Thursday, February 9, 2012

Decrepid Style, Derelict Decorating & Benign Neglect ~ I Love It

For years I've avoided going full out in my own preferred Styling of Decrepid Style & Derelict Decorating out of consideration for the rest of the Family... since I'm not the only one who lives here.  I fully understand that the vast majority would be baffled by my fascination and preference for Decrepid Styling, Derelict Buildings and Benign Neglect.  Only others drawn to it would really 'get it' and understand the strange appeal. A fellow Blog Friend AIR BOHEMIA who Lives alone recently did a marvelous Post on Derelict Decorating and Living the Dream of Creating at Will.  It really stirred up my Passion again to move even more towards that direction. 

Yes, I have been the one responsible for all of the Styling choices over the years... and I've enjoyed many different versions of my preferred Styles in moderation... well, maybe moderation is not the most accurate word since I hardly ever do anything in moderation!!! *LOL*  It's been Okay, but it hasn't really been 100% authentically ME... and I was never deluded into thinking I wasn't compromising and settling for less than I wanted it to be.  Because I've never lived alone you see... I've always had Room-Mates or Family... and thus you have to decorate in ways that everyone can Live with.  And I understand that not everyone is as Quirky as me about Styling. *Winks*

But I know that if I lived alone, well, the way my Home would look and the Styling I'd be most in my Element surrounded by would be quite rough, decrepid and falling apart or in need of a makeover by most folks standards. *Smiles*  Full of Derelict Decorating at it's finest!!!

Envision if you will an Old Abandoned Mansion full of the stuff of faded oppulence left behind ages ago & peeling mottled plaster and wallpapers revealing layers of it's Lifespan.  Yes, I'd sweep the floors and make it sanitary, but you wouldn't find me setting the Old Stuff curbside or painting the walls! *LOL* 

A fornlorn Farmhouse or Ranchhouse on the Prairie or in the Woods left exactly as the previous inhabitants once lived, with Meadows and Grasslands coming right up to the Front Porch. With creaking doors & floors, old weathered wood and primitive make-do repairs.  Broken Windows would be reglazed and structural integrity checked and repaired, but as much as possible would be left 'As Is'.

An Ancient Castle or Ruin half reclaimed by Nature and made of now mossy Stones and covered in climbing Ivy. Okay, I know this one is a stretch to Hope of owning, but wouldn't it be too cool to roll up to and know that it was yours!?  I'd feel positively Queenly!!! *LOL*

Source: Carol Hicks-Bolton ~ Designers In Residence Book

Source: Laizzefaire

Or even an Aging converted Barn or Factory Loft with much of the old Machinery and Tools in place and exposed weathered brick walls.  Places that have sat derelict and shut up for many years and yet have the remnant of having been Lived or worked in.  With many items left behind and elements of having much History and so Time Worn and Used that they are now in a state of Elegantly decaying, decrepid condition and showing signs of Benign Neglect and a Faded Oppulence of yesteryear when things weren't mass produced.

I have no doubt that many would not understand why you'd choose those elements on purpose to Feather your Nest with and Live with... yes, it could be viewed as Eccentric... but then, so could I. *Smiles*

Now, The Man probably wouldn't care very much if it were just he and I left to reside around my extreme Eclectic Styling Tastes, consenting Adults can Live any way they choose after all and we both have a Love Affair with Found Treasures and discards not always appreciated or valued by others.  But after inheriting some of the next generation to raise I realize that Social Services would likely frown upon Children being raised in what might appear substandard and decayed Styling to the unappreciative eye. *LOL*  And doing so on purpose, they might even doubt your sanity?! *Winks* So we couldn't have that.

And therein lies my dilemma, because truly I was Hoping, after having raised one generation, to have the Freedom to Live and Style the way I really wanted to.  To go all out in Creating my Vision of the Fantasy Home I'd virtually swooned over in Images of that Style that others had captured through the eye of the lens.  Quirky as it may be, it is and will always be my preferred Style and I'd gladly Live that way regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels about it. *Smiles*

Granted, when we purchased this Old House in a condemned state many years ago it was the perfect canvas to Create my Dreamscape of Decrepid Style.  Our Youngest was close to being raised, grown and striking out on his own, I was very excited to transform the good bones of this Historic Homestead into a livable version of delightful Decrepid Styling and intentional Benign Neglect with no boundaries to making it my Imaginarium!

 But less than a year later the Young Prince was born and we unexpectedly became Custodial Grandparents... so there was the scramble to get the Home restored and remodeled to standards acceptable to any Agency that was involved in the case.

And five years later the Young Princess arrived and joined her big Brother at the Bohemian Valhalla residence.  Certainly these Precious Ones were worth putting any Dreams and Plans we had on Hold for as long as it takes... but I did still long for the day when I could pursue that which I'd held onto for so long as my perfect and Ideal surroundings one day.

When the Nest might finally be empty... and I could have the Freedom to do the Empty Nest thing with our Home... indulging my own Fantasies and Vision for each room and decorating any way I pleased without restrictions, imposed limits or compromise.

Yes, I know, very hedonistic of me, but I'm keeping it Real *LOL*... and I confess that when I see Homes here in the Land of Blog or in Books or Magazine spreads transformed into those Styles that I REALLY, REALLY want our Home to look like... well, it sometimes makes me desperately impatient to get to it around here and Style with reckless abandon!!! *Smiles*

Can you reach a compromise you might be asking?  Well... I've been compromising for a very, very long time already... and I'm rather weary of compromise actually... time is running out to do what I really want to do.  What if I wait too long & get too old to have the physical attributes to do the work I often wonder?  Because we've always been the 'do it yourself' types...

After all, I want to be around long enough to enjoy it when it eventually does happen! *LOL*

It would be quite tragic to get to finally do it and kick the bucket shortly thereafter... or in the process! *Winks*

And so I'm wrestling right now with some decisions... on how far to go NOW?  Because truly I'd like to finally begin the Process of transforming this Nest into what I really envision for it even though the G-Kid Force is still quite Young and we've got many years left before the Nest might be empty.

And perhaps this most recent scare with The Man's Health got me to thinking about our own mortality... and how long should we continue putting our own Dreams and Plans on Hold?

So I've been reflecting upon that and attempting to have a Peace about the answer... whatever it might be?

And I've decided to start small in going towards the Plans I've had to Hold back upon for so long... and begin to manifest at least some of them now... while I still can.

And though I certainly won't mind continuing to make necessary sacrifices for others that I Love, I have also decided not to sacrifice myself completely, nor my Dreams and Visions for my Future... because if I don't take and make the 'Time' for me as well, well... I may end up running out of Time.

And so I'm rather excited really to begin Imagining how I want it to be... and what steps I shall take to move from the Fantasy of it to the Reality of it?

I've certainly had enough Inspiration and Images to draw upon over the years... many of which I Saved for when The Time finally came.  I've been able to think upon it for a long Time.

And I really do feel in my Spirit that The Time is finally Now!

And I've amassed enough to have a great head start in the Transformation... of those things that I do Love and which will lend themselves well to the Decrepid & Benign Neglect Style that I will Create and make my very own Style, in my own way.

And so now the "letting go" Process I've been restless to begin and am embarking upon makes so much more sense as to why Now was finally The Time to begin that Process also. 

And now every time I see an Old Home that evokes the epitome of that Decrepid Style I don't just Lust after it longingly as if it's something I'll never quite attain in my Lifetime!

Because this Old House still is the perfect canvas for my Dream Home... it always was... and it can and will become what I've always envisioned for it to be inside and out.

And as I go on my Junquing Forrays now I'll be seeking out just those key elements that will be perfect for the Final Vision... and not compromise or settle for anything less... not anymore... I'm so over and done with that!

And I ask you my Friends... is there anything that you have been denying yourselves, for whatever the reasons, that you would like to attain in this Lifetime?

Because this is no dress rehersal... this is the Life we've been given and what we do with it or don't do with it is ultimately up to us.

Certainly nobody can Live it for us or do it quite the way we should or would do it for ourselves.

One of my favorite Quotes has been: Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken.

And yes, though there is still more than just me kicking it around here I'll ensure that the rest of the Crew can Live with and around whatever I come up with.  But I do Believe I can still manage to put my Signature and Stamp on the Styling in a way that I'll feel more contentment with and around too.

And you never know... perhaps they'll really dig it as well? *Winks*

I guess we'll see... and as I Simplify and Re-Style everything I most definitely already feel that it's therapeutic, exhilerating and yet Calming... and a Perfect Time to get to it.  It's very liberating in fact not to have to repress a strong desire for external reasons you aren't in agreement with.

Because if you deny yourself something for too long that you really have a burning desire to do and accomplish in this Lifetime I find that it makes your Soul ache and your Heart sick.  I've always been a Free Spirit and I want to Live the way I want to Live.  Most especially at this more advanced Season of Life where I have put others first so much of the time and thus repressed what I want or need to Nurture myself.  I find a lot of us Women do that in fact, I suppose it's our Natural Nurturing Instinct to endure more self sacrifice during our Adult Lives.  And its okay for it's Seasons... but when you get to the Senior years, you start to feel it's your Time.  Well, maybe that's just me? *LOL*

And though it might even be such a Simple thing as how you Feather your Nest in the Ideal way that strongly Calls to you and you've always envisioned and wanted... there has to be some reason why it is so...


And please join us over at the COMMON GROUND Blog Party for Vintage Inspiration Friday Hosted by Debra.

Dawn... The drawn to the decrepid & benignly neglected Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn I love love the pic of you in your header tooo cute! Great photos with so much inpspiration that you leave us with. and who doesn't love a dose of the talented Ms. Hicks herself. SWOON!!! Have a wonderful week my friend


  2. I am so glad you made me realize I am living the free spirit life by myself. I drag in rusty things and lacy things and put them in any room in my house.
    I am a widow now however did have a husband who didn't like any of my treasures and it was always a fuss about me bringing home my found treasures. Now I just enjoy them daily.(hope this wasn't too much information)
    I love the lacy heart in your header plus your sweet smile

  3. Love the quote...I also love how everyone seems to be doing a post on the derelict of our lives...There is so much more character isn't there...My hubby has seen the beauty in some of my decorating but I feel that even the home I live in is just not derelict enough...LOL it is ten yrs old...a dream was to always rescue a big old farm and raise a ton of kids and decorate with all my treasures around me....didn't quite make that so I am trying to make this place look as old as favorite is the old barns...I think for me it is the story behind them...It feeds the imagination...can't wait to see what you do with your space...Hope the Man is feeling better today!! :)

  4. You must live with a camera all the time. I marvel at the richness of all your photos. Coming to your blog is like finding a secret garden spilling over with flowers of every sort and color. Always a treat.

  5. Seeing someone else's dreams is fun. I have never been able to live out my dreams or be my wild and crazy bohemian self. As you said, there are other's to consider. I feel sure in my next life it will happen.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! You sure do some research for your amazing posts! I love that distressed style but I do find it hard to work into a proper home as things can look a bit tatty rather than shabby chic.
    I do like walls painted the colour of bare plaster, bare brick and exposed lintels on the chimney breast and sanded down floors, though. x

  7. Oh sweet really hit a cord with me this morning in this post. Too often we put our own lives on hold to meet the need of others...what do they say "Life is not a dress rehearsal." Take that time for YOU to fulfill part of your dream or ALL of your Nike says 'JUST DO IT".



  8. First let me say I LOVE things mouldering and decrepit too!! I don't know why I'm so attracted to those spaces so strongly?....Maybe because the past is so real and evident....I just AM! *winks* And I so hear ya about putting off our wants until.....Like saving the good china or silver until a special occassion comes up etc...Well our lives ARE special occassions! And we shouldn't put off the wants of our hearts and souls for too long! So I'm glad to hear you're giving into yours at least a little *winks* I hope you'll share your decrepit palace when you're done with it. ^winks*


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