Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodwill Hunting 'Scores'

On the way to pick the G-Kids up from School I was running early & remembered that Goodwill was having a Sale... I could get 25% off any Found Treasures I "Scored" today!  Goodwill is only a block from their Schools... how convenient, huh? *Winks*  It was busy with the Sale and all so I knew I had to do a quick run-thru... with eyes darting to and fro as I sped down aisles... no languishing this day!

I Love the Old Hull, McCoy and Roseville Pottery and anytime I discover any whilst Junquing and Thrifting, well, regardless of slight condition issues, my Heart fairly skips a beat!

And today was such a day... I was already at the Register in fact when I spied it nearby, someone had obviously reconsidered and set it down right by the Registers!  My Treasure Radar had gone off with Sirens & Bells... a Lovely large Pastel Hull Vase... my pulse quickened!  When I saw the low price my Heartbeat began racing like a Marathon Runner!!!  I was going to be able to get it for under $3 without even stepping out of line! *Whoo freakin' Hoo!* 

The Lady in front of me saw me spy it... and quickly reminded me of the Condition issues, perhaps wanting to be helpful... in case I hadn't noticed... or maybe she's the one that had discarded it?  Two small nicks on the base and a hairline crack on one side... some folks don't 'get' the Beauty of Imperfections & think it crazy to get a damaged piece... as if that would put me off *LOL*... or perhaps she didn't have a clue that it wasn't just an ordinary cheap Vase & so still a good deal, I dunno? *Winks*  I assured her I didn't mind for that price as I scooped it up quicker than a Blue-arse Fly! *LOL*

I'm always a bit guarded you see, I've found that when I walk into a Thrift or Flea Market you will always get some folks that will suddenly become interested in whatever you are looking at.  So if I see something that I gotta have I remind myself not to appear too ecstatic and excited until I have it in my hot little hands!!! *LOL* For under three bucks, I was beyond delighted, cradling it like a newborn Babe! *Smiles*  By then the Lady behind me was suddenly also a lot more interested in my Vase... whew, that was a close one! *Winks* 

I Loved the Shape, the Size {10 1/2"}, the Colors and the different Floral Design on each side... very Bohemian yet evoking Romance... and it's solid, the imperfections aren't compromising the function, so I care not... after all, in Perfect Condition it would likely never be found at a Bargain I could afford due to popularity of such pieces.

Yes, it looks absolutely splendid on one of our Bedroom Windowsills... Color me Happy!!!

And check out the Golden hued Lacy long Skirt & Shirt ensemble I 'scored for $7!!!

In my favorite Fashion Color Palette... which perfectly matches several Bohemian Bags I made for myself... this one in particular...

And even looks Lovely hanging on the Screen in our Bedroom.  Don't you Love it when Wardrobe looks as good OUT of the Closet as it does while being worn?

In fact I'm actually pretty particular about that... if some Fashion or Accessories wouldn't look equally stunning just hanging around the House or in a Vignette, I probably wouldn't want to wear or own it anyway!

Yes, this impromptu visit to Goodwill was fortuitous... for under ten bucks I 'scored' some Lovely Found Treasures... I Heart Goodwill Hunting!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Ooh that vase is STUNNING! I love it - and the lovely Mary behind it too. And you MADE that beautiful bag? WHOA! It is AMAZING! Sarah xxx

  2. OH WHAT TREASURES! I love to thrift shop. You did score! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!


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