Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Styling Continues...

As we move from room to room here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence Styling for Christmas we're letting our Imaginations run Wild this Holiday Season to use what we have on hand to Create Christmas Magic around us.

And you know how much I adore the touch of Oddities... so I'm proud to show off my latest Ebay acquisition that I 'scored' at unbelievable Deal... an Antique Grouse Foot Gaelic Kilt Pin!

This one is Sterling with a Stag's Head and set with two Beautiful Topaz and the Grouse Foot is in excellent condition for it's age {often they get quite bald over the years ~ LOL}!!!  So when I got it  for just over ten bucks at Auction, I was elated my Friends!!!

With my Gaelic roots on Mom's side of the Family I'm delighted to have an Antique piece of Celtic Jewelry Art and add it to this years Sage & Sepia Styled Christmas.  I Love Topaz and Silver... I enjoy quirky Styled Jewelry of all types... so this was pure Bohemian Valhalla for me on every level! 

And since I also adore Raw Cotton plants, I had to snag me some before the Harvest of the Cotton Fields nearby... it's the closest look to "Snow" that we have here in the Deep Desert! *Winks*

So much Farmland, Vineyards and Orchards have been lost recently to Urban Development in our once Rural Community on the outskirts of Metro Phoenix... but I do so enjoy what is left of the Rural Touches around my Community.

And decorating with a small piece of it in our Home gives our Christmas that Rural Simple Touch that I enjoy so much and reminds me of what our once small Town was built upon... Agriculture.

Isn't it just Beautiful in it's Simplicity and the various stages of development on the stalk?

And of coarse I have to include an abundance of Bohemian Bling in most of my Vignettes... giving it the Bohemian Valhalla Touch of eye candy excess, even though this year's Theme is leaning more towards Minimalistic Simplicity! *Well, as Minimal as it gets for Moi anyway... Winks*

And Note To Self:  After viewing close-ups of said Vignette... the Antique Rosary could use a dusting of the beads! *LOL*  I must say that Photographing my envirnoment and viewing it more objectively here in the Land Of Blog is making me more aware of how laid-back a housekeeper I tend to be. *Smiles*  And how I don't even tend to notice it until it's Posted!!! *LOL*  And I Love displaying my Fresh Water Pearls awaiting Transformation into Wearable Jewelry Art... too pretty to stash away somewhere...

And what has been really Special about this years Salvage Style Tree is how interactive it has been for the G-Kids... Princess T especially has been dragging in the Rusty & Crusty from the property to ask Grandpa to critique for Ornamentation Possibilities?!?  I Love it!!!  Today she came in with about a 3 foot length of Rusted Chain as a potential Garland trailing behind her!!! *LOL*  But, some of her acquisitions are gracing the Tree now... though we passed on the 3 feet of heavy Rusty Chain! *Smiles*

And I tackled the Front Kitchen Table and got it decorated...

You have no idea how cluttered this was before the Transformation! *Winks*  Though I was considerate enough not to abandon The Man's "Everything Bowl" that he needs to toss his assorted stuff into.

Though we did do an edit and purge of said Bowl to make it manageable... because he tends to forget just how much gets tossed into there and forgotten over Time... a practice we're all guilty of unfortunately in one form or another... we can be such Pack Rats here at the Bohemian Valhalla Clan!

I keep finding Vintage Hardware scattered about in my Stashes of Architectural Salvage to throw at the Tree...  I Love the Details of Old Hardware, don't you?

So my Friends... what Christmas Styling have YOU been up to lately?  Do you do it in one fell swoop... or like us, does it tend to Transform over a period of Time, evolving and changing as if it has a Life of it's own?


And today I'm linking up with Rebecca of RECUERDA MI CORAZON  as she Hosts the 12 Days Of Mornings With Mary... paying Homage to the Blessed Mother and sharing Beautiful Images for the first 12 days of December... please join us!  Share at least one or more Beautiful Images of the Holy Mother in your Post.  Thank You Rebecca for Hosting this Beautiful Celebration!

Blessings and Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love it that T. is searching for treasures for the tree. This is a tree they will remember.

  2. This Celtic jewel is a wonderful curiosity, I am happy that you have him!
    I like the unique side of this decoration which looks like you so much Dawn, magic, thank you I have full candies eyes!!!

    Wonderful day

  3. As a Warrior, I know I'll be standing at the gates of Valhalla, but never thought itn was right here near Phoenix! Very cool collections. I love all your Marys as well. Wish I had a man bowl, I just use any flat spot I can find. Wonderful!


  4. thanks for the visit to my blog - nice to meet you! i loved your name, so had to stop by. i'm a boho, gypsy, traveler girl myself. AND i so want to live in the desert of Arizona! what part of Arizona are you at?

  5. Wow, everything looks amazing Dawn - I just love your bohemian, eclectic style..I haven't started decorating yet! Oldest daughter has been away, and can't think about beginning until her return, whereupon we can put on our santa hats, stick some Bing Crosby Christmas tunes on, and go for it! Have been somewhat absent lately, so look forward to checking out some of your older posts xxx

  6. love your *christmas styling* and Marys...jewels and glittery stuff and the colors! found you through the 'Mary a day' project. lovely!

  7. I love this post so much. Such a great time looking through your pictures and reading about your xmas transformation. You have such a good eye for beautiful things. I especially love your tree. I'm glad I made it back to the land of blogging to read a few of your amazing post :)

    Always... Shaheen


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