Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Stocking Was Hung...

So... I finished Burlap Stocking #2 and hung it at the Mantle... these have become a Fun Project.

It is refreshing to have an easy, Simple Project for a change that I can Create in a day or two.

Anyone that knows me can Testify to my Snail's Pace when it comes to most of my Creations. Mostly because I tend to want to do bigger, more elaborate, detailed Projects with Grandoise Visions of an end result... so I'm not a prolific Artist.

And it's so easy to lose and immerse myself in a smaller Project and see it through to a timely completion, so I don't know why I don't do more of them???  

Note to Self: In 2012 perhaps it would be a good New Year's Resolution to be more balanced and integrate small Projects inbetween the larger ones!?!

Maybe then the Creative process would flow with more frequency and with less stalls and delays?

Yes, though I Love to Create, because I don't do it for a Living, I quite often am either "Off" or "On" Creatively... and can go for fairly long periods of time without being Inspired to start or finish a Project... regardless of potential monetary gain... which probably should be motivating... but it's not.

Mostly because the larger ones take so much Time... which is in short supply... especially UNINTERRUPTED TIME... *Winks*... and when you do everything by hand you don't see as much progress to keep you motivated.  You don't get the Satisfaction, as often, of seeing a finished result.  

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an instant gratification sort of Gal... I truly believe that anything worth having is worth waiting for and taking your Time on.

I don't rush any Process I am involved in... hasty Creating generally shows in the quality of the workmanship, or lack thereof, IMO... and I doubt I'd do my best work in a hurry.  When I purchase the Creations of other Artists I know I always look for quality and integrity in the workmanship.

Granted some folks can and do whip things out and have the skill set to do an amazing job of being prolific and produce quality work in record Time... I'm just not one of them. *LOL*

And anyway, I'm at that more Seasoned Season of Life where I am not in a hurry to do much of anything anymore... no hurries... no worries... and when I see folks in a frantic pace I'd just as soon move aside and let them blow past and continue my leisurely Journey in Life now. *Winks*

I'd miss too much of what I enjoy if I was focused more on the destination rather than enjoying the Journey and the process...

Stopping and smelling the Roses along the way...

And getting lost in the details... the intricacies... that really provide more Inspiration than the big picture...

But it is nice every once in awhile not to Challenge myself so much in the Creative Process with only big, detailed, Time consuming Projects.

And so I've been Grateful that I was intrigued by the Burlap Stockings I was seeing in Blogland and decided to use my damaged Vintage Burlap Bags to Create some of my own...

And have both the Enjoyment and Satisfaction of a Fun Project of Creating something quickly, effortlessly and more Simple than usual during this busy Holiday Season.  And expanding my Sage & Sepia Christmas with some new Creations to go with this Season's Theme.

And I don't know yet how many more I'll make, but I'm looking forward to at least the next one... *Smiles*

Source: Image shared by RICK UNDERWOOD at RECUERDA MI CORAZON Blog

And since I had some Images in my Post today of the Blessed Mother I am linking with RECUERDA MI CORAZON Blog for the Virgin A Day ~ The Comfort of Mary.

And I'm also joining the Blog Party my Friend Natasha over at 5 MINUTES JUST FOR ME is Hosting... where everyone is sharing their Christmas-Scapes...
Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You always have so many things to look at when I visit! Your Christmas decorating is lovely and your burlap stocking is wonderful!

    Hop you have a great week!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  2. Oh how I love your own made rich they are.....and so many treasures to see here...your pepper and salt...your old bottles...
    Oh......I want it...I want it...'0)
    Fine day

  3. I can't wait to watch your 2012 "note to self" unfold...

    ♥-ing ALL I see here (as usual).

  4. beautiful post! so important to keep ones heart simple and true. anytime we slow down and engage our hearts and hands, miracles happen.
    thank you for your lovely offering.
    did you make your cross bottles?
    they are wonderful.

  5. Dawn
    I just love your Bohemian vignettes so beautiful as always. Happy Holidays to you sweet friend. Stop by so you can enter my holiday giveaway.

    Much love

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Your stockings are fabulous! I love your Bohemian vignettes, perfect blend of vintage and chic!
    Not only do we share a name , I thnk we are kindred spirits!
    I hope you have time to visit my blog again . I am now following yours , I don't want to miss a thing!
    A Very Merry Christmas from the Frozen Heartland of Iowa !

  7. I love those burlap stockings the lace on the burlap...very Yin Yang...Beautiful work...(I also love that white Madonna <3 )


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