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Sweet Salvage ~ Home Sweet Home Event Part II

I'm glad you're back so that we can continue our Tour of the SWEET SALVAGE "Home Sweet Home" Event.  We'll start in the Vignette that reminded me of a New Year's Eve Party in progress.

It looked so Festive and Retro... there's just something about a Red, White, Silver and Black Color Palette that just has a Fun Party Vibe to it. 

Are there any Colors that make you feel in a Festive Party Mood?

This Vignette just evoked Vegas Glam to me and an atmosphere of Celebration.

These aren't timid Colors... and it's a bold decorating and Styling statement.

How could you not feel energized around such a setting!?!

And I also find it to be a Youthful, Sexy Color Scheme... you just know that anyone who decorates their intimate spaces like this is a Fun Loving, interesting individual with a Zest for Life and intense Passion.

There would be no wallflower residing in this environment! *Winks*  And you would imagine a Full House at every Party being thrown here.

And the Nostalgic Touches were not lost on me... I remember when Autograph Books were popular and everyone had one... I know I did... and now I wonder... whatever happened to it? *LOL*  It would be Fun to look back on what was written all those years ago.

And while we're Celebrating... lets break out the Champagne shall we? *Winks*

Okay, now that I've got you loosened up and in a Festive Mood, lets continue with our Tour and the discovery of more fabulous Found Treasures at the Event shall we.

You are sure to find many unusual decorating pieces this time... things that will have you thinking outside of the box for your Styling options.

I don't know about you, but I like that.

It's so much more Interesting to decorate with intriguing and unique discoveries that you don't find every day and everywhere.

I could imagine Styling a fabulous Loft Space with many of these Found Treasures.  I always Loved Loft Living Spaces... especially those that were converted from Old Industrial Buildings with loads of exposed Brick and Vintage Industrial Elements.

And you'll also find Fashions, Jewelry and Accessories at the Event this Month as well.  These sturdy Canvas Totes caught me eye... I was tempted to get this one... yes, that's an Old Rusted Skeleton Key on the flap.  

And how Cool is that Vintage Scale repurposed as a small hanging Table?!

A Beautiful Old Clawfoot Cast Iron Tub filled with huge Burlap Sacks... we already have a Vintage Tub like this in our Outdoor Tub Room and I've often thought of acquiring another for "His" and "Her" Tubs side by side. *Winks*  They are luxurious to soak in... the water comes up so much higher than in modern Tubs.

And there were plenty of Toilette & Spa items in Organic and Fragrant Scents to pamper yourselves.

Because after all "Home Sweet Home" should be your Private Sanctuary where you feel pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated.

I'm envisioning this fabulous Chandie hung beside a large Cast Iron Vintage Slipper-Tub filled with a luxurious Bubblebath... Fresh Herbs, Lavender and Rose Petals floating on the water... so soothing, so sensual, so very indulgent. 

Can you envision it on the canvas of your Imaginations too my Friends?

Sure you can... just close your eyes and imagine being there...

And your Dream Bathroom will also be filled with your extensive Shell Collections... Collected at the various Beaches and Vacations you've been on... bringing back a flood of wonderful Memories.

Each with a Special Story...

Or maybe even a fabricated one if your Shells were gleened from Thrift and Junquing Scores and you're Imagining the Stories behind where they came from and who Collected them from the Seashore?

And even if you don't yet have your Dream Bathroom underway... now you can be Inspired by what it could look like...

Or what pieces you are going to add to it after this Shopping Spree? *Winks*  I actually picked up several of these Milkglass Jars to put Tealights in... by Candlelight they glow with Opaque Beauty... and each of mine has a different texture, size and design...

Old Door Heaven was also evident here... you know how I Heart Old Doors!  You'd be proud of me though, I didn't drag another one Home this time... much to the relief of The Man. *Smiles*

But I don't think it will be long before I cave and get one of these great Vintage Industrial Style Repurposed Light Fixtures... I'm really digging them and there were so many upcyled items used to Create them!

And Birdbath Tables filled with whatever Treasures you want to display underneath the glass are always a favorite Garden Theme decorating item bringing some of the Outdoors in.

And Treasures from the Sea are most definitely an obsession of mine... well, one of them anyway. *Winks*

Gee... just look at the Time... this day has virtually flown by as we've enjoyed the Thrill of the Hunt...

And beheld all kinds of eye candy... and Stylish Vignettes.

And this Event will run through this Sunday... so there's still Time my Friends for you to experience it for Real!  Two more days left...

But I couldn't tell you what Treasures might still be left!?!  I do know that they were flying out the doors mightly fast and those Yellow "Sold" Tags were everywhere...

So lots of folks are getting their Christmas Shopping done here... and wouldn't YOU just Love to be the recipient of such Treasures?!? *Fingers Crossed*

I know I would... though to be sure my Family sent me with Christmas Gift Funds to Shop for those Special Items they knew I would likely find and want this Christmas. *Smiles*

Have you seen anything that you'd like to see under your Tree, or with a Gift Tag with your Name on it... or crossed off your Gift List this Christmas?

If you haven't just yet I'll be doing at least one more SWEET SALVAGE "Home Sweet Home" Event Post.  Because you KNOW I took a gazillion Photos! *LOL*

And being the lousy Editor that I am... well, I have trouble editing with photos NOT to use...

And there were those particular items, like the "Madonna that got away" that I Photographed several times... lustfully lamenting that She now belonged to somebody else and not Me!!! Clearly I'm over it... NOT...................... *Winks*

Of coarse that NEVER happens to you, right? *Winks*

What might be "The One That Got Away" recently that you're not quite over yet my Friends?

Or maybe something that got away quite some time ago and STILL haunts you?! *LOL*  Don't get me started on the Antique Nesting Yellow-ware Mixing Bowl Set that is my "Forever Regret"... *Smiles*

Okay... if you insist I'll tell you about it because I doubt I'll EVER get over it really. *Winks*

You see... years ago... yes, I said YEARS ago... {you can tell I've let go of it can't you?? Smiles}... I was in a Value Village Thrift Store and they had a complete set of five intricately designed Antique Nesting Yellow-Ware Mixing Bowls in graduating sizes from small to jumbo.

But they wanted $65 for the Set and I waffled... after all... you get a bit out of touch with Reality sometimes in a Thrift Store don't you... expecting everything to be practically a Give-Away even if you're totally aware of the Collectible or Resale Value and that it's still a Bargain at the Thrift Price.

You see, I knew that a complete set like this one was rare, valuable and EXPENSIVE even IF you could ever find them intact... without damage or a Bowl Missing... or without just an Orphan Bowl.

I had actually seen just ONE Bowl of this Set selling for more than $65 in Antique Malls and Shows... and the complete Set I'd only ever seen perhaps once at about $500.  So, needless to say I was a Fool for waffling at the price... but I was in a Thrift Store... and I stubbornly refused to shell out the sixty-five bucks even though I was dying to have the Set.

I thought I might wait until they marked them down or had a Color Tag Sale... yeah... well... you know the ending and moral to this Story don't you my Friends? *Winks*  Some other savvy Shopper snapped them up and didn't waffle on the price... and my loss was their good fortune and gain! *Sob*  I still think about those Bowls every time I go into that particular Thrift Store, even to this day! *LOL*

Okay, enough of the Past and regrets... here's the Present and the set of Milkglass Jars I didn't waffle on and scored for my Tea Light display.  After many years of Junquing I now know that the best time to buy something you Love is when you see it...

Do you tend to buy what you Love without waffling?  Or do you procrastinate on the decision making process when you're seeking out your Treasures?

Do you show up fashionably late to Events and then scold yourself because you see Sold Tags on all of the items you would have Loved to have bought and wished you had known were there?

I hear that a lot at Events... folks lamenting when they show up hours or days into a Show or Event and see that the best stuff Sold before they got there...  granted, at a packed Event or Show it can still happen with throngs of Shoppers vying for the merchandise {ie: Metal Madonna... Smiles}...

But a good rule of thumb is that if you really want the best selection... don't delay... or the early birds will have gotten there ahead of you and had first pick.

I've got so much now that I'm a lot more leisurely about my Shopping Experiences than in the Past... and it would take someting off the hook Special to make me so eager to be FIRST and beat everyone else to it... most of the time now I don't want anything that badly. *Winks* 

And I just enjoy laid back Shopping Experiences where the Thrill of being there and having great Photo Ops outweighs whatever I might 'score'...  Though the Thrill of Scoring Special pieces will ALWAYS be a Rush! *Winks*

And I must say that at the SWEET SALVAGE Events they are continuously bringing in new product throughout the four day occassional Sale each Month and the "Sweet" Staff will warmly Welcome you... 


So I'd be really surprised if you didn't find something Special to make your "Home Sweet Home" just that much more Beautiful and represent your Personal Style.

And though some of what I've shared today might not be there... I'm confident that many fab items that weren't there this day will be there now...

Just waiting for YOU to discover them my Friends!!!

So what are you waiting for?!!!!????????????

Get on down there and Claim your Treasures!!!

And be sure to show us your Haul okay!?!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Your decorations look great! I especially like the cards on the tree.

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