Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Raising A Wednesday Addams Type Of Child

She had spent hours carefully arranging it all and setting it up, not asking for help from anyone... her Sweet little Shops with the adorable miniscule products that we had given her for Christmas...

I watched as she intently and Artfully set up each Vignette... taking great pains to ensure it was just right... all of it looking like a much older Person had Styled it... my Heart swelled with Pride!

No easy feat for 6-year old hands with immature developing motor skills to navigate such a vast amount of tiny details without having mishaps or asking for any help...

 And taking so much Time to Style a room, even a set of tiny ones... but she was meticulous and patient... much moreso than I would have been.

She dressed the little Character Shopkeepers with all of their detailed wardrobe as well, carefully placing them in their desired stations at the Shops... ready to Welcome eager Shoppers...

I thought perhaps she might ask me to Play now that she had taken such great pains to set everything up?  And I was going to be Happy to oblige... what hours of Fun we would have pretending together!

I was so proud of her accomplishment, everything looked absolutely perfect and she seemed so very proud as well at what she had Created and was eager to show me. Over 200 little pieces Stylishly arranged by such a Wee Princess, my Princess T, I was suitably impressed!

"Come take some pictures for your Blog Gramma!", she pleaded... what a great Idea and so I did... eager to show off and share her Beautiful little Scenes where we could purchase imaginary delightful Confections and Breads at the Bakery...

And imaginary Fresh Produce, Fabrics and Jams at the General Store. I Imagined the Story I would Post about it to accompany the Lovely Sweet Images...

And just as I finished taking the last shot of it all she grabbed both Shops and shook them like Hell!!!  Everything went flying helter-skelter, all her hard work was destroyed and the Shops were in shambles, Squirrel Shopkeepers were flung far and wide!  Pieces from one Shop had been violently catapulted into another! I looked on in dismay, incredulous... and turned to her with a questioning expression of disbelief???  WHAT?!???!

"Earthquake!" she grinned and simply exclaimed, her dark mischievous almond shaped eyes sparkling like little pieces of Black Coal...

Then skipped off Happily into the next room to her next Great Apocalyptic Adventure!  *LOL*

Ah, yes, I almost forgot... we're raising a Wednesday Addams Type of Child... the Beast Princess! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Whoa......I'm flashing a big grin here.


  2. It does add a whole other layer to the story of the wee shop keepers ;o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Oh she is sooooo beautiful!!! I am amazed at this adorable little bake shop - and I love the animals instead of dolls. I think this little hatchling has an impressive imagination and coordination.
    And I like that she's okay with the impermanence of it all. "earthquake"....so cute - I had to laugh outloud!
    Beautiful and inspiring blog :)

  4. that's a really funny story!! & the shop was looking so lovely..

  5. Oh, dear! Where's the Red Cross when you need 'em?

  6. lol, her and my girl would get on famously then. ;)

  7. hahahahaha Dawn! Love it, and love her - what a treasure, and totally what my Georgia would have done at that age!


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