Thursday, February 2, 2012

Surround Ourselves With What We Love ~ The Ideal

Surrounding ourselves with what we Love means that we can't go wrong in connecting with the Environment we Create in our Personal Spaces.  I just can't connect with something that isn't my Style and I don't personally Love, even if it's Lovely and I can admire it, my interest in it will be fleeting and fickle.  I've had a fair number of things go in and out of our Home over the years that I just didn't really connect with... much of it was pretty enough, initially attractive with a temporary lure, but in the long haul my attachment to it was just superficial.  But there are those items that I really connect with and Love and those items will abide.  I know them when I see them actually, not that I'll bring each Home, but they will be memorable enough that if I could have, I would have. *Winks*  You each know what items that will be for you.  And there are certainly times when I wonder why I didn't just stick with those particular items I couldn't live without?  Why I didn't just hold out for those Special items exclusively and forget about anything that didn't move me quite like they do?  And now that I'm at this particular Season of Life I'm moving towards that Ideal... of just holding onto and Investing in those things that really connect me to them and I absolutely fall in Love with... and let go of the rest.  Yes, it will be a Process that will take time and contemplative thought... and I'm not so much focused on the Beginning of it or the End of it... I'm not setting a Timeline for myself in accomplishing the task and the Ideal, I'm just doing it and allowing it to unfold in the Moment.  And when I'm out and about... I shall be more contemplative of what will be allowed to come in and reside with the rest of those items that will remain because they have attained that status of being Beloved and having a Special Connection.  And it will be interesting to see how our Home Transforms when all that is left will be only what is cherished, holds priceless Sentiment or is necessary... I can only imagine... but I suspect it will be good and simplify Life a great deal.  And I need that right now... with The Man in and out of the Hospital and a seemingly endless stream of Doctor appointments for the G-Kids... well, it's time to simplify and just be able to concentrate on Life and giving my full attention to people rather than the distractions of taking care of "things and stuff".  Because to whom much is given, much is required.

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Lovely Feather Hats were photographed at ANTIQUE TREASURES in Downtown Glendale and awesome European Salvage Stained Glass Windows were photographed at APPLE TREE ANTIQUES in Downtown Glendale... all other Treasures photographed in our Home.*


  1. Hi dear Dawn......your post today reminded me of an old proverb "He who has cows......has the care of cows." Yes....simplicity with just the things you love is the best way to go.

    Stay well,


  2. You and I both have the same problem... or maybe it's not a problem if it's a love. I too rotate things a lot. Soon to start the task again. I certainly will be getting rid if those I just don't feel anymore. Always a little sad to see it go. Hope the family is on the mend soon.

  3. I too have taken this journey of only having what we love in our home. We are still weeding out and obtaining the needed. I'm working hard on sanding, priming & painting. I've also done this with people who bring me down. I want positive people around me.

    I adore those rosaries. Love them.


  4. Hi Dawn! It's funny that you should post about surrounding yourself with things you truly love and letting go of the rest. I was just doing that today around my home. Floofing and fluffing and moving things around. Taking a second look at some things and thinking "Do I really need this....? How much do I love it...?" I believe as the years go by, we do need to declutter and create a light, airy, cozy, loving atmosphere in our homes ~ a feeling of serenity and peace... Blessings to you, Dawn!

    xoxo laurie

  5. You and I must be on the same plane in life...I am doing the same thing...not only physically but mentally and spiritually as is very cleansing...I think if you want to grow in life and move forward we have to do just that to thrive surround ourselves with the things that we sparks the creative juices...Great post Dawn!!! :)

  6. It is sooooo hard to cull the herd. I find once done it is soo freeing, like a breath of fresh air.
    Take very good care.
    Always, Queenie


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