Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grand Opening ~ Brass Armadillo West ~ Southwest Style

I'm taking you to a few favorite Funky Southwest Booths that I just LOVE!!!  And simply must show you prior to the Public Grand Opening so that you'll get a Premier Preview of every Piece & Vignette to be Inspired by...

Yes today is the Event I've been eagerly waiting for... the Grand Opening of the new BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.  And I'll take you along on a Special Night just before we Opened, to a Special Vendor Event not open to the General Public...

We had our Dealer Social last Night and after all the hard work everyone is ready to Sell... Sell... Sell!  It was so much Fun to meet and mingle with all of the other Dealers, Staff & their Families.  We got to meet Michael of "Rusty Shed Antiques" who owns the Man Cave that The Man and I were adoring and I Posted about earlier... Kindred Spirits we are in our Love of Rescuing and Repurposing Salvage Treasures & appreciating Mantiques.  Look for the Vintage Coca-Cola Button Advertizing Sign and "Dysart" Street Sign above Mike's Showroom.  I also saw many Old Friends while there, which is always a Joy! There was generously provided Papa John Pizza, Subway Subs & ample Refreshments & a good time was had by all well into the Night. This is Princess T & I arriving at the Event the Day before the Grand Opening to the Public... she had decided to take off her Blue Butterfly Wings *Winks* because they were impeding her as she moved through the aisles...

 But even sans Butterfly Wings she was the Diva Fashionista as always with Bling, Shades & lotsa Sassy Style! *Smiles*  Prince R & Grandpa would arrive later after their appointments.

I was delighted to learn that my Friends Charles and Margie "Cee Cee" from "Cee Cee's On The Corner" in Old Towne Glendale also have a Booth here...  you're gonna Love their Vibe and Seasoned eye for Sourcing the most amazing Treasures.

With over forty years in the business Cee Cee is a wealth of knowledge about the Antiques Biz and she's so gracious about sharing, imparting her vast knowledge and Mentoring others.  And Charles, affectionately dubbed Mr. Cee Cee, not only Creates fabulous Furnishings out of Salvage Materials, but he is THE Rose and Garden Man!!!  His Green Thumb is something to be envied and his Roses are surreal in size and fragrance!  If you haven't yet visited their Shop & Restaurant in Downtown Glendale you simply must... and please stop by their Booth here and say Hi as well.

An aerial view of my Booth from the 2nd Floor...

My Blog Friend... the Adorable, Sweet Pamela, in front of her Showroom "Phoenix Scrapbook Store".  Look for the Neon "Vintage" Sign above her Showroom!

Princess T's Shot of the Young Prince and I... a bit blurry, but she's doing her best.

Okay... now she's got it down to a Science... *Winks*...

The G-Kid Force Love Pamela and her Showroom...

I can see them becoming avid Fans of Mixed Media... me too! *Smiles*

You can tell by the expressions that none of the Bohemian Valhalla Clan, with the exception of Grandpa, is comfortable with heights! *LOL*  But it was an impressive Birdseye view... and a rare opportunity to share with you since the upper level is not open to the Public.

And of coarse they thoroughly enjoy hanging out at Gramma's Booth! *Smiles*

Princess T the "Master Organizer and Foofer Extraordinaire" was in there working her Magic...

  It's been really exciting to be a part of something new in the Far West Valley that I had Hoped one day would make it over to our side of Town.  The West Valley has expanded so rapidly in recent years that there are plenty of fresh opportunities and great Shopping and Dining to be had.  When I initially moved out here in the very early 70's I remember it being a Rural Agricultural and Ranching Community, so much has changed.

But one thing that hasn't changed is the Influence of Southwest Style that is so very indicative to the Arizona region... touches of the Old West... Ghost Towns, Old Time Casino Gambling, Horses, Cowboy Lifestyle and Ranching still abound... with Bold Festive Colorful Cultural influences from Mexico and also the Rich Cultural Native American Tribal influences that are indigenous to our State from the various Tribes that have always inhabited the Region. 

So today's Post will also focus on that great Funky mix of Southwest Styling and Decor that I have grown to Love and appreciate since moving to Arizona almost forty years ago.  The Bright Primary Colors and Bold use of Color has always appealed to me.  I adore the weaving of the Zarape and Native American Blankets & Rugs... and the Folk Art of our Region.  The Folklorico Styling is so Bold and Beautiful... how can you not want to break out in Dance and see those layers of skirts swirling around you!?  And that great Tray with the Beautiful Corona Gal... I found that one extremely hard to Resist, the Graphics and Colors are incredible!!!   And so yes, I didn't resist her... she is the one Item I gave myself as a Grand Opening Present. *Smiles* Some of my favorite Vintage Tablecloths in my Collection are the ones with the Mexican & Southwestern Desert Graphics... it always screams having a Fiesta to me! *Okay, so I confess, it doesn't take much to make me want to have a Partayyyyyyyyyy!!! Any excuse or Inspiration will do!!! Winks  But Fiesta Style always brings it!!!*  And I'll be Serving up the Coronas and Margaritas at my next Fiesta on my new Tray, now if only I can look like THAT Girl!!!! *LOL*

I Hope we will see you here at the Grand Opening, the Doors open at 9:00 am... so that you can enjoy it all for yourselves and scoop up the best Treasures to Feather your Nests with.  But be sure that new Inventory will be coming in Daily and there are new Dealers each Day bringing their Visions to Life and offering you their Found Treasures Sourced with care!  May everyone enjoy amazing mad Success & abundant Blessings in their Ventures...

And now time to say Good-Bye to the February Banner and Welcome the March Banner... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian   


  1. Dawn - FABULOUS photos!!! I can't wait for opening day tomorrow!!! It will be neat to see all of the shoppers show up! See ya at 9am! xo

    -pamela :)

  2. Dawn I'm so happy for you!! I know you're going to sell like hot cakes! You have such a great artistic eye! I only wish I could be there for the opening! But maybe some day soon *winks* That mall is GI-normous! It looks like one could easily spend a whole day in there in browsing heaven. And a restaurant too? Wowser we don't have anything like that here *swipes tear*...And yet I still managed to find my dream piece for a steal so it just shows to go ya that treasure can pop up in the most unexpected places....But it looks like especially in the Arizona dessert *winks* Vanna

  3. hi there!
    i love this bohemian feelings in your blog!!! :)
    im your new reader!
    have a great day!

  4. Oh I wish I could come and looks so interesting!!! Best of luck in sales today Dawn let us know how you do!!!

    Meanwhile I am getting buried in snow...LOL

    (((Hugs))) Linda

  5. Your booth looks LOVELY! I am moving back to Arizona in May and have to make a trip to the Brass Armadillo! All those Mexican tea towels and tablecloths are right up my alley! I love that stuff. That Brandy jug is fantastic, too! I am so excited for you and hope the sales fairy brings lots of customers your way!

  6. Let the games (and SALES) begin!
    It sure looks like the vendors fiesta
    was MUCH fun!

  7. All the best and much success on Grand Opening day and all the days to come!!! Enjoy!!!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  8. Your shoppe is BeAuTiFuL! Every time I went by to talk to you, you were chatting with someone :-) I wish you much success in your venture, and your style is awesome! Hope you had a GREAT opening~~


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