Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Scare ~ Going Cold Turkey!

If  you want to find out how much your Blog and connecting to this Community really means to you then have an experience like mine last Night... something apparently called a "False Positive" where when Blogger is doing their Electronic Spam searches it falsely identifies your Blog as Spam and wham... your account and Blog gets deleted!  *Gasp!!!*

Yes, it's True... you may have attempted a visit last Night only to discover that Bohemian Valhalla no longer existed!?  I was in a bit of a panic, going Cold Turkey if you will... and being Tech Challenged I wasn't sure if there was any bringing it back to Life and Restoring it or not?!? *Wringing of hands, knashing of teeth!*

All of my hard work setting this up and tweaking it,  getting it exactly the way I wanted it... establishing a Supportive Following of Dear Blog Friends, was it now in vain?  Would they come to visit and think I had decided to end it all?!   Would I have to try to start completely over?  Would Blogger let me?  Had I somehow innocently violated the Terms of Agreement?  Could I visit other Blogs even if my own was Suspended?  All of these questions and more were swirling in my head!  I left some panic stricken Messages at Blogger Customer Support, appealing the decision and my Case... I almost felt like a Defendant in Court accused of a crime I hadn't commit and being my own Counsel, which as you know makes you a Fool! *LOL*

After all, Blogging was my Escape, a place I could come just for Me... a great Stress reliever and Artistic Outlet.  And boy did I need a Stress reliever and Outlet last Night and yet the Blog Scare had simply intensified Stress, you know how the smaller thing will always do you in after holding up through the bigger things, the proverbial straw that breaks the Camel's back??!!!

You see, I had just unexpectedly received very bad news about my Mom and Sister-In-Law from my Bro' in Cali last Night.  And after holding it all up in Prayer I needed to attempt to relax and de-stress so naturally I came here to Blogland.  I was concerned not only for them, but for him, attempting to deal with it all on his own, when his own Health is so very Fragile.  I know firsthand how bearing the burden of seriously ill Loved Ones is and it grieved me that he's going through so much all at once and I felt powerless to help.  It alarmed me that two Loved Ones were taking a turn for the worse.

And so I had to retire for the Night Blogless... and it made me realize how much I'd come to rely upon my Blog Experience in so many Positive ways that had enriched my Life... and how upset I was that now I didn't have it and it might be gone forever.  It seemed silly really since I had actually toyed with the Idea of deleting it and quitting not too long ago when I was in my New Year's Funk.  Be careful what you think upon, you might just get it!!! 

And though there was absolutely nothing humanly possible that I could do to change the situation with the Crisis involving Mom and my Sister-In-Law, that outcome was completely in the Lord's Hands, and I Hoped our Prayers would be considered and answered... I felt like the one thing I might be able to do was to change this Blogging crisis... and that was a bit comforting I must say.

I was sure the Tech Reps at Blogger must have thought they were dealing with a desperate individual close to the edge... {I was ~ LOL} ... because they were receiving more E-Mail than they must from their closest Friends and Family Members?! *Smiles*   And this Morning I was almost afraid to log on and Hope that the problem had been resolved and my Blog & Account had been Miraculously Restored whilst I slept?!

But Joy of Joy it had! *Insert exhuberant Happy Dance!*  With a Sweet E-Mail from Blogger Support Staff apologizing for the inconvenience. {Thank You Blogger Tech Team, you guys Rock!}  Little did they know that for me at least this was more a wake-up call... perhaps one I really needed... because as with all things in our Lives... sometimes you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The same thing happened to me last month and I came as close as I've ever come to a complete melt-down! Glad yours got restored also!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. You poor sweet spirit! I am so glad you got your blog restored because I just found you and I like you! :)

  3. I would have to come looking for you if you were not on here .I would miss you. Sorry to hear your sad news, prayers your way and your family. try and have a better day. Thinking of you...Chickie

  4. I'd go into high panic mode if I experienced that. Good thing you kept after them and actually got a real live person to listen. Welcome back. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  5. oh my...i have never heard of this before...what a relief you were able to come back to the bloggy world. i am very sorry to hear about your family members ill health.

  6. You are strong and God never gives us more than we can stand. That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. keep the faith. A lot of people love you. Richard from My old Historic House

  7. OH Dawn...First I hope your Mom & Sis in law are better...thoughts and prayers heading their way!! I cannot imagine having your blog just taken away like that...I understand how you must have felt...i have been spending this week tweaking mine,.,.,they are our outlets and connections to like-minded friends in blog land!!! I am so happy it was resolved!! I so enjoy your writing and friendship...

    Linda XO

  8. I tried last night, Dawn, and I figured it was some kind of a glitch when I couldn't see what you had found at the Goodwill - I kept trying because I had to see what it was! LOL! Glad it's all straightened out. So sorry about your Mom and Sister-in-law. Prayers coming. xoxo, Janice

  9. Glad the problem got resolved. I've been having issues with my blog too~ Things appearing and disappearing...???

    Love the rose and the cross picture~

  10. Thoughts and prayers for health and peace to surround your family in California and for you too.
    So sorry you've had such a time of it but all is well.
    Have a better day.
    Always, Queenie

  11. sorry to hear bad news about ya MOm and your sister in law darn.

    glad blogger got you going , i think we have all had these things happen to us . I have lost followers then they came back, however I have lost several blog post pictures and don't know where they are and I have never got an responce from blogger about my lost pictures on my blog

  12. Yikes Dawn! I hope your mom and sister in law take another turn for the better!How heartbreaking compounded by frustrating! And I hope your poor brother isn't stressed beyond endurance.
    I had a similar thing happen to me when I changed my domain...I thought I was gonna lose my mind! Everything was....gone....And it didn't come back for about a week. It's one thing for me to be tired of blogging and not feel like it....And quite another to not be ABLE TO! I'm glad they got to you so quickly....but lesson learned huh? Vanna


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