Friday, February 17, 2012

Melrose Crawl Part I ~ Vintage Bliss

As we begin this Month's Melrose Crawl, which is held on the 3rd Thursday of each Month in the trendy 7th Avenue Melrose District between Indian School Road and Camelback Road in Downtown Phoenix, we'll begin with my Talented Friend Tricia Samsal of VINTAGE BLISS.

Tricia was the featured Guest Artist at this Month's SWEET SALVAGE "Raw and Re-Find" Event which was all about the Salvage part of SWEET SALVAGE this Month.  And Tricia's amazing Salvage Victorian Ceiling Tin Art, Frames and Jewelry was what I was making a Beeline for the moment I hit 7th Avenue for the Crawl!

The Man had told me to buy my favorite Necklace in Tricia's Victorian Ceiling Tin Jewelry Line as his Valentine's Day Gift to me and I was eager to get first pick as soon as the doors opened!

And I must tell you choosing A favorite was no easy feat... each and every piece was Upcycled Chic!

And I knew they'd be going fast... just as they did at the Country Music Awards Event where they made their debut!

And though the 'reveal' of which Necklace I chose is at the end of this Post... see if you can guess which one captured my Heart?

I'd already snagged one of her amazing Victorian Ceiling Tin Crosses last Month at the Crawl.

But you all know how Jewelry and da Bling is my Thing!!! *Winks*

And for you Cowgirls there are some adorable Western Inspired pieces... many in Tricia's signature Pink hues... some coupled with Copper, which is always a favorite here in Arizona where it's locally Mined.

And you won't only find Tricia's wares at Trunk Shows and Featured Guest Artist Events... though this is one busy Gypsy Chick who Travels a LOT all across the Country at Shows & Events in the Gorgeous Bliss Lounge Gypsy Caravan!  *Smiles*

Tricia also has Booths on 7th Avenue at ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE Antique Mall!

Which is always a favorite Haunt of mine and I never miss checking out Tricia's Booths there to see what Found Treasures and Lovely Creations she's offering.

The Look is a Cheerful Bright Vibe reminiscent of an Eclectic Paris Apartment Styling... with bright Parasols, White and Colorful Chinese Lanterns strung up and lots of lucious pops of Vintage Color.

There are some great Upcycled Sweet Totes...

So if you're going 'Green' you can do so in Romantic Chic Style... with Linens, Lace, Embroidery and sweet Floral accents.  Imagine your Farmer's Market Groceries peeking out atop one of these Totes!

And she's got loads of interesting Vintage Found Treasures to Feather your Nests with too.

And in another Post of this Melrose Crawl Series I'll fill you in on what Treats the generous ZINNIA'S Team hooked the Patrons up with this Crawl!  Last month it was a delicious Spaghetti Dinner... and this Month it was Sweetly Romantic... with Candlelight and Fresh Flowers at each table... 

But back to Tricia's Booths... *Winks I can so easily get sidetracked can't I? Especially when it comes to Food!!! LOL*  The BFF and I adore Tricia's Vintage Doll Head Bottle Art Creations...

This one had long braids cascading down her Bottle Back and a miniature "Vintage Bliss" Styled Hat & Bling!

And there were some great pieces of Vintage Industrial Style... which is a Style that is really growing on me and so I've incorporated a few touches of it blended in with my usual Style here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence.

Loved this big old Vintage Commercial Atlas and Sweet Altered Art Journal Tricia Created.  The interior pages were as Lovely as the exterior covers.

And the comfy Pouffs Created out of various sized Vintage Galvanized Tin Buckets and Wash Tubs are a favorite.

And here it is my Friends... Ta-Da... The Reveal of THE Necklace Creation I chose!  Isn't it beyond fabulous?!?

I wore it all day and had so many compliments and folks rushing over to the SWEET SALVAGE Event to take a look and consider a piece for themselves before the Night was over.

But, if you missed your chance at the Event... then sidle on over to Tricia's VINTAGE BLISS website and she'll let you know how you can get one of her Creations {or if you're like me, more than one... LOL} for yourselves...

Stay tuned for Part II of the Crawl tomorrow my Friends... we've still got loads of places to take you to... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Very tricky--showing your "pick" only ONCE--and at that, a kind of from-a-distance-shot! Not sure I would have guessed it anyway. What a lovely gift from The Man.

  2. I see someone else uses a plasma cutter. Love the funky jewelry. In fact, I almost had a throw down with these ladies from Sweet Salvage at the Chandler Antique Mercantile Flea Market a couple of weeks ago. There were buyin up like mad and I was headed over to a really cool sign just as one of them snagged it up! Noooooooooooooooooo, oh well that's the price you pay when you love junk! I'll have to get over to their store. Maybe they need some shovels!


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