately the entire Garden is bursting forth in fabulous Bloom... so I'm spending more time outside than in... I adore Springtime!!!

And look what I 'scored' at the Salvation Army Thrift!  I do Food Ministry there on Tuesdays and there is a nice Thrift Store beside the Main Warehouse where we pick up the Food for the Programs that Bless our Community... it kept 'Calling' to me so I had to go back later after the Ministry Work and check it out... I just knew something inside was luring me in... ever get that feeling?  I always "go with it" because there has always been something Special when I get that strong urge.

At full price it was already a great Deal... and I fully expected to pay the sticker price... but lo and behold... when I got to the Register I was Delighted that it was being offered 50% off!!! *Whoo Hoo!*  Though it is not functional and as heavy as a boat anchor *LOL* I just adore how it looks as a decorative piece... that Pink hue  and all the gadgets & graphics are awesome too.

What was NOT so awesome was as I got down on all fours to lift the uber heavy piece onto a small side table bottom shelf {no easy feat and what a sight THAT was!}... I realize how very neglected my housekeeping has been in these hectic, busy days where the domestic duties have suffered severely... gack... that floor and baseboard were utterly disgraceful!!!  And there was no energy or desire left in me to mop & scrub prior to sharing an Image of my Delightful 'score'... so I'll bear the shame! *LOL*

As I said before... the Bohemian Valhalla Clan doesn't seem to mind one iota that I'm preoccupied elsewhere...

Especially when I got my first check from the Booth Sales today... after only a few days of Selling... and it was a big one and far exceeded all of our expectations... making all our hard work pay off and so very worthwhile... and Truly it's so much Fun that its really not like "Work" at all and we're all enjoying it so much! *Happy Dance going on and we all went out to Dinner at a fav Restaurant to Celebrate & Rejoice!*

And even better... when we got Home we got a much anticipated Call with an Update & Praise Report that my Mother-In-Law had successfully had her risky Surgery, came through it like a Trooper with flying colors, and was already Home and Recovering nicely!!!  Answer to Prayer & such a relief to the Family... Thank You Lord, He has the whole World in His Hands and will gladly shoulder and carry our Burdens if you allow Him to!  And my Mom is still hanging in there... so keep holding her... and us...  up in Prayer my Friends.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. After reading your upbeat report on your first-week's success, I'm about ready to start my OWN purge. (I don't think we have the "traffic" anywhere nearby that YOU have there. I fear I'd be fortunate just to pay my booth rent.)

    Great news about your M.I.L.!

  2. So happy to hear your good news on the Moms...I will keep yours in my prayers I am sure she will be recovered soon...That must be a relief for your and The Man...:)

    Great score on those topiaries!!! Wow...& Congrats on doing so well with your booth...Happy dances are always good!! :) You deserve it for all your hard work while dealing with a crisis on top of it...

    Love that metal cross with the bling in the center...very well as that pink sewing machine....

    Have a fantastic weekend Dawn...take some time to pamper yourself!!

    ((Hugs)) :D

  3. you are surely a treasure hunter and finder!! wow!! i've read that unlimited, and know the inside is even more beautiful than the outside! wishing you continued inspiration and success in all you do!

  4. Dawn I love ALL of your new found treasures! And that epergne that you got from your dad is wonderful! I'm also so happy for your booth success! It's not easy to sell right now for most dealers. so to exceed expectations is a real blessing! Though I'm not surprised because you do have a very interesting eye for beauty *winks* Sending prayers that you mother will continue to get better and better.... Vanna

  5. Hi Dawn....I'm so very pleased that you new venture is going see well and that your family members are doing better. you and your family deserve some sunshine and it appears to finally be pouring in .




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