Monday, February 13, 2012

Romantic Vibes & Touches

I know you might be thinking that since I'm moving away from decorating our Home with Pastels and Whites, for practical and preferential reasons, that I won't be doing many Pastel & White Posts?  But you'd be wrong... in actuality how I decorate and Style our Home reflects my Personal Style or current preferences... but I also have an appreciation and Love of many different Styles.  There's something about various Styles that appeals to me in some way and so the Images can still Inspire me and delight me, even if I'm not presently decorating with them or maybe never even will.

I can be very conflicted in fact since when a dominant Style is in a room it can be extremely impressive and appealing to me.  Do you find that to be the case too?  Granted, there are the Styles that are very "Me" to my core and so I'll tend to gravitate in that direction when Styling my own Home since I'll be around it and surrounded by it for more than just a little while.  But if I'm just Visiting, well, I can really enjoy just about any good Styling for a limited amount of time.

And as it gets nearer to Valentine's Day I have to confess that the Romantic Vibes and Touches of Pastels and Whites... of fussier Feminine things... well, it does evoke a Romantic Notion and Visual that particularly delights the eyes at this Season for me.  It's probably not a Styling that The Man, The Son or the G-Kids would do well in 24-7... and probably not me either... but my ultra Feminine side sure can appreciate it for the perfect Photo Ops or to swoon over when I'm feeling more Fu-Fu than the usual flat out Boheme' on the rare occassion. *Winks*  And certainly I will retain just a select few of those Romantic Girly touches around this Old House and blend them with the new Styling Mission because I do have some pieces I doubt I could bear to part with even though they're not my typical Styling preference.

Have you ever had those select few things outside of your decorating Norm and your particular Style that you just felt a connection to and so had to have?  And oddly, they usually will lend themselves well with whatever else you normally Style with and prefer even though they're the odd man out.  The thing that might stand out a bit just because it is different for YOU anyway... and I always enjoy those things that are typically outside of my boundary of taste and aesthetic because obviously its a side of me that perhaps I haven't fully explored or recognized before that object drew me in.

I've often had Visitors to our Home or my Blog say that my typical Bohemian aesthetic has brought out a bit {or a lot} of the hidden or repressed Bohemian in them. *Smiles*  So I think we all have many facets to our personalities, Style and tastes that might have remained dormant or hidden under the layers that make up our distinctions.  And since change is good so that we don't become stagnant or stuck in a rut I challenge you to contemplate those parts of yourself that are perhaps not your dominant traits and you haven't brought out and allowed to flourish and surface, if even just for a little bit, and express them in unique &Creative ways too.  Because they're more passive parts of Self they aren't likely to explode to the forefront and become dominant, unless of coarse you have been intentionally repressing them or timid about allowing them to be as strong as they could be or should be... but the Process of exploring all parts of your leanings can be very revealing and allow you to know yourself better or even discover yourself. 

Happy Valentine's Day my Friends and remember that ALL that you are is Beautiful, Fearfully and Wonderfully made by the Master Creator who Loves you unconditionally, just as He designed and Purposed you!

Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Where do you find all these gorgeous shops. Every time I visit your blog I am mesmerized by your beautiful blog. What a joy to visit.

  2. Gorgeous shop! I am glad you will still do posts with pastels because thoes are my favorite! :) But I love all that you post!

  3. Too many pretties - so little space left! Although I could be forced to load up a couple of the beauties and relinquish something I have.... I'm just sayin'!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you, to Dawn! Isn't it freeing to get to the point where you don't/CAN'T fit neatly into any one category of style?!?

    No matter how someone might like to categorize us, style expresses itself through our individual personalities, budgets, physical spaces, age and experiences--and no two look exactly alike!


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