Saturday, January 28, 2012

Melrose Crawl ~ Frilly Frocks ~ The 'Gift'

Okay, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer as to what was in the Bag that my Artist Friend Angela Created  for me!!!  Mannequin Yvette will now Model what I was Gifted with as I entered FRILLY FROCKS during the Melrose Crawl and Angela surprised me with yet another beyond Fabulous Gypsy Chic Custom Creation!!!  Yes, another gorgeous Bohemian Belt!!!

Now you know why I was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cate and Sporting a Surprise Gift Bag! *Smiles*  Color me Happy!!!

I Love Angela's Custom Creations... she and I are like Peas in a Pod... and so her Creative Leanings are so very similar to my own that we could be Twins separated at Birth! *Smiles*  She totally 'gets me' and  so this is Perfection!   She's an amazingly Talented  Artist and so prolific that she's an Inspiration for me to get busy and Create more too!

She also Loves to layer Beauty and hide litle Details to discover or flaunt bold Details to Delight the eyes and pique Interest in her Pieces.

Her hand-dyed Velvets are simply Divine!  And each Creation is OOAK and loaded with sumptuous Fabrics that I adore... Vintage Lace and upcycled Vintage Crochet... the finest quality Velvets and Tapestries...

Tassles, Bohemian Bling, Custom Made Trinkets...

Beautiful Appliques...

Porcelain Dolls and Angels... Charms...

Beads, Bells... yes, everything a Gypsy Style Gal would absolute adore and proudly wear!  Thank You my Dear Friend, you once again brought tears to my eyes with this beyond generous Labor of Love!  I've already received a multitude of compliments each time I wear it!

And of coarse I can never enter FRILLY FROCKS without also drooling over all of the fabulous Favorite Designer Fashions the Shop is stocked with!  And during the Melrose Crawl they were having a rare 25% off Sale of everything in the Shop!  So if you were looking for some Spring Fashions by the likes of such Popular Designers as Petrushka, Ewa i Walla, Magnolia Pearl, Marrika Nakk, SKIF... and FRILLY FROCKS very own fabulous Rare Earth Designs this was the perfect opportunity to stock your closets!

It really is Inspiration and Incentive for me to keep at my weight loss Goals so I can get new wardrobe in the smaller size I'm trying to attain! *Winks*  I'm getting there... slowly but surely... which is how I roll. *LOL*  So yes Angela, your Bohemian Treasures Mary Poppins Style Bag is also coming along... slowly but surely... Thanks for your Patience my Friend! *Smiles*

And tomorrow we shall conclude the Melrose Crawl Treasure Trawl as we take you to ANTIQUES ON CAMELBACK. ... for even more eye candy!!!  Have you overdosed on Visual Delights yet? *Smiles*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OH MY! Hand dyed velvets, old lace and trinkets?!!? Purrfection if ever there was in a single piece - how beautiful!!! And how lucky are you?!?! Life is good ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  2. Hey Dawn!

    Love the belts! You know I'm a lace, tassle, finge, velvet, tapestry kinda girl myself. I'm thinking about a trip down there at the end of February. Are you up for being my tour guide to all of these fabulous shops? Can't wait to meet you in person!


  3. I LOVE your gorgeous bohemian belt..what a wonder it is! But I also love the ruffled tunics from Frilly Frocks...I NEED one, BAD!!! So pretty...
    Thanks friend, for sharing so much fabulous vintage eye candy, Me Likey!

  4. Congratulations on your gifts! you look happy, I would be too. I'm looking at the pictures and I'm soooo in love with the first one of the slips hanging there....what IS that fabric? Those I would be happy to have myself! blessings, Lady

  5. Thanks for stopping by Dawn. I have things to do this morning like finally making my Kim Chi, but this picture you took is haunting me. I signed online just to see these dreamy nightgowns by MP. I wonder if I can dare to ask you if you can ask at the shop to look at the label and see what the fabric is? I keep trying to find out so I can feel the texture myself as I think I'm seriously in love with it. I really NEED this gown, or the fabric. I want all of them but I'd take the white one first. ;D I am sorry I've lived my life without feeling textures like this! But its haunting me, sighhhhhhh. blessings, Lamenting Lady.

  6. Thanks Dawn, I appreciate it! The other thing I thought of is that I could call them myself lol, is it Frilly Frocks? Yes I do want them all as I mentioned, but if I had to choose just one for now, it would be the white. ...I have the picture on my screen they are just too dreamy and send me over the moon.


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