Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He Did It Anyway...

Okay, so he wasn't supposed to do it... but he did it anyway!  Yes, The Man snuck out in the wee hours of the Morning and Surprised me with a Fresh Fruit Tartlet to tuck my Valentine's Shopping Spree Funds under!  We Save all our favorite Fortune Cookie Messages that Inspire and Uplift and keep them around the house and that replaced a card... he's sweeter than Honey!  And so naturally this meant a 2nd Post for Valentine's Day since my whole Life is now being Blogged! *Winks*

The Morning was a blur of G-Kids giddy with excitement about handing out their Valentine's Cards at School.  The Young Prince is in the 6th Grade so initially I hadn't bought him any, thinking him now too old to do the Grade School Valentine Exchange... silly Gramma... don't I know that Girls always like receiving Romantic Messages from Boys of ANY age?!? *Winks*  No, he demanded we rush out on the 13th and get him some because he needed at least 27 for the Girls he wanted to give them to in his various classes!!!  At least 27... no wonder the Boy is so Popular with the Ladies! *LOL*  They just had their Valentine's Day Dance this week and when I went to pick him up all the other Boys were hanging around groups of the Guys... not the Young Prince, he was surrounded by a bevy of much older Pretty Girls, basking in the attention... and they all gave him a big Hug as he waved Good-Bye!  Of coarse he blushed & got all defensive when I asked how many Girlfriends he had... strongly insisting that they were "Only Friends" Gramma!!!  Yeah, well, though he's on the right track, since Boys lag in picking up on the signals and don't usually have a Clue at 11 about the intentions of pre-pubescent Girl Crushes, he'll figure it out eventually. *Winks* I could tell by the actions and words of the budding Harem of Young Ladies that Friendship isn't exactly their primary interest! *Winks*  They were all vying for his undivided attention and since the Young Prince has an interest in Fashion and the latest trends he can hold his own in Adult conversations with my Friends, so these Little Gals think he's The Man! *LOL*

Princess T had gone totally OCD with her Valentine's Day Cards, insisting on writing all 34 of them out to her Class and Teachers in one sitting!!!  She's only 6 and just learning to write, so this was no small feat and a tedious and laborious process so she was a real Trooper... refusing to take a break or spread the task out over a few days... no, she sat there from the time she got Home from School one day and kept at it for hours until it was complete! *Whew*  I don't know who was more exhausted, her or us?! *Winks*  Have you ever seen how long it takes a 6 year old Perfectionista to print her letters?  And most of these kids and a Teacher had long and unusual names!   She wanted us to read out each kid's name and the letters in it as she printed them... good Lord, we could hardly pronounce half of them properly! *Smiles*  And so we also had to get a lecture and lesson on the CORRECT pronounciation of each Classmate's name! *LOL*  I swear this kid could become a linguist because she can wrap her tongue around any pronounciation and language with the right inflections like a Native!  All the little Boys in her Class are smitten with the Diva Princess and yell out their Good-Byes every time we pick her up! *Smiles*  Of coarse all of her 'Red' Behavior days involve hitting  and pushing the Boys... Kindergarten Girls have a strange way of expressing their affections. *LOL*  And the Beast Princess can hold her own easily with the K-Boys, she's been holding her own around Big Brother and Grown Uncles for years! *Smiles*

And so that was the start of our Wonderful Valentine's Day... I Hope yours will be extraordinary too my Friends... Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sissy Dog and I send you and yours, sweet, Love and Romantic Valentines Wishes from our blog to yours. I tied Valentine Cards to Sissy's collar and we went up and down the street handing them out. She got many a treats and I got a lot of smiles and thank yous. Have a beautiful day, looks like it has been so far. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. You are one lucky lady!
    And it was well deserved!
    Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day my friend!

  3. What a sweetie-pie the Man is!!! Enjoy!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    Always, Queenie

  4. Very sweet of your man to deliver such a lovely fruit tartlet. It is awesome. Have fun shopping.

  5. What a sweetheart! Makes me want to take a trip to A.J.'s and get a fruit tart! Hugs, Janice


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