Friday, November 4, 2011

Vintage & Oddities Love

Okay, so did I get your attention with the Vintage Scottish Grouse Foot Kilt Pin? *LOL*

I think they're way cool and I'd totally wear one... No, not because of my own Gaelic Ancestry on Mom's side of the Family... but because I'm not just drawn to Vintage... but Vintage Oddities as well. *Winks*

Yes, I'd be the one to consider such an acquisition as this... and put a Tiara on it and adorn it with other Bohemian Bling... maybe even filling up it's gaping mouth with a Treasure Trove of Vintage Jewelry Collections...  Yes, yes I would... 

As a matter of fact, the more unusual or unique something is to me, the more I tend to be attracted to it & it will catch my eye and hold my attention.  Whether the form, fashion, design, color combinations or Oddity of it, the difference is what appeals to me.

If I've never seen one before I'm more likely to examine it... wonder about it... and possibly want it.

Even those items I have vast Collections of already, like Antique Door Hardware & Knobs...

When I see a piece that is different than anything I already have in the way of it... well, I'd Love to acquire it if possible... and even if not, at least lustfully capture the Image of it through the eye of my lens. *Smiles... weren't these Old Porcelain Knobs Divine!?*

Even Vintage Utilitarian Items can be unique & therefore desirable if the Colors are different than I'm used to seeing... I Love Bakelite... I own a fair amount of the rich Beautiful Butterscotch Color... but check out this Lovely Bold Reddish hue!

And actually a combination of the gorgeous Bakelite Colors I found particularly appealing in mass!  Can't you just picture a place setting of these at your table?! *Winks*  I can... 

And when it comes to Bohemian Bling, well... I'm always smitten and on the lookout for unique pieces I'd like to add to my ever growing Collection if a Deal can be had...

And on this Junquing Expedition a Deal definitely could be had... check out the Divine Vintage West German Brooch I scored for a mere $8 my Friends!!! *Happy Dance!*

I've always been a sucker for Vintage Advertising & Packaging... isn't this piece fabulous?

Vintage Silverware AND Vintage Bohemian Bling... a match made in Heaven!!!

And my oldest Collections are Faith based, I adore Religious Art & Collectibles... and so when I spied this 1962 Nativity Set for less than $2... hadda have it!  I remember my Dad putting Magnetic Religious Icons like this on the metal dashboards of our old Cars in the 50's & 60's.  Did anyone else have a St. Christopher, among others, adorning their dashboards back in the day? *Winks*  Our Vehicles always resembled Gypsy Cabs anyway... that's just how we rolled! *And still do actually... LOL* 

And is anyone else hopelessly drawn to Vintage & Antique Lighting?  I'm a Chandie Addict in serious need of an Intervention...

Now I see Vintage Coca-Cola Signs abounding... but as popular as Pepsi always has been too & rivaling Coke in popularity... where ARE all those old Vintage Pepsi Signage I often wonder??!?!???

And how cool is this Contemporary 60's Style Crystal Chandie?  It definitely gave me a 60's Flashback of Black Leather & Chrome Decor... Vegas Style! *Winks*  I never got into that particular genre of Styling... but I sure hung out in enough pads that dug it! *LOL*

I'm more inclined to favor... Antique Frames... the more Ornate, the better...  I'm a Vintage Gesso Lover big time...

And when it comes to the Bling, well, it doesn't have to be Investment quality... though I do have a Collection of quality pieces, I'm not opposed to the cheesier inexpensive variety of Bohemian Bling for adornment... if it sparkles & looks interesting... and it's a Deal... it could come Home with me...

And the G-Kids have their own Criteria for the Bling... Prince R was attracted to these Insect & Fish inspired pieces & insisted I photograph them to share here in the Land of Blog. *Winks*  These are more inclined to be the pieces I end up with as Gifts... which is precious and becomes my 'priceless' Sentimental Collection of Bling...

Some pieces catch my eye simply because they are so Old Hollywood Glam...

And who can resist Vintage Mannequins sporting Bohemian Bling & Vintage Furs?  Alas, neither Vintage Gal was for Sale... NFS Display only... *Le Sigh*

And some pieces, though obviously more Modern are still adorable enough to be considered... Loving the little Bird & Nest Brooch...

And though I have never owned a piece, I'm intrigued by Victorian Hair Art!

No, I don't find it Voodoo Creepy *Smiles*... I'm actually intrigued by the fact the Victorians were so Creative, Resourceful and utilized just about anything and everything to embellish their Art and Homes!

And let us not forget Vintage Canning Jars, Linens & Doilies... I can find so many uses for all three!

AND Old Doors... *Winks*

The Crew here simply don't understand my obsession with Old Doors!!! *LOL*

The Old Bling they "get"... *Smiles*

And I'm certain the Inheritance of Bohemian Bling the G-Kids & Great-G-Kids receive will probably be far more appreciated than the Inheritance of Gramma's Old Door Collection!?! *LOL*

And my Stained Glass Window Collections... *Smiles*

Yep, that's another thing I'm TOTALLY obsessed with... Old Salvaged Stained Glass Windows... LOVE THEM!!!  And if I find a Deal on one... it's SOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to pass up...

But even if Budget doesn't permit and I have to pass on a Deal on one... well, my Friends don't have to, right?!?  The BFF Tina 'scored' this Lovely Stained Glass Window during our Junquing forray & I was absolutely delighted for her, if I couldn't have it I'm glad she could... I think I may have created another obsessed Fan of the Salvage Architecture in fact... it rubs off on people you know... *Winks* Because once you start acquiring it... well... one is never enough and too many is just enough! *LOL*

She tried to talk me into this piece, but I held out... and eventually scored that $8 Brooch which was very similar in Design in fact... and I may Create a Necklace out of ...

And speaking of the Unique... we Loved this... though we weren't quite sure what it was? A Perfume Container with tiny Funnel perhaps???
Hey my Blog Buddy Richard... if you stop by... enlighten us please... if anyone would know what this Vintage Piece is you certainly will!

And my Love of Peacocks... coupled with my Love of Vintage Bags and Beading... made beholding this piece pure Bohemian Valhalla!!!

Exquisite & in great condition!!!

And I have a soft spot for Vintage Cast Iron Doorstops too... this one was a Lovely Vintage example... but beware, reproductions being passed off as Vintage or Antique seem to abound in these pieces and high prices don't always mean authenticity, if in doubt, check it out!

And naturally you just knew that I couldn't get by without Lusting over Vintage Exotic Rugs & Kilims! *Winks*

One of my strongest Obsessions is Vintage & Antique Persian Rugs, Pillows, Kilims...

 Or Native American Tribal hand-loomed Rugs! *Swoon Worthy ALL of them! Smiles*

I Hope you've enjoyed going Junquing with us today, I suspect if you visit here often you are also a Lover of the Vintage and perhaps even the Oddities? *Winks*

Happy Junquing my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Items today were Photographed at THE BRASS ARMADILLO and


  1. Still full of candies for eyes!
    I like the former jewels, also the religious objects, all which is curious and unusual attracts me and puts me in enjoyment! However I do not possess victorian picture in hair because they are reliquaries of deaths (but that of your article is magnificent), I believe that objects are loaded with feelings, that is why I avoid those whose past is too "heavy".

    Magnificent day Dawn

  2. I don't know you how keep up with yourself! You wear me out just reading about your forays into the world of junque-ness.

  3. I agree with Rebecca! Your house must look like a Gypsy Caravan! Beeeoooteeeful!

  4. So MANY beautiful things!!!

    I have a new ring that I bought on eBay, that looks a lot like the brooch with the bird & nest..! Love it!

    : )


  5. I love stained glass windows. Reminds me of the East Coast where I am from! Thanks for sharing.....


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