Sunday, January 29, 2012

Melrose Crawl Finale ~ Antiques On Camelback

As we conclude this Month's Melrose Crawl at ANTIQUES ON CAMELBACK where an abundance of Vintage and Antique Graphics Delighted my eyes, Bohemian Bling Dazzled me, and Artistic Creations abounded... I have to tell you that we've only really scratched the surface of the Fabulous assortment of Shops that line 7th Avenue my Friends!!!  Honestly, I've only covered a small percentage of the Boutiques, Antique Stores, Local Junquing favorites, Import Shops, Coffee Houses and Restaurants that stretch up and down the Melrose Distict and are fast becoming a Popular Destination to Trawl for Treasures and have a good time.  You really cannot do it justice to Hope to take it all in on just one day... I can be the Tazmanian Devil of Marathon Junquing but I can't do it in a day... so allow yourselves the time and leisure to explore and soak it all in as time permits.

I'm certainly glad I managed to make at least a Day of it this Month since the Crew here have been taking turns now being sick... and sick Kids and sick Men, well what can I say about that except you have to possess the compassion of a Florence Nightingale to do that well!!! *Winks, which is obviously NOT my Calling to Nurse the sick, cranky and miserable! LOL*   So most of this week I've had The Man at the VA Hospital again and Prince R down and off School with some likely contagious vile infirmity that he'll bounce back from in a day and risk putting Grandpa and Gramma at risk for catching and trying to recover from for a very much longer time?!?  Have you ever tried to keep a hyperactive, bored, sick pre-teen Child still... and not getting into, touching and putting his mouth on everything in sight as he voraciously consumes anything remotely edible in the House and whines about how boring staying confined is and he's certain he's miraculously Healed?! *Whew*  They are worse than Toddlers since the Hormones are raging and the Moody Angst is at the "My Life Ssucks" and "All Adults Are Stupid & Annoying" Phase... and "Old People Especially Don't Have A Clue" because we're apparently so Ancient that nothing we've experienced or survived thus far is now relevant or has given us any Wisdom or Point of Reference whatsoever in the eyes of the All-Knowing-Young perspective! *LOL*  Ah, he's so very misunderstood and persecuted *winks*... I can't wait to send him off to School ASAP since he's not nearly as near death as he appeared as he kept me up ALL  Night hugging the Porcelain Throne & wailing loudly for 'Nurse' Gramma to Minister to him! *Smiles*  Which in turn woke up the Beast Princess, who angrily growled that the "Sick Kid" was keeping her up and oh, by the way, she'd be sleeping in Grandpa's Recliner because she'd soaked her pull-ups and her bed was now too wet!  *Arghhhhh... and I JUST did Laundry that Morning!!!  Insert her stomping angrily into the Livingroom with Blanky trailing behind her and bare bum hanging out because she'd apparently taken off ALL her Clothes!*  And this is all transpiring at 3:00 A.M. ... Are we having fun yet???  Yep, I'm definitely getting too Old for this... well, on the positive side at least she wasn't sleeping in OUR bed when she had the accident and he made it to the Porcelain Throne to lose everything he'd eaten that day!!! *Smiles*  Now you understand why I NEED my occassional Girl's Day Out my Friends and lose myself in the experience!!! *Winks*  And the Young Prince thinks only he has Angst & My Life Sucks Moments!!! *LOL*   Ah, but growing Old is a privilege not afforded to many, so I'm not complaining, every day above dirt is a Good and Blessed Day!  If this doesn't kill me it's most definitely going to make me stronger!!!

Be Well... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sending you my sincere condolences all-the-while counting my blessings that all I'm dealing with at the present are some very, VERY sore knees - result of carrying too heavy of bags while rushing through airport corridors....

    No! Growing old is NOT for the Faint of Heart!

  2. I'm sorry..but you make me smile... I am so sorry for the hard times...and sending you hugs..but girl. you always find the time to post such fantastic stories and awesome pics!
    I love ya!

  3. OK... you are a saint! I would complain quite loudly were I in your shoes! I am simultaneously laughing and wincing. Hang in there my boho friend! I am sending you light and love, and endurance.

  4. I agree with Tricia, above, and will nominate you for sainthood as soon as possible! My goodness, Dawn, you certainly have your hands full!! I am sending you a big hug!!

    Thanks for the walk through the Antiques on Camelback. I think my friends and I will take a stroll through there next month after we visit Sweet Salvage! I loved the necklaces with the frozen Charlottes on them! How cool are those!

    In the meantime, continue to carve out time for you, dear friend! In order to maintain your sanity, you need that time just for you! I know! Been there and done that when my husband was being treated for cancer and then past away. Tough time. But those days I took time out for me really helped me keep my sanity through all of that.

    Sending you more hugs! Prayers as well!

  5. Oh No... I will include you all in my prayers for health to return. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Too many of these items would have been serious contentders for me to take home.. Your a good friend. Hang in there. Gentle hugs and large prayers. T

  6. dawn, thank you for the comment you left on my blog! i really love hearing from you!




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