Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Cool Man Cave ~ Brass Armadillo West

Perhaps it's the Tomboy in me, but I Love a Cool Man Cave filled with certain Mantiques just about as much as the Guys do.  And here at the new BRASS ARMADILLO WEST there are some Cool Man Cave Booths that I'm just Loving as much as The Man is!

Just about any nod to the ambiance of an Old Barn, Old Workshop, Farm Building or Old Potting Shed is enticing to me and I really enjoy the Vibe!  As an avid Gardener I fell in Love with this Old Commercial Seed Display piece!

And there's something about Old Farm Equipment, Burlap, anything constructed of Aged Barnwood and Galvanized Tin that I am definitely drawn to.

I also Love Old Signage & Vintage Advertising... I just think it's Cool and Nostalgic.

The Atmosphere of an Old Garage or Service Station is something I've always enjoyed too.  And so the Menfolk & Boys in my Life have not been the only ones to revel in such things, I dig it all too!  It is Nostalgic for me too as I remember hanging out with my Gran-Gran, Dad, Uncles, Brother, The Man, Guy Friends & Son in such places.

Now granted, I'm not going to Style the interior of my Home in such Cool Collections, but I certainly could envision a Patio or Outbuilding on our Property looking very much like these amazingly Cool Man Caves.  I would definitely enjoy hanging out around such Mantiques while assisting The Man in Constructing and Creating Rustic Elements & Furnishings out of Salvage Lumber. 

Yes, if we went on a "Pick" down the backroads and ran across some of this Stuff we'd feel as though we were on an episode of "American Pickers"! *Winks*  We'd be in our height of Glory crawling around dusty Old Barns, Sheds, Garages and Acreage seeking such Cool Rusty & Crusty Treasures to rescue and bring to the Light of day again so that they could be fully appreciated by those who enjoy such things too! *Smiles*

These are slices of Americana that need to be preserved and given new Life!

Though certainly it's not just in America that such Cool Mantiques exist... all across the Globe there are those items that Men salivate over if they have the Collecting or Junquing urge! *Winks*

And I would appreciate and also enjoy The Man Creating such a Cool Man Cave as this in one of our Outbuildings or Cottages... and seeking out those Special Treasures that enhance this type of Styling and Decor.

I'm sure I'm not the only Gal who feels this way... and I confess that I probably enjoyed visiting the Man Caves and Mantique Booths even more than I realized... because so few exist Locally and that's a shame.  But I'm delighted that this New Antique Mall has that diversity and several of the Guy Dealers are going full out and full on to Create the most amazing Spaces to Showcase this Style and offer this Inventory. 

And I'm certain that The Man and I will be stopping by often to see what Cool Old Mantiques are coming in?!

And I know it's motivating The Man and his buddies to go on some Treasure Hunts of their own and drag some Cool Mantiques back with them when they're out on their Wilderness Adventures.  Out where sometimes it takes being on Horseback or an ATV for days to arrive... and so some of the best forgotten stuff exists in those remote locations... just begging to be brought back to Civilization! 

And it's great that when he's here assisting me with my Booth he has many of the Guys to Socialize with and compare their Stories of Grand Adventures where each Treasure was accompanied by a Special Memory and a great Story!  Such as Geo {on the right} who 'scored' the Water Buffalo on a South African Safari and shared the meat with an entire Village of hungry folks who appreciated his generosity because meat was rarely available to them & a luxury saved for Special Occassions.  So often we are spoiled and take things for granted until we have experienced so much more and are reminded, learn to appreciate what we have and are Blessed with abundantly.

And speaking of Blessings... the G-Kid Force finally were able to come to see Gramma's Booth now that it is complete & Celebrate it with me... they had been begging to come for days... but I was spending long hours there and knew it would be too much for them, so they'd stayed Home with Grandpa impatiently waiting for the Invitation.

And in typical Childlike fashion, after yearning and begging for what must have seemed like an eternity to them to be able to come... they were there for about a minute and a half before I heard it...

"So... when are we going to Leave?" *LOL... gotta Love 'em! Smiles*  But they did stand still long enough to oblige & get some cheesy pixs taken... and Thank You Booth Neighbor Kendra for taking the Group Shot!  {BTW: Kendra & Suzie's Vintage & Retro Beach Cottage Booth right beside mine is looking AMAZING & I'll share Images when they're done moving in!!!}

  But hey, a Gramma Funky Boho Booth is about as interesting to the G-Kid Force as being at Home really since it's similar Style & stuff they've grown up around and our Lifestyle... 

So it only took them about a minute and a half to take it all in and move on... *LOL* 

 Because after all... Chuck-E-Cheese is practically right next door and I can hardly compete with an oversized Pizza offering Rat with his own Awesome Arcade!  *Winks*  Now that's a Party!!! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. "Mantiques"! I love that! Why didn't I invent that word? Hmmm!
    And how did I know that your g-kiddos would get bored?

  2. I'm not much for "maniques" but the grand-kids are adorable! I think I'll just wait for you to photograph all the booths and then I'll drive over to see them! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Janice

  3. Hi Dawn

    First off Love the photos of you & the littles they are precious. I love how you bring out the Mantiques way cool. Much blessings to you my friend. Have a great week


  4. Oh I could use some stuff in the Man Cave! Congrats on gettin your store up - How awesome is that!

  5. I can not WAIT to come visit your space when the store opens up. I am so happy for you! The pictures look fabulous!


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