Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Melrose Crawl ~ Sirens & Saints

As we continue our Melrose Crawl and trawl for Treasures we have gone next door now to my Friend Shelly's other Shop, SIRENS & SAINTS.  I knew that my Talented Artist Friend Tricia Samsal of VINTAGE BLISS had been Creating the most amazing Art & Jewelry out of Salvaged pieces of Victorian Ceiling Tin & I was delighted to find some of the Crosses at the Shop!

It was difficult to chose a favorite but this one ended up coming Home with me... I adored everything about it!

And if you're ever on the Hunt for Bohemian Bling and Gypsy Chic Style Clothing and Accessories... SIRENS & SAINTS is definitely the place to head to!

My adorable and Talented Artist Friend Punky will be there to assist you.  She is always a Vision, I wish I could look this darn Cute in everything I put on!   And her Creative Genius is so Inspiring too... she's always coming up with something Fresh and Fashionable to Create.  I Photographed one of her new Bag Creations for this Post... keep scrolling down... it's coming... *Winks* 

In fact Shelly stocks the Shop constantly with Fresh New Creations by many Artists and Styles by many Designers.

      SIRENS & SAINTS always has something that I absolutely fall in Love with on each visit!

More than just one thing will catch my eye and intrigue or captivate me.

Here's some more of Tricia's Cross Creations...

I "Heart" Victorian Ceiling Tin and any Creative way that it is upcycled and used.

And the Shop also carries some gorgeous Vintage and Antique Treasures for the Home. 

Check out this Saintly Votive Holder!

And a Lovely assortment of Religious Statues and Vintage Milk Glass planted with Succulents.

Whether you're looking to adorn yourself...

Or your Home... you'll be delighted by the Selection at the Shop.

Just look at Shelly's newest Bag Creations... so Cute!

And the Altered Art Jewelry is always Created with Unique and Interesting finds.

And if you have a "Thing" for Crowns, Cuffs or Tiaras you'll find a great Selection here too.

Here's one of Punky's new Bag Creations... Love it!

I enjoy the layering of Beauty on her Creations.

And it is always an Inspiration to me to continue towards my weight loss Goals when I see the Fashions I'd Love to fill my Closets with as a reward for hitting Goal! *Winks* 

Anything you'd Love to Reward yourselves with that you've seen so far? *LOL*

I exercised considerable Restraint to just come away with my Victorian Ceiling Tin Cross on this visit to the Shop! 

But one good thing you Love is worth far more than dozens of 'ehhhh' things huh? *Smiles*

And I'm absolutely Delighted with this Beautiful Creation!

But we're not done yet... more Melrose to Crawl... so stay tuned... next we'll be heading to ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE and  MELROSE VINTAGE!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, amazing "stuff!" You seem to really be enjoying your "crawl." And I enjoy seeing the pictures!

  2. I like this place, a lot. Love crosses and Madonna's.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you great things.

  3. Dawn, you truly are an inspiration for finding the most incredible shoppes.
    The jewellery alone is gorgeous. I tried to leave a comment this morning on your previous post and couldn't hmmm, blogger. The garden cushion and the wine bottles really caught my eye. Your home must be packed solid. :)
    Or it should be. ;)
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  4. Hi Dawn, I am here drooling yet again! Your site moves me to tears at times, it is your deep faith and love of people that touches me so. I am becoming despondent as no one other than two of my friends have joined my site...either Abby Rose or The Scribblezone (Poetry by Tony and myself)
    I have joined all the sites that I love,I'm not sure what I'm doing writing is my main focus, but with Abby Rose I am indulging in my hobbies and I enjoy playing. I like what you have said regarding others inspiring us and that it doesn't necessarily mean that we are is the highest form of flattery and although I have used some images from sites I love (like yours) I always credit them to their owners with love and admiration...I cannot shed light on the lack of participation or interest. I know that my poetry and Antony's is well received elsewhere...just don't get it.
    Anyway you go you good thing, your site is a joy to behold xxxx
    Greetings from Australia...


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