Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nearing Christmas Eve... The Anticipation Builds

As we're nearing Christmas Eve tonight the anticipation builds to a crescendo with the G-Kids...

There will be very little sleep in the Bohemian Valhalla Residence from here on out! *LOL & a Sigh*

Two of the Aunts had asked if the G-Kids could spend Christmas Eve this year at their house and took them a couple of days early now that they're on Winter Break from School.  Somehow we knew it wouldn't last and they were biting off more than they realized... *Winks*  BOTH of them... at ONCE?  Are  you SURE?!???!!!!  This is Princess T in front of their Christmas Tree... appearing sweet and innocent enough since she had promised they'd be good for the Aunts.  Looks can be so very deceiving... especially when we're talking about the Beast Princess... teamed up with her Brother... it's a recipe for mischief and mayhem... and Christmas Smackdown 2011 since the Sibling Rivalry can rival a WWF Match when competing for Center Stage with the Aunts. *Smiles*

Okay so fast forward to VERY early the morning of the 23rd... and "The Call" comes in... the one we were expecting at any time.  Notice which Christmas Tree is in the background NOW!  *Winks*  Yeah, The Man calls me at work that Morning to inform me that our Peaceful Christmas Eve we envisioned and were looking forward to... well... maybe next year... *Smiles*  The Aunts had already been worn to a frazzle playing referee and realizing that so close to Christmas with these two = very little, if any, sleep & lots of combat.  And fatigue had already taken it's toll... on the Aunts anyway. *LOL*   As you can see by the mischievous & manic expressions of our dynamic duo... they're good for at least another 10,000 miles... the Aunts just couldn't hang, they didn't stand a chance. *Smiles, Cowards!  Um, I mean... poor Aunts*

You see... they're used to this... Sleeping Child... Child that does not resist slumber and who stays slumbered for a reasonable amount of time. *Smiles*

Well... unless you have this one that is... who cannot stand to see a Peacefully Slumbering Baby and wants it to be awake... who herself resists Peacefully Slumbering for as long as she's able. *Smiles*
This is Princess AB who would prefer to be slumbering... and is probably slumbering right now uninterrupted since the Dynamic Duo, and Princess T in particular, have been sent Home early.

Well, at least Christmas Eve is the last day of my Bellringer Gig for the Salvation Army... because The Man will need backup here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence if he is to have any Hope of slumber or sanity. *Winks*   You've heard of  the Movie "Sleepless in Seattle"... well, we're Sleepless just outside of Phoenix... *Smiles*

And so I've struck a Deal with the Dynamic Duo... IF they can behave for Grandpa while Gramma is at Work Christmas Eve... when I come Home this Evening and there are no bad reports for him to tell... the Christmas Stockings will be handed out early...

And one Special Gift for them both will be allowed to be opened Christmas Eve. 

 But... if they can't manage that... they have to wait for Christmas Morning for it all...

And they know how Gramma likes to sleep-in, regardless of how much chaos is reigning! {Sure, I actually hear it, but I ignore it on purpose & that drives them crazy since usually the INTENT is to try to wake Gramma in a passive-aggressive sorta way}... 

So, if they don't want me to sleep-in 'til say 9-10 am Christmas Morn... which is what is implied... Order better reign whilst I'm at Work today!!!  Yeah, I know, I'm a Beast, Pray for me! *Smiles*

So... we'll have to see how that works out???????????  The Line in the Desert Sand has been drawn...*Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hoping (for Grandpa's sake) that there's a "stocking party" TOnight!!!

    Merry Christmas Dawn & Company.

  2. Bless those Aunts for trying!!
    Your are truly and amazing woman with a big heart!!
    Blessings to you and your Honeys this Holiday Season. And let me not forget your wonderful Husband who will be trying to hold down the fort.
    Wishing for a stocking party for both of you.


  3. Hi Dawn, wishing you and your loved ones the very best Christmas ever!!! I can't wait to meet you also,See you soon! XO Christie

  4. Merry Christmas My Drear Friend to you and your beautiful family. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. love, peace and Happiness from My Blog to Yours. Richard and Sissy Dog, from My Old Historic House.

  5. Us Grannies are pros at bribery...hey, we do what we gotta do...have a wonderful holiday Dawn, my only Grandson is 24, no problems there...ha!

    Hugs for the holidays!


  6. Praying :o)
    Wishing you smooth sailing for Christmas.
    Always, Queenie


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