Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012...

So... a New Year has begun... and we Welcome 2012...

Though we had Invitations to Parties we opted to stay Home and Celebrate... we didn't want to be on the road after Midnight or have the G-Kids out that late... and with just having attended a Funeral at the close of 2011 I wasn't exactly in a large Party mood or mode.  An intimate gathering was much more appropriate, relaxing and restorative to begin a New Year I thought.  

I was wrong... it was neither restorative nor relaxing... and even though I'd made "The Buffet Feast" in Hopes of getting them all on board... the G-Kid Force wasn't having it... they heard raucous Partying and Festivities going on around the Hood and they would have preferred to be a part of that or the Parties we had been invited to.

They made their lamentations loud & crystal clear... about how lame this New Years was and apparently I was the villain in this story. The 11 year old felt Man enough to attend an off the hook Party nextdoor his Friend's Family was throwing that he'd been invited to & when I nixed that I was the devil! *Winks*

After all... his Uncle was out reveling... yeah, that's The Son's Mobile upload from 'Total Wine'... obviously having more Fun than us *LOL*... so why was I saying no to him, he didn't understand nor did he want to?!?  A Good Time was Calling to him like a Siren's Song... he could hear it in fact just next door... and the only thing standing in the way was Gramma... 

Him that is a full 11 years old and in the throes of entering Puberty... so longing for the independance of doing something FUN without pesky "It's not Safe... you're still too Young" Gramma in tow!  Him that is stuck at Gramma's Lame New Year's Eve Celebration... can  you just feel & see the Joy & Love in that expression?!? *Winks*  Grandpa hasn't been feeling well since his Stroke and went to bed early... and I must say, they had a valid point that I couldn't really dispute... because I wasn't feeling it either Truth be told.  

Of coarse, being so Young, though they tried in vain to stay up until the Stroke of Midnight Hoping to feel Celebatory, as if at that Magical Hour things would 'switch' ... they quickly faded before 9:00 pm. So at least now there was Peace in the Valley... no Fun... but at least Peace...

And as I sat there, with a glass of Wine in my hand... the sole attendee now at the New Year's "intimate gathering" I'd assumed might be the most appropriate option... I second guessed my decision, was it the right one?  Should the G-Kid Force & I have attended one of the other Parties, sans The Man, who had made it clear he wasn't up to any of it? 

Probably not... it was still probably the best decision considering circumstances.  And looking around at faded G-Kids I realized nobody was REALLY up to it anyway.  I know I hadn't been...

  And so I retired long before Midnight too... there didn't seem to be much point in staying up now that everyone else was faded... and that seemed kinda weird since I'd never done that before on New Year's Eve... and I admit, I didn't like it one bit!  I may no longer be Miss-Party-All-The-Time at this Season of Life, but good Lord... going to bed on New Year's Eve at 9:30 pm... that's pathetic & rather depressing... not at all what I'd intended or had in mind!!! *Gasp!*  Is this what my Life has come to?!  Heaven Forbid!!!

And so, I've written and re-written this Post wrestling with how to begin my New Year's 1st Blogging entry of 2012... I've always wanted this to be an upbeat, uplifting, inspiring and welcoming place to come and to be you see... for myself and anyone who cares to visit... just like our Home. 

But in spite of best intentions and efforts and as Life unfolds that isn't always the case is it?  Especially when there's Trouble in Paradise... be it here in Blogovia or in the real world.  And I want to be authentic and keep it real... here and in the real world.

  Which is why I also wrestled with the urge to just shut down my Blog altogether for the New Year and even delete it!  Yes, I really did have that shocking urge... and for now at least I shall resist it and see what I feel about it later on... because though I don't know what direction I want to take it... if I even want to take it anywhere... that seemed rather rash... and I don't make hasty significant decisions that might have regret later on, I'd rather wait...

And my Artist's eyes always see things that I now enjoy sharing in at least the Images of my Posts... and capturing through the eye of the lens... like this Heart shaped spud I discovered last Night while under the spell of my Wine... and the Name of the Tea that jumped out at me "Wild & Weedy" which is just how I feel right now. *Winks*

Yes, it's True... after everyone else bailed on my attempted gathering of the Bohemian Valhalla Clan I was reduced for a while to sipping good Wine and wandering around photographing interesting shaped potatoes and arranging the Heart shaped one in vignettes! *LOL*

And Good Lord, where else but in the Land Of Blog would you share such a thing anyway and have anyone 'get it' or even appreciate it or perhaps even relate to it? *LMAO*

Spuds past their prime in fact... so this was their last photo op and until last Night I had failed to see the Special Heart shaped one that stood out from the bunch... even though it had sat there for quite some time waiting to be noticed and appreciated for it's distinctions, it's very un-potato-like appearance.  Much like people often do who are different than the rest... and have quirky distinctions that set them apart... and don't always fit in to the mold or the 'norm', which is a subjective term really, because after all, what IS the 'norm' and would we even be comfortable there? *Winks*

And seriously... even though there are difficult times... there are also things to rejoice about on the Journey that is Life.  Sometimes small ones, but I'll take even that, I rejoice where ever and whenever I can... and here was my 'small one' to rejoice about last Night:  Just look what The Man found for me just in time for New Year's Eve to pop the cork on my Moscato!! I knew he was around somewhere... my Antique Corkscrew that my Welsh Great-Uncle brought back from Africa during the Boer War!!!

This little guy is over 100 years old and has popped many a bottle of Vino over the years and is a Family Heirloom that I cherish and I had been fearful might have been lost with all our moves... so I was relieved when The Man located him again! *Whew*

Alas, his little Emerald Eyes have fallen out over the years, I don't even know when, so he's battle scarred too by his life and Purpose... they might even have been real Emeralds given his age, I'll never know now??? *Sob*  Most of his enamel overlay has worn off with use over the years too, which just makes his long History evident... just like our worn down spots & scars make our particular History evident... you don't get through Life without some wear and tear after all. 

Not that I'd ever consider getting rid of my naughty little Corkscrew guy mind you because he's pricless and precious to me in any condition... but I would have liked for him to still be as I remember him...

And I Meditated upon that fact... because that's how we are too aren't we?  Each of us precious and priceless regardless of our present condition or if we're the same way anyone would like to remember us as Life wears on and things can and do change... sometimes for the better... sometimes for the worse... and some of it totally out of our control and so we must accept it and deal with it in the healthiest way we are able.

His now hollow sockets looks kinda creepy, dull & vacant... no longer the sparkling Emeralds that gave him more life & sparkle! *LOL*  But, he still managed to bring  giggles to the G-Kids, just like I remember giggling as a child... and I'm sure they'll get over this lame New Year's Eve that ushered 2012 in... just as I will.  The Year still holds endless possibilities... 

And in case you were admiring or wondering about this other Lovely Treasure beside my now empty bottle of Moscato *LOL*... well, it was a recent Goodwill Hunting Score for only $7!  A heavy Bakelite type construction with a Copyright "MANN" signature on it and Beautifully Zen so it really caught my eye though I know nothing about it, it's age or it's value?

  Any Collectors of Asian Art who might have knowledge about such a piece, I'd be interested to know more about it?  All that came to mind was Mann's Chinese Theatre when I saw it?! *LOL* 

Obviously I know nada about Asian Art!  *Smiles*  But I know what I like... and I know the time to buy what speaks to you or you fall in love with is when you see it... so this was mine.  Eventually this shall look stunning in a Zen Retreat... because I'm really ready for a Zen Moment right about now... *Smiles*
Looking forward to New 2012 Adventures, whatever or where ever they may be...  

 Dawn... The Bohemian

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. ~ Rumi



  1. Hello my blog friend. I for one am happy you posted your New Year's entry. Yes we are told that we should all be out with friends partying and ringing in the new year. That isn't always the right thing to do for our hearts and spirit. I know I would be doing the same thing if I had just attended a funeral. As a matter of fact I don't really party at the new year at anyway. It has always seemed appropriate for me to be quiet and contemplative at the turning of the year. I don't much care for drunken mobs, it doesn't seem very thankful or full of promise. I just so love being in my sweet home with my honey and our kitties. That is what I am thankful for and is where I want to celebrate... really almost anytime. I know that one of the things I am grateful for is this magical land of blog, for the special cyber friends that I would never have met other wise, and for the never ending creative inspirations that come from these magical sites. You head the list Ms Bohemian! I am grateful for you. I wish you and your family so much happiness in this next year. All my best,

  2. Happy New Year, Dawn! (If I told you how early I went to bed on N.Y.Eve, you'd see yourself as a party animal!)

    Don't be rash. Keep capturing beauty with your lens and creating it with your words. Your contribution is noted and appreciated!

  3. Nothing wrong with an honest start to your blog year! It was tough enough setting boundaries with our kids. You are having to do it with the next generation. You have my true admiration. As we would say in the South, "Bless your sweet heart, God love ya."

    As for your new art piece, it's so lovely. I have no idea about the value, but I suspect what you have there is a bust of Kwan Yin (also spelled Quan Yin or Kuan Yin). She is the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion, and is often pictured with a small Buddha in her headdress, because she is also sometimes described as the mother of Buddha. I could be wrong--I'm certainly no expert. But that was my first thought when I saw her.

    I'm glad you decided to sit with your various feelings about your blog rather than acting precipitously! I look forward to reading more.

  4. Well now, this was a fun visit, a good new years celebration. I would have kept you company. I stayed up until 12:15 a.m. and 2012 greeted me very well.

    Wishing all good things to settle in your life. Peace.


  5. "This, too, shall pass" was my mantra during a lot of rough patches that entered my life when my husband and sister got sick. I said that A LOT!! And, guess what? It all did! Things will get better, Dawn. They always do!

    In the mean time, hang in there; don't stop blogging because your blog is wonderful; tough love on the grandkids; hopefully your hubby will feel better with each passing day; take good care of yourself; and this will all be a distant memory some day. It will pass!

    Hugs to you! 2012 will be a good year!


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