Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Romance At Cottage Gardens

While I was at the Glendale Chocolate Festival I just had to stop by my Friend Carol's Shops, the COTTAGE GARDENS and visit her, Heather, Connie and Monica.  And even though they were super busy with throngs of Shopping Festival Goers, Connie and Monica obliged and struck a pose for me.

Both of the Shops had been transformed into A Valentine Romantic Splendor...

I was LOVING these fabulous Fabric Lanterns hanging from the ceilings!  Now I want some... *Winks*

And they had just received some more gorgeous Fashions from Wings Of Lace!  I fell in Love with this Piano Shawl Skirt and it would look perfect matched with the Crochet Upcycled Doily Top!

Tea stained Lace and Velvet... just my Style!!!

Sweet Romantic touches were everywhere in both Shops...

This Angelic little composition Creature was adorable!

And there was an abundance of Romantic Inspired Accessories and Jewelry perfect for Valentine's Day.

Everything had me thinking of the approaching Spring...

And the Celebration of Valentine's Day with those we Love and want to express our Love towards in a Special way with just the right Gifts.

I really liked the Buntings and Banner Messages.

And check out this adorable Skirt Created with Upcycled Vintage Hankies!!!

And I had a Special Mission to come back and purchase one of the Upcycled Vintage Doily Scarves that Meilan and I had Modeled when they first came in during my last Visit. 

Though they were all gorgeous, it was a toss-up between choosing the one she had worn...

Or the one I had worn... I opted for the one I'd worn since the Palette was closer to my Wardrobe's major hues.  Note to Self:  I must make some of these from my own massive Doily stash when I have more Creative Time and finish filling Special Orders for Bohemian Bags... because I really do like them.  But at least until then I have one to already wear since no telling when that will be? *LOL*  So many Projects, so little Time... *Le Sigh*

Another Note to Self: I am adoring deconstructed Lampshades a lot too and really need to either take some time to deconstruct some or just purchase some deconstructed ones.  I like the look and the fact it doesn't hinder the Light shining brightly to illuminate a room well.  They make great Vignette Displays too.

And of coarse I had to check out the Bohemian Bling in the Shops.

And these enormous Paper Sunflowers, which I just Loved.

Victorian Salvage Ceiling Tin and Corregated Metal Hearts... what's not to "Heart" about them?! *Winks*

And the Colors of Spring are always so very appealing at this time of year as things warm up and our thoughts turn to the changing of the Seasons.

Definitely Time to think about cute little Birdhouses to Welcome our Feathered Friends into our Gardens.  I really adore Birdhouses built from Salvage, so Creative and Storybook Whimsical... I almost want to Live in something this Fanciful myself! *Smiles*

A Birdhouse Apartment Complex adorning a Gazebo out in the back Garden of COTTAGE GARDEN 1.

And the Pure West Bags always catch my eye... just my Style, with loads of Vintage Velvets, Trims and Fringe.

And Crocheted Lacy Fashions are just so Romantic and perfect for Springtime don't you think?

And the Metal Garden Art Sculptures really compliment a Garden getting ready to burst into full Bloom!

My weight loss Goals are to be able to add to my Wardrobe in the Styles I adore... and which typically aren't always avaiable in Big Grrrlll sizes.

Laura Van Floral Creations, Bunting & Banners... just scream Spring is almost here!!!

And this is a reminder that I also need to 'score' that elusive 3-wheel Adult Bike...

Another Lampshade Idea I Love is the hanging of Vintage Paper around a Lampshade Frame... the glow through the Paper and the Graphics are quite Lovely don't you think?

And don't forget the "Paris In Spring" Event and Fashion Show coming up at
COTTAGE GARDEN 2  in early March... call the Shop for Details and Reservations or visit the Website Link.

The Beautiful Aroma of Lavender filled the Shop.. bundles of it are for Sale.  Lavender always makes me think of Spring... and France.

And now that I've taken you along with me to visit the Shops... well, now I'll reveal my 'Scores'...

First... I got a pair of Magnetic Tole Flowers to adorn my Old Floral Buckets & Sap Buckets or Watering Cans... or use as Fridge Magnets for Notes... I like that they're Magnetic and can be switched around on things or removed, giving loads of Creative Decorating options.

They've got some Sparkle and Texture...

And came in a variety of Colors and Floral Styles... these two were my Favorites... a very inexpensive way to jazz up your Metallic Treasures.

And of coarse there was "The Scarf"...

Which Mannequin Yvette will now Model for you. {And yes, Vanna, I did take your suggestion and go back and scoop up some more of the fab bargain Peacock Feather Jewelry 'scores' to make into new Bohemian Inspired Creations & Sell. Winks}

I played around with different ways to wear it.

And Yvette is a perfect Muse.

Almost anything looks stunning on a Vintage Mannequin. *Smiles*

I "Heart" Vintage Mannequins and would like to expand my Collection of them too.

But that will wait for another day in the Future... *Winks*

Because I'm still in Wabi Sabi Mode of Editing, Purging and only Selectively bringing in just a precious few Found Treasures that will only serve to enhance what I already have and will keep.
Whilst much of the rest is slowly moving out... in the Letting Go Process.

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OMG where do you find these places!!!! I Love this place...the fabric pieces....I LOVE that purple crocheted vest...I am on the hunt for crocheted clothes now...I hope the Man is feeling better today and will say some prayers and send good thoughts his way...Sounds like he has had it rough...poor guy..:(

    Wow I just watched an docu on Geronimo the other day...I lived at Fort Sill for a few years and the Apaches were the reason I started reading more about Native Americans...What a strong people and how cruelly they were was awful...I have Aztec ancestry so you would think I could tolerate the heat but it just does me in...I was glad for AC in Okla!! LOL

    and I will be going through some weight loss myself for the same reasons...tomorrow I join Weight Watchers...I need some management!!! LOL
    Great post as always Dawn
    My Best from COLD COLD Maine :)

  2. Wow!! Great pics, Dawn!! Loved those fabric lanterns! Beautiful! See you a week from tomorrow???

  3. OMG that was so fun! I get so inspired looking at aother peoples goodies. I love vintage forms, but have yet to score one!! thank you for sharing and thanking you for attending the Dress form ball!


  4. What a fantastic place and what a grand dress form!! LOVE all the lace!!



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