Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Melrose Crawl Part V ~ Frilly Frocks & My Unexpected Surprise

As we continue the Melrose Crawl I'm now taking you to a favorite Shop for filling your Closets with Boheme' Splendor, FRILLY FROCKS!

Whether you're looking for the perfect Bohemian Bag, Accessory or Ensemble... or desire a Custom Made OOAK Outfit, this is the place to go.

My Friend Angela is one of the Sweetest, Talented and most Generous and Giving people I know... I just Love her and she's such an Inspiration and Uplifts the Spirits every time we visit.  And this day she totally caught me off guard by giving me a Surprise Present for no particular reason or special occassion at all... just because!!!!!!!   A genuine Love Gift because that's how she rolls.  And it was SO Special and Unexpected that it brought tears to my eyes... and I was at a loss for words, speechless... which almost never happens! *LOL*  A gorgeous Frock by one of my favorite new Designers, 'Wings Of Lace'... {Insert my Heart fairly standing still and sharp intake of Breath!} ... and the Reveal... if you can stand the Suspense without immediately scrolling down {Winks}... is at the bottom of this Post!

Every Designer's Work in the Shop is absolutely amazing... Shop Owner and Friend, Leslie, stocks fabulous and flattering Fashions for every sized Woman... and is a Talented Fashion Designer and Artist herself, as is Angela... and I really appreciate that the Inventory isn't all in a Size 6. *Smiles*  I get so weary of most Boutiques with killer Fashions catering to only the slender figured or diminutive stature sized Woman... because us Gals come in all shapes & sizes in Real Life! *Smiles*  And ALL of us want to look and feel fabulous, right? *Winks*  With Fashionable ensembles that fit properly, are comfortable, Stylish and Showcase our Feminine Forms in a flattering way.  And there are particular items that as Rachel Zoe would say, "I Die!" when I behold... such as the hand-dyed hand-made Velvet Hats by 'Seeds'...

An amazing Artist & Fashion Designer from my favorite 'Disneyland Of Funky Places', Jerome, Arizona.

If you're looking to envelope yourselves in lucious Fabrics of every description...

And carry a great looking OOAK Bag...

Accessorize to the hilt...

With touches of Bohemian Bling...

And wearing the new Spring Lines of favorite Designers... you've got to make a pilgrimage to FRILLY FROCKS.

If they don't already have it they can measure you and take a Special Order... so you have no excuse not to walk out of there with the perfectly fitting Fashions of your Dreams and looking simply Mahvelous Darlink!   Like a Vision... and who doesn't wanna look like a Vision!?!

And speaking of Visions... the Big Reveal of my Gift from Dear Angela... Ta-Da... yes, it took my breath away too, I couldn't believe my eyes and it touched me deeply!  Because it is absolutely PERFECT... and so very ME!

Made of Upcycled and hand-dyed Vintage Fabrics that I adore!!!

By a Fashion Designer I adore and admire the Work of!!!

In Vibrant Jewel Tones that are Bohemian-splendicious!  And because they are hand-dyed they take on various shades as the Light changes... which I just Love!!!  This one goes from Raspberry to Wine on the dyed portions... and Beautiful Soft Irish Lace Vintage Linen in White... this will layer Beautifully over a Camisole Top or Tank and Bloomers or Leggings.  You know how I Love to layer lucious Fabrics... Beautiful things always compliment each other and layers of Beauty give the eyes so much to be delighted by & discover!

Muah and a big Hug my Friend... you are too good to me!!!

When I got it Home I hung it here and hung it there and hung it everywhere to get the right Shots to share with you... I was scurrying around the Acreage with the Frock billowing out behind me and a camera in my hand like a Dr. Seuss Character... as the Young
Prince and his Friends looked on and we all laughed.  Yes, I was quite entertaining and giddy with excitement at my new Gift! 

And I can hardly wait to wear it!  Thank you my Friend... you shouldn't have... but I'm glad you did! *Winks*  And I Promise I've got some Surprises in store for you too that I Hope you're gonna just Love and I'm excited to be making for such a Dear Generous Soul who is so deserving of every Blessing and Good Fortune that comes her way!!!  The Divine Laws of Reciprocity never fail you see... because those that are a Blessing to others are always Blessed and Favored of the Lord in return... sincere Goodness of Heart, Loving others and flowing in the Fruits of the Spirit never return void!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lucky Lady you are! I'm having to reinvent my entire life, make room in this tiny cottage house, buy fabric from thrift stores, luckily was gifted a sewing machine for my B'day, to make my own clothes finally because I just can't afford to buy 'designer'. However, I've wanted to do this since I'm a teen. I can't wait :D

  2. Love, love the hat. Richard from My old Historic House.

  3. Ammmmaaaaaaazzzzziiiinng. I love Frilly Frocks! I still dream of dressing in frilly frocks. So happy you were gifted a Frilly Frock.

    Fun fun.

    Happy Monday Night.


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