Monday, January 2, 2012

Details... It's My "Thing"

Details... it's what draws me in again and again in a visual...  and perhaps why I've always been drawn to the Close-Up more than the big picture...

If a Blog pays special attention to Detail then I'm definitely going to come back because that's my 'Thing' too... {I'm linking up today with Mary of LITTLE RED HOUSE for Mosaic Monday... please come join us!}

I can drive anyone that partners with me crazy because I could spend far too much time admiring or paying special attention to the details of whatever we're looking at or doing.

A container full of Lavender and Rosebud potpourri is as interesting and Beautiful to me as a work of Art or Jewels... and it smells better! *LOL*  

The intricacies of Nature's Details totally captivate me... and if they have a delightful aroma, like this profusion of Rosemary in blossom... well, I'm savoring them even longer... *Winks*  I can hang around an Herb Garden as long as a Bee collecting pollen to make Honey. 

So put Fabrics I like with these other Details and it's total Bohemian Valhalla!!!

When I'm out Junquing the Details of a piece always speak to me before anything else about it...

Condition might be everything to some folks, but to me Details is everything and will sell me on a piece regardless of condition...

It can have condition issues or be in deplorable condition, but if the Details are evident and pleasing or striking to me, I'd much rather have that piece than a pristine one sans the Special Detailing. 

And quite often the hidden details are more pleasing and Beautiful to me than what was usually covering them up... which is probably why I have a Passion for Deconstructed Style.  It reveals the Details of actual construction of a piece.  If The Man and G-Kids would not consider it absurdly crazy I'd leave our furniture Deconstructed like this. 

Source: Pinterest

And our Walls aged or faux finished like this...

Source: Pinterest

Or even better... like this...

Source: Pinterest

Or this...

Source: Laizzefaire

 The unique Details of Benign Neglect are imperfectly-perfection to me!  You can't paint or construct a wall like that in a day... only Time can Create such a patina imbued with History. 

Any time I'm Creating a piece I spend a great deal of time and energy in the Details of it... layering Details upon Details in fact is a personal preference and finding just the right accessories to compliment it.  And that's what I also look for when purchasing a piece Created by other Artists.

I could never get paid for my Labor & time spent seeking the perfect materials to Create with, because I don't care how long it takes nor do I track it... I am more interested in the finished product being all that I could make of it or it simply wasn't worth making.  Patience is definitely a handy virtue in the Creation process, I can't & won't be rushed.  And if someone is Creating something Special for me, I'd rather they take their time, it takes as long as it takes and anything worth having is worth waiting for.

The Details of the Ocean's Treasures never ceases to amaze me... I'm an avid Shell and Sea Treasure Collector...  I could wander a Beach for hours discovering what the Sea and it's Creatures has given up and released onto the Shore!

And I've also got a vast Collection of Detailed bits and bobs... enough to keep me busy Creating for a few Lifetimes in fact. *Winks* 

Some may never make their way into a completed piece I Created... but that's okay, they often can and do stand alone Beautifully as well.

And I often lament that the Detailed findings of yesteryear are often difficult to locate in order to Create equally Detailed pieces today.  When I was making Rosaries I much preferred to use Vintage or Antique materials, they just don't make 'em like that anymore today.

How many of you confess to being equally infatuated by Details and it's YOUR "Thing" too?

And if my body of Work were to be remembered for anything in particular, I'd be Honored if it were for the Details and the attention paid to them.

Yeah, it may mean I don't work at warp speed at whatever I'm putting my hands to... but it does mean that I'll insist on working with excellence and nothing less than my best and I Hope that it shows.  I find that to be a dying Art in today's working environment though when quantity over quality prevails... and quotas over accuracy means mistakes and shoddy workmanship is becoming acceptable and more the norm.

And not much is built or Created to last, endure and not be disposable and replaceable.  So somtimes modern folks don't know what to do with something that refuses to wear out or fall apart and need to be replaced with the next best thing that has allegedly been 'enhanced' or labeled as 'new and improved'! *LOL*

Because frankly, I don't Believe that some things CAN be improved upon... and new isn't always better...

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Dawn... The Bohemian

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.  ~ Charles R. Swindoll 


  1. Wonderful details and craftsmanship.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. I'm definitely "with" you when it comes to detail. (Just couldn't have said it so well.) Detail over condition! Gets me in trouble sometimes and keeps my fix-it-man/husband busy!

    Pictures like you showed of Benign Neglect are right up my alley. I'm not yet convinced of the wisdom of baring the walls in our current house. Having never lived in a house more than 7 years, I'm afraid to "do" it lest we'd have to put the house on the market ('course I'm hoping we don't have to do that anytime soon in the CURRENT market....)

    Happy Day 2 of 2012!

  3. Truly some beautiful images!
    I adore junquing and am always drawn to the details. Sometimes the flaws are even more beautiful than the piece.

    Loved this!


  4. I agree! Give me layers of detail...grungy or glam! Love your pictures.
    Blessings, Audrey

  5. I so enjoyed your story about your Chinese links, I thought you might like this post I wrote about Kwan Yin.

  6. You've shared some exquisite details here... and lovely compositions. After visiting my post, I think you'll agree I'm with you on details... even if our subjects are very different.

  7. What an interesting blog today! I love your attention and love of detail - the photos are great especially the rosemary near the old pottery. I too love sea treasures and have a sand garden on my table.
    Happy 2012!


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