Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Melrose Crawl ~ Rust & Roses ~ Part I

As I began The Melrose Crawl on Thursday one of my first stops began at one of my Friend Shelly's Shops,  RUST & ROSES.   I knew that I would very likely find the perfect Gifts there to spend most of my Christmas Gift Money upon and I wasn't disappointed!  Here I'm standing in my Friend Pauline's fabulous Booth admiring the Corregated Tin Valentine Hearts her DH Victor had Created... almost all of which were already Sold only moments after Pauline stocked the Booth with them!  What is in the bag you might ask?  A Surprise Gift from my Talented Artist Friend Angela that she Created for me... the Reveal of which will come in a later Post... suffice to say it is beyond fabulous & part of a Gypsy Trade we have going on.  You know how us Gypsy Gals Love to Trade! *Winks*

The Shop had Salvage Valentine splendor everywhere... if your Sweetheart can't find something for you here or next door at the Sister Shop SIRENS & SAINTS... well, he's not lookin' very hard! *LOL*  A future Post will take you to SIRENS & SAINTS so you know what I'm talkin' about!

The Boudoir Doll Posse was hanging around... *Smiles*  They have such Character.

Don't you just Love Boudoir Dolls?!?  I do, even though I've yet to procure one... I'm very specific about the Style I want so I'm holding out 'til I find her... or she finds me.

But I digress... I was seeking out my Christmas Treasures right?  My eyes were darting to and fro...

And then I spied the stash my Talented Artist Friend Sandra had just brought in... all kinds of fabulous Altered Art Mirrors and Bottles adorned with an assortment of Religious Metals, Bohemian Bling, Vintage Rosaries, Skeleton Keys, Shells, Cast Iron Finials, Old Watch Parts and some of Sandra's Custom Jewelry Creations! *Squeals of Delight*  But I was going to be spoiled for choice... so I needed to mull over which would come Home with me???

And so I wandered around capturing Images to Share with you while I pondered this decision.  It's enjoyable to contemplate decisions when you're surrounded by everything that could be a Muse or a possibility... eye candy was everywhere... Color me Happy!   I'm like a kid in a Candy Store!

My Friend Angela's Booth had this Persian Rug covered Table that I was totally digging.

And of coarse you all know how much I adore Old Doors!!! *LOL*  I like the Old Signage replacing the windows on this one... it makes it more like Wall Art.

And I knew Princess T would have been infatuated by this ensemble of Dancing Ballerinas in an arrangement of Colorful Altered Art Bottles.

Now back to some of Sandra's Creations... which will take two Posts to cover and allow you to imagine the Time it took me to consider and finally decide. *Smiles*  Each was so unique and Lovely... but was I going for Mirrors... or Bottles???  Decisions... Decisions...

And what is THIS I spy as I glance to my Left?!???!???!??!

 I almost got totally distracted by this great Morroccan Style Set which was Beautifully framed and complimented by bunches of Peacock Feathers. *Smiles*

Oh, and also by these... yes, there were numerous fabulous Salvage Windows too... another weakness of mine! *LOL* 

So very hard to resist, but I must stay focused... on Mirrors or Bottles... *Smiles*

Gee, she Created so many and each so Unique and Special... I Loved them ALL!  And of coarse that always means I want them ALL... and would like them all... but know I have to edit myself and choose... which???

So while continuing to contemplate I decided to have my "Visitation" with the Dream Cupboard... *LOL*

You know the one... the one that I shall be greatly grieved when it finally is adopted and goes Home with some other Lucky Guy or Gal... *Me Pouting*  Me having absolutely nowhere to put it doesn't prevent me from Lusting after it longingly... and having Regular Visitation each time I come into the Shop. *Smiles*  So perfect... why oh why didn't I see something absolutely perfect like this when I WAS looking for large furnishings years ago?!

And then there were these... I desperately have been looking for just this smaller size of this exact Style!!!  Usually you only come across the larger size... to squirrel away until I get my Gypsy Mobile Studio Vardo to install them in... damn... they were PERFECT!!!  So tempting... so very, very tempting my Friends!!!  Alas, by the time I save up for these they shall be gone I'm sure... the only reason they were probably still here to Photograph is that Shelly had JUST gotten them in and they weren't even priced yet or displayed!

I had to get away from the things that were Tempting me too hard! *Winks*

But here they are literally EVERYWHERE... Architectural Salvage, Religious Vintage Art & Artifacts, fabulous Furniture pieces aged to perfection!

And when I saw this Bedroom Vignette I had to Smile, The Man would probably want to install some of these Steer Horns on our Bed if he saw this... but I'd be fearful of being impaled!?! *Winks*

But I did like the touch of the Sweet little Bird Cages suspended from the Ceiling.  I could imagine them lit up with Scented Candles or Tea Lights... how Romantic!

But I know I'd be liking the Romantic Touches of Candlelight flickering and casting shadows of Bird Cage Images upon the surroundings of Sumptuous Fabrics and Crystal Chandies glinting in the Candlelight... whilst The man would be liking Steer Horns! *Ha Ha!*  Yep, we're definitely Yin & Yang!

And then I spied them, two of the Altered Art Bottles Sandra had Created that I just knew would have to be mine!  I was thrilled!!!  Close-ups to follow... 

Aren't you Loving it ALL though too my Friends?  Anytime I need Inspiration all I have to do is visit any of these Favorite Shops...

If you enjoy Salvage Style as much as I do then you need to put this one on your Itinerary... it is doubtful you would leave empty handed or uninspired!  

Just look at this great Piece that had recently come in... but you'll just have to look too, because it was already Sold.

I was adoring the Old Door that Pauline had Sourced in her Booth... each tiny framed piece of Vintage glass had a design... Close-Up to follow...

Victor is sure to be kept very busy Creating even more of these Popular Corregated Tin Hearts that are selling so fast!

Some even have Wire Arrows through them... how Cute is that!?!  I really liked the Colors of this one...

And this one...

And the combo of Burlap, Linen, Velvet and Old Lace is Divine!

Back to a Close-Up of my Bottles, check 'em out... aren't they Lovely?!?  One of Sandra's Lovely Altered Art Necklace Creations, Sweet Saying on a Weathered Luggage Tag, Skeleton Key, Chandie Crystal, Religious Metal & Rusted Finial adorn the taller Vintage Bottle from France. 

And the shorter one has a Vintage Pink Bead Rosary, Pink Bohemian Bling, Religious Metals, Pink Rhinestone Collar and Shell adorning it.

Yes, I am quite content with this decision... but I still had more Christmas funds... so I was still seeking...

And making decisions... on what else?

And then I saw it... another one... this was a very large tall Cobalt Blue Bottle with Rusted Cross Finial and an Antique Figural Rosary, each bead containing an Image of Christ.  I have been Collecting Rosaries for many, many years, the Antique Figural Rosaries are among my very favorite Styles... so this was perfect!  

The Trio of Altered Art Bottles came Home with me... and in tomorrow's Post I shall conclude the RUST & ROSES Tour and then we'll head next door to SIRENS & SAINTS to show you what else I got!  As we continue our Crawl down Melrose trawling for Treasures...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. All such beautiful stuff. Metal/junk/glass everything I love. I used to make those bottles - actually still do sometimes. They're also so fun to display. I'll have to make my way over to Rust & Roses. Did Glendale last Friday. What awesome stuff! Spent too much!

  2. Dawn as always I love seeing all the eye candy! Love your choice of take home treasures! I think I would've had to add that pink petticoat too *winks* Vanna


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