Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's A Wrap

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It was time to start wrapping the presents I'd squirreled away, lest the G-Kids go on a reconnaissance Mission to seek out the hiding places. *Winks*  I'd already caught them in places they shouldn't be nosing around in... so it would have only been a matter of time before they uncovered my hidden stash of Christmas Gifts!  I wanted to keep the Gift Wrap as Simple as the rest of my Styling this Season.  My Inspiration Image was the above Photo of the Lovely Simplicity of Brown Paper and Colored Yarn.  

Now, this was what I would have Loved to aspire to and attempted if I'd had more time and Gift Wrap Talent.  Featured in another fav Blog... BLUE PURPLE AND SCARLETT  , for a Somerset Life Newspaper Challenge in August,  Scarlett has a wonderful Tutorial on how she Created these Newspaper Masterpieces and though I doubt I'll get mine done before Christmas, I still plan to try my hand at the Newspaper Dyed Rosettes.

So I went with the most Simple version for now... and though mine aren't nearly as tidy as the Inspiration Image, I was pleased with the results.  Well, actually... I started out tidy and spacing the yarn and tying them one at a time to resemble said Inspiration Image... and it looked almost like that for about a minute and a half... until...

Prince R spied the completed package and had to finger all the yarn until it was no longer tidy nor evenly spaced... *Blood Pressure Rising Slightly & Le Sigh*...

And I decided that rather than have any long drawn out battles or Strokes about messing up Gramma's perfectly, tediously tied yarn package bindings and keep my Peace & Sanity *Winks*... it would just be easier to not be so meticulous about it... and forget about going for the perfection or ideal look... just wrap the yarn in one continuous motion without spacing or worrying about if pieces overlapped or it matched the Inspiration Image... *Smiles*

Maybe in a perfect World... or at least one without curious little people *LOL*... immaculately wrapped packages would look like a Magazine Spread or Pinterest/Bing Image Inspiration Wrapping and stay that way...

But here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence there are curious little people who can't resist any wrapped package... whether it is Lovely in it's packaging or sloppy... and they're not nearly as impressed with Gramma's Wrapping Skills as they are with what Mystery it holds inside... away from prying curious little glistening eyes!?!???  Ah, the Suspense... the lengths they will go to try to sneak in a touch, a shake, a weighing of the Mysterious contents... a peek at the Tags to see whose Name is on them? *LOL*  And of coarse that is part of the Magic of the Holidays isn't it?   And what tickles us as they feign innocence about who touched what and tried to partake of the forbidden fruit and think they could get away with it because we wouldn't notice... *LOL*

I mean, how could we possibly notice that the perfectly wrapped package now looks somewhat odd, disheveled, crumpled and different? *Winks* And since I'm not very good at hiding the goods adequately enough that the Bohemian G-Kid Force can't eventually find it if they even suspect it's on the premises... we go ahead and Wrap them as soon as possible after purchase...

And the anticipation builds as a few more appear under the Tree during the Month of December... and each day we question how or why things look a little different under there than they did just before we left the room??? *Smiles*  And perhaps there are some telltale bits of straw or silk tree bits in the hair or on the clothing of the suspect G-Kid claiming they have no idea... *Winks*

And after their curiosity wanes a bit... they'll eventually leave it all alone until Christmas Eve... when they'll be allowed to open just one... and then VERY EARLY Christmas Morning dive into the rest with reckless abandon and utter Joy...

And all of the carefully Wrapped Packages will be torn helter skelter anyway... so it's no big deal really if they get a bit mussed up during their waiting period under the Tree... or that Gramma never has been very good at Gift Wrapping Skills so even the squarest of packages has more angles, lumps and bumps than it should... adding to the Mystery of the peculiar shapes... *Winks*

I'll mostly spend my time not with Gift Wrapping... but with Creating, Arranging and Re-Styling Vignettes throughout the Holiday Season and making them just-so instead.  And after the Real Pine Boughs die off... which they quickly do in the heat of an Arizona Winter... I'll eventually give up having the Real Deal and replace them with a convincingly real looking Faux version instead...
{Which is also why we rarely have a Real cut Christmas Tree here in the Desert}

And just dust the Faux Pine Boughs with Pine Essential Oils and fill out the bouquets with more Brightly colored Feathers {Remember my Feather Fetish}... as we wait for Christmas Day to arrive...

And the Clock ticks down and the Advent Calendars are opened one day at a time... and those of us who like to relax more and have a laid-back approach to Holidays make a conscious effort to get stuff done early enough that there are no hurries and no worries... 

And we remember not to get too caught up in trying to make everything a Perfect Holiday... but instead... a perfectly Memorable and Enjoyable one...

Because those are the Times and Stuff that Memories are made of...

And the Imperfections and Happy Little Accidents will only add to the richness of the Story over Time... and will most surely be the Memories we cherish and Smile about in fond Remembrance the most... and recount over and over...

And today I'll be joining FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS Blog Party to show off my Rustic Natural Burlap Christmas... There are three distinct Linky choices to show off your stuff... so head on over and be Inspired or Share your Inspiring Images my Friends!
Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wonderful gift wraps! simply Superb :)

  2. Sounds to me like you will be having a perfectly wonderful Christmas! You are so right - 'things' don't have to be perfect to be beautiful and thoughtful!

  3. Love the wrapping!! I have more fun with that then the actual gift!!
    I am going to try the dyed newspaper too...I think I like that the best..

    LOL love the crosses...and the baby Jesus under the tree..:)

    Great post as always!!

    Peace, Linda <3


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