Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Overdrive & Other OCD Tendencies

So, with the abundance of Personal Drama & Crisis swirling around Mi Vida Loca I've gone into Creative Overdrive and other OCD Tendencies! *Winks*

Which is good news for my Friend Angela since her patiently long awaited Bohemian Treasures Bag is FINALLY getting the intense focus it & she deserves as I Escape into my Art and lose myself in the Creative Process so that I don't have to think about all of the stressful events unfurling back to back as the New Year rang in! *LOL*

So often I'm at my most Creative peak when the Journey of Life is the most rocky & turbulent... external pressure and the ugliness of some Life issues brings out of me the desire to Create Beauty brought forth from the Internal Zen that keeps me Sane and Balanced from my Center and Endowed by the Creator.  

And yet another strange thing happens when Life throws me for a loop... though I'm no domestic goddess at the best of times, during the worst of times I suddenly get in a cleaning, editing, organizing, purging frenzy! *LOL*  As if I'm channeling Martha Stewart or something?!?

Dealing with the Medical Emergencies plaguing my Dear Mom and Sister-In-Law... coupled with the Insurance Game Nightmare finds me completely cleaning, editing & organizing the Pantry, Cupboards, Freezers and both Fridges in one Afternoon! *Whew* I was like the Tazmanian Devil of Domestic Duties and Kitchen Organization this day! *LOL*  While simultaneously sewing like mad on the latest Creation when I needed to take a breather & yet not lose momentum!

And just how Afflicted am I you might ask?  Well... you be the Judge... *Smiles*  Everything was scrubbed and then lined up like Toy Soldiers going off to War...

Stuff was tossed in an Edit of epic proportions!  Thankfully I'm not sentimental one iota about Food so my Hoarding Instincts are easily swayed to discard excess or that which is no longer necessary in the Pantry, Cupboards and Fridges.  When the rest of the House is in disarray these areas are usually quite organized because it's what I always get fanatical about first! *Winks*

And it will set the Tone and be great Practice for when I move from there to those areas that are tougher for me to let go of things or face the challenge of cleaning & organizing thoroughly!  Since my Goal for 2012 is to go through the entire House & Storage Cottage by year's end... this stress induced adrenalin Rush of activity actually felt good & gave me quite a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction!  I had begun to wage War on the Chaos that reigned...

It also made me painfully aware of my obsession with flavorful Jams, Pancake Syrups, Teas, Salad Dressing, Exotic Gourmet Foods & Honey... Good Lord this looks like a Grocery Store Display Shelf at Trader Joe's or Sprouts!!!  *Winks*  Another Goal of 2012 is to begin to emulate European Shopping habits of going to the Store more often and buying Fresh Products opposed to canned, bottled, dried or frozen.

And as I progress through the House and gain momentum and confidence that I can do Anything and Everything *Winks*... I'm Hopeful that tackling the external factors such as restoring a 100 year old Wall & House to the perfection an Insurance Company will be satisfied with won't seem such a daunting task anymore after all?!? *LOL*

But I'm not quite "There" yet so in the meantime I'm perfecting such things as Bed foofing...

Because Restoring our Room to a semblance of Order is not quite so intimidating as completely finishing Restoring this Old House & the Acre it sits on in a ridiculously limited Time frame & next to zero financial resources for it! *Smiles*

But it builds the Confidence, Skills, Resourcefulness, Creativity and Discipline I will obviously need for a more intense Restoration Project of Epic Proportions & a shoestring budget! *Winks*

Yes, I know I'm completely Delusional, but the Illusion of it being Possible comforts me for now... so humor me, patronize me if you must, just don't burst my bubble with the mere technicalities of Reality and Truth at this Point... I don't think I can handle it, I'm in complete Denial for now and it's working for me?!? *LOL*

After all, this is not the 1st alleged Impossible Challenge and Daydream of things completely working out in our Favor that I've been confronted with in this Life... and it likely won't be the last... and it's how I handle Stress... with ridiculous Optimism and determination that I will succeed and Prayers will be considered and Hopefully answered in due Time so that there will no longer be such trouble in Paradise.

And since Patience is NOT one of my Virtues, while I'm impatiently waiting I might as well be doing something that I do have Control over, right... and will be a welcome distraction?  Because one of my not-so-Virtuous traits is being a Control freak & wanting it my way! *Winks*  I'm a real Diva like that, ask anyone that knows me well!!!

Anytime something is NOT within the capacity for me to influence it in some kind of way, the being Still part and handing it over to the Lord is something I often reluctantly submit to... even though I'm fully aware that Obedience is better than Sacrifice and standing in Faith means Trusting completely and not running interferance.  I guess for me the vagueness of what I should be doing and is MY part of the equation is sometimes elusive and not so clear, so I don't always know when to get out of the way and step aside?!

The "Okay Lord what do You want me to take my hands off... or put my hands to?" isn't always cut and dried in my mind or Spirit or revealed even after intently asking in Prayer.  So I stumble with that part of it... and the only way I know how to take my mind and hands off of something is to put my mind and hands to something else that has no relation to the Drama or Crisis at hand.  Buying Time if you will to not focus so intently on that which is bothering me or making me crazy with concerns & escalated emotions!  I don't sit well with my feelings because risking a nervous breakdown isn't really on my Agenda.

And its not as if what I'm doing now hasn't needed my undivided attention anyway... Photo Ops for Blog Post Fodder often reveal where I'm slacking! *Winks*  Hummnnn... are those telltale G-Kid fingerprint evidence in the dust on my Jewelry Boxes?!  Busted!!! *LOL*  And they just think I'm an Old Gypsy Psychic about such Revelations!!! *Smiles*

I have my 'Secret Ways' of knowing what goes on around here behind my back... Shhhhhhhhhhh, no telling! *Smiles*  It keeps them guessing and on their toes & Hopefully more inclined to behave... Okay, we all know that's utter nonsense, so really it just makes them more covert and Special Ops about whatever they're determined to do and don't want me to find out about... you know how kids are! *Winks*

But... it's all good... after all, I need some Leverage to coerce... blackmail... extort... um, I mean convince unwilling Victims Volunteers to assist me in the complete Restoration Project so that this Old place resembles a Museum Quality overhaul of a Historic site worthy of being adequately protected! *Smiles*

And I want each and every one of you Precious Blog Friends to know how much your responses, Encouragement, commisseration and sincere wishes that you could help and lend a hand means to me!  This is why I always look forward to my Daily Visit to the Land of Blog... because even through the Trials and Rants you are so Supportive and provide Positive Energy to fuel my Day and put things in a healthy perspective... and there are always those Dear Blog Friends battling more intense Good Fights for their Families and are Inspirations to me. {ie: Such as my Blog Buddy Dear Mark of OUR SIMPLE LIVES... please check out their heartwrenching Story and lend your Encouragement! It grieves me to think that any Family would or could be threatened to be torn apart!}

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OMG there is beauty in this world. I can't wait to dig into this blog! Thanks for following mine.

  2. Wonderful post Dawn and I always appreciate your responses on mine...I had to laugh because I do the same thing...whirlwind cleaning, throwing and organizing....then nothing for a while...LOL but there is life to be lived...Hope your Mom & Sis in law are doing better...they are in my prayers...have a fabulous Sunday!!! BTW love the clothes hanger, lace with the Dreamcatcher on it... nice pic of it... :)


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