Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beach Cottage & Retro Style ~ Brass Armadillo

A couple of my sweet Booth Neighbors at the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST  finally finished their Spaces so that I could give you a preview peek here in the Land of Blog before the Grand Opening March 1st... First we'll go to Kendra & Suzie's Booth next to mine.

I'm Loving their Color Palette and Fresh Beach Cottage & Retro Style... the Vintage Pin-Up Girl Picture is very Vintage Hollywood Glam.

The Booth has a very Youthful take on Vintage & Retro Style and I really enjoy a Young Generation of Collectors appreciating Past Eras and putting their own spin on the Classic Styling of previous Generations. 

These Young Ladies really have done a superb job of Styling their Booth and showcasing what they have a Passion for.

From the Beach Cottage painted Furniture to the Bohemian Bling and Vintage Pottery in Lovely Hues I saw so many appealing pieces they had Sourced... I really think you'll Love their Booth and want to visit it often.

They also had plenty of Fun and Whimsey...

And their Artistic Creative Natures shine through in the type of Vignettes they have Created.

I most definitely could connect on a Kindred Spirit level when it comes to adoration of the Vintage Tablecloth! *Winks*

And the Vintage Graphics on many of their Books, Toys and Advertising was especially appealing.  And who wouldn't Love a Vintage Aqua Rotary Phone for a Nostalgic Touch to your Retro Beach Cottage Decor!? *Winks*

Wading through dishes full of Vintage Boheme' Bling is always a Delight for me... so many Possibilities for the Artist to Create something Fresh and Fun with pieces like this! 

And I really fell in Love with the Pin-Up Gal Pix... resisting a piece like this is torturous I tell you! *LOL*

If you dig Vintage Nautical... it's here... and several Vintage Fashions as well... so be sure to stop by and say Hi to Suzie & Kendra.


And now we'll go over to another sweet Young Booth Neighbor, Pamela... who is a Mixed Media Artist and has "Phoenix Scrapbook Store" and tons of Products for the Mixed Media and Scrapbook Artists...

She too has been tirelessly Styling her Showroom Booth and setting an Ambiance and Mood that I think you're just going to Love as much as her Inventory... it's so very warm and Inviting!  She has decoupaged the walls Beautifully...

And she too enjoys Retro Styling and has many amazing Pieces that look so darn cute in Vignettes.

Her Painted Furniture is adorable...

And she has a Passion I share for Japanese Style Lantern Lighting!

And Vintage Suitcases...

And attention to Details...

Yes, she and I are most definitely Kindred Spirits and "Get" each other... so it has been a Joy to meet and visit with these Young Dealers who are so very Sweet, Talented and enjoy Sourcing Found Treasures just like you and I do!

And the best thing is... they are offering these Treasures to those who Love them as much as we do... I'm impressed that it didn't take them as long as me to "Let Go" and step out to do this... and I'm certain that if they continue to go with their Passion and Zeal they will be Successful. 


And I stepped over to the Cases to see some of the Retro Style behind Glass... 

I could be in trouble with so many gorgeous Vintage Tablecloths... they are most definitely my greatest weakness... *LOL*

So we won't spend too much time lusting over them shall we... *Winks*   Instead we'll head over to my Booth and see my nod to Beach Cottage Style... because I do Love the Beach and the Ocean... and it has always been a Dream of mine to one day own a Beach Cottage... or at the very least Rent one every Summer! *Smiles*  Check out this Classic Vintage Photo I Sourced quite recently...

This Fisherman just exudes the Essence of a Seafaring Lifestyle... the Pipe, ensemble and Fishing Boat is what I envision every Captain of a Fishing Vessel looking like in my Mind's Eye!  And obviously he was very good at what he does... look at the size of those Fish!!!  I can only Imagine the fascinating Back Stories that could be told of this Image & Memories captured through the eye of the lens so long ago?!?

And my Shell Collecting is Legendary... I've been doing it since Childhood... and finally I'm letting some go...  I just think they are some of Nature's most Beautiful and Unique "Housing".

And I'll be sure to keep my Booth stocked with some since I've rarely met someone who doesn't have a Shell or two somewhere in their Decor. *Winks*

Sometimes I wonder just how many Types of Shells there are?  I'm quite certain that the number is impressive though... and that many are specific and unique to different regions.  Which is why I've always made it a point to Collect some from every shore I've ever visited.

And anytime I see some for Sale at a good price I can hardly ever pass them up... Hunting for Shells whilst Junquing is almost as much Fun as Hunting for them on the Beach... ALMOST... *LOL*

Now I'll just have yet another excuse to take a Road Trip to any Beach, right? *Winks*  To keep Inventory stocked of coarse... *LOL*

And even more Nature Walks to collect Botanicals to Dry... Yes, this Venture is going to work out just dandy... *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - love your close-up photos! Your booth looks so amazing that I keep going back to shop in it! xo

    -pamela :)

  2. I like the old phone and children's books. Except, I don't think I want my kids to have a book that reads, "The Pleasure Book for boys and girls". I wouldn't feel right about that. ha!

  3. I love your booth, i wish I was close so I could shop. Please show more and I hope you just sell, sell, sell. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Hi Dawn

    Great sneek peak LOVE all of the treasures. Love the turquoise walls. Have a wonderful week



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