Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Faiery's Call... And A Feature

Ever since I had seen her at my Friend Carol's COTTAGE GARDEN Shop a certain Faiery had been Calling to me...

And after Featuring her in a previous Blog Post I felt that if I didn't respond to her Call that she might just go Home with someone else!? *Gasp!* 

And her Little Sister was also Calling to another sweet Gal and we met at the Shop today to answer the Call of the Faieries and claim our sweet Treasures at about the same time.  Both delighted that our Faieries were thankfully still there waiting on us to respond and take them Home with us! *Whew*

The Shops were in fact packed with Holiday Treasure Hunters eagerly scooping up the Lovelies that were Calling to them!!!

And Shop #2 had the Lovely Signage hung that my Talented Friend Meilan had Created.

And Dear Shop Owner and Friend Carol Migray had been recently Featured in not just one Front Page Spread...

But TWO Local Newspapers!  CONGRATULATIONS my Friend... you are so deserving of all the publicity and success so that even more peeps can discover THE COTTAGE GARDENS Magical and Enchanting Shopping Experience.

Prince R had accompanied Gramma on this Excursion... he knows everyone there and enjoys Shopping and Visiting my Friends at the Shops too... in fact, the Faiery is Gramma's Christmas Gift from the G-Kid Force...

And Downtown Glendale is also having the GLENDALE GLITTERS Celebrations each Weekend with over a million and a half Christmas Lights and even Horse & Carriage rides around the Historic Shopping District... Food, Fun, Vendors, Artists, Live Music... so after you visit Carol's Shops there will be a full Day and Evening of Activities to enjoy. 

Today the Weather had gone suddenly from the mid-80's that we had been enjoying... to a brisk Chilly Wintery Vibe... so it's beginning to actually feel like Christmas is coming! *Winks*

And for those of you who Love the Bling as much as Moi... well, you're not going to be disappointed when you visit Shop #2...

Carol carries a wide selection of fabulous Jewelry Creations from various Artists...

I had to take a seat because I was in Eye Candy overload my Friends and swooning heavily!!! *LOL* And though it was Chilly it was also a Bright, Lovely Day and thus Prince R had a difficult time with camera glare as he caught Gramma taking a brief Bohemian Bling Break... *Smiles*

Seriously... wouldn't YOU be having a swoonfest after beholding the likes of these!!!?????!!!

It is Christmas Enchantment at the Cottages at it's best my Friends!

And Carol searches far and wide to Source the most interesting and unique Treasures for your Shopping Pleasure...

And she and the Shop Gals work tirelessly to Create Styling Magic to Showcase it all during every Season of the Year!

And whether you enjoy Traditional  Southwestern Art...

Unique pieces by specific Artists you will come to Love... such as Laura Van...

And Pure West...

And amazing Jewelry Artists that Create OOAK pieces...

That will take your breath away and have you making a LONG Wish List for Santa! *Winks*

THIS Piece is on MY Wish List... as the insatiable and seductive Eartha Kitt would say in her Classic Holiday Song, "Santa Baby..." we will want it ALL!!! *Smiles... and whether you've been a Good Girl to receive your Presents or a Naughty Bad Girl to receive them... well, it's all good so long as we receive them, right??! Winks*

And because I've got my Mojo on THE ONE for MY List... well, here's one for yours okay...

And we'll leave another for someone else's List too... in the Spirit of Christmas... *LOL*

And your favorite Christmas Photo will look stunning in a fabulous Laura Van Frame...

You know the Photo... the one where you might be wearing this... *Winks*

And maybe this too... *Smiles*

Yeah, I must warn you... it is doubtful you're going to come away empty handed after you visit the Shops my Friends... NO WAY!!! *Winks*

Not a chance... *Smiles*... but then, you didn't expect to now did you? *Wink*

Because very likely, even if you do... something will Call to you... and you'll have to go back... like I did... and Claim it...

And have it take it's rightful place in your Home...

And doesn't she, the Faiery that Called to me, look Lovely in my Front Kitchen Vignette???

With some of Princess T's faux Confections surrounding her...  Yeah, Gramma liked these so much I permanently 'borrowed' them from said G-Kid... *Smiles*  Because after all... when I put the Real Deal up there it lasts about a minute and a half around the Bohemian Valhalla Residence as the Crew here descends upon Confections like a pack of ravenous Wolves, devouring them and leaving a bare Vignette in their wake! *Smiles*

But now that I have my Magical Faiery presiding over the Kitchen... perhaps she can work her Magic and keep the Confections stocked and flowing like a Willy Wonka Movie???

Yeah, that would be nice and would most definitely work for me!!! *Winks*

Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Another wonderful fun filled adventure. You find the most fun shops. I hope you are getting closer to being ready for Christmas. Sissy Dog went to see Santa yesterday and you would not believe her wish list. Drop by and see it on my latest post. Happy Season. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. Dawn what a wonderful shop! I adore your Fairie, and Mother Mary and the ornaments, well almost everything!

    Please Come and enter in My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! Tis the Season!


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