Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking Solace In Daily Rituals & Simple Pleasures

When Life gets really complicated or dark, that is when I find that taking Solace in Daily Rituals and Simple Pleasures is the most appreciated and looked forward to, when I'm most Grateful for them.  Things that you might overlook or just not be present in the Moment of when Life is flowing by rather smoothly or you're hurrying along and not longing to slow down, relax or think about the Simple things we can and should enjoy.  Things that really can bring Comfort, Order and a sense of normalcy when things are not at all the way they should or could be and are chaotic or painful. 

Everyone has their own List of what those Daily Rituals and Simple Pleasures would be for them.  And during this most difficult time I decided to reflect upon some on my own List that I do or have the Blessing of often... sometimes even Daily... but don't always think about or reflect upon in an appreciative way as I do when I'm "going through".  Things that I could easily take for granted when distracted by Life in general.  Of those Rituals and Simple Pleasures that taking Solace in Refreshes and Replenishes my Spirit... Calms my Mind... brings Order and Peace back into my Life... Serenity and Joy to my Soul... and often provides a Welcome Respite and Escape into a Realm that we can Retreat to when we need or want to, for whatever reason or purpose.  I challenge you to make your List too... as often as you may need to... so that we realize how good Life really is.

1: Watching the Sunrise or Sunset through Lace Curtains as I snuggle under pretty Eiderdowns on our Bed and listen to the Birds singing merrily outside our Windows. 

2: Strolling leisurely through a Flower Shop, Fresh Produce Section or Farmer's Market and enjoying the Bounty of Nature available every day that  I can bring Home to nourish my Family.

3: Seeking out and Choosing little Surprise Gifts that I know will Delight those I care about and Love.

4: The Ritual of preparing and serving Tea.

5: The Ritual of caring for ourselves through what Special & Favored Products and Fragrances we apply to our skin & hair... our Beauty & Bathing Routine... choosing what we shall adorn ourselves with as we begin or end our Day.

6:  The little things tucked around the Home to bring Delight to the Senses... Scented Candles... Sachets of Fresh Lavender... Fresh Flowers... Fresh Herbs & Exotic Spices... Essential Oils... Lucious Fabrics that feel Divine to the Touch and pleasurable to the eyes.

7:  A Daily Walk to which ever places bring Inner Peace and the Awe and Wonder of all of Creation that is Given Freely by The Father for every one to enjoy on this side of Time & Eternity.

8: The Smile and Love of a Child... a Friend... Family Member... Life Partner.

"The List" of coarse could go on and on... and mine certainly does... but this is just the Short List that I enjoyed in just a Single Day... in fact, before Morning was even over!

Be Well... and may YOUR "List" also be Long... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I agree that reminding ourselves of the beauty in little things can lift our spirits. Thank you for sharing your personal spirit lifters. Love the flowers. I often take pictures while visiting the floral department at the local grocery store! A definite day brightener. Big hugs, Janice

  2. Beautiful spring flowers a lovely way to take oneself out of the moment of strife and stress. thoughts and prayers continue for your peace and the health of your beloved husband.
    Take very good care.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your going through this time Dawn ~~
    Your post is so beautifully written. You are doing what's right to lift your spirits. I wish you the very best always.
    Thinking of you,
    Lots of hugs,

  4. {{{{HUGS}}}} I started doing my short gratitude every day the beginning of the year. I told myself, SURELY there are things in every single day that are not large or overly costly. Just the simple enjoyments God's has blessed me with. I am finding, no matter how bad my day might be going or how awful I may feel, There is much to be grateful for. Love your list. It's beautiful. Hugs.

  5. Beautiful!!! And so true!!

    I do very much feel like going out now and buying a beautiufl fresh bunch of flowers. I did also happen to make myself a cup of tea :)


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