Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Rust & Roses Christmas Vision

Today I'm taking you with me to my Friend Shelly's Shop, RUST & ROSES, to see a
 RUST & ROSES Christmas Vision.

Resplendant with comfortable Wingback Chairs and big squishy Custom Burlap Pillows for the Season and beyond.

Sparkling Chandies and Glittery Christmas Trees with Bird's Nests nestled within their branches...

Trees swirled with the same awesome Burlap Garland I shall be using... well, because I bought it here and Loved the way it looked. *Winks* 

And Minty Vintage Green Furniture and Furnishings Galore... don't you just Love that 1920-1930's Era Seafoam Green?  It's one of my favorite Vintage Hues... along with Sepia. 

 I'm amazed at how many killer Vintage Green pieces Shelly has Sourced in fact, just in time for the Holidays... though having that Palette around the House any time of year is soothing to the Soul.

I adore Furniture that is aged to perfection and has Character, History and a Story worth telling... you just don't get that from mass produced modern pieces.

Shelly and the Shop Gals are all so very Creative that I'm always Inspired by their Imaginative uses of repurposed Treasures.

And as well as fabulous Vintage Treasures and Architectural Salvage, many of the Accessories and Fashions in the Shops are Created right on site, such as Custom Pillows, Drapes, Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Duvets, Totes, Purses, Jewelry, Fashions and Fashion Accessories.  These Gals are Creative and Styling Genius.

So it is always a special Treat to stop in to visit and to see what new Creations they've stocked the Shops with, especially during the Holiday Seasons.  They are as busy as Santas Elves in Toyland I tell you!

And here's a Couple of my super Talented Friends Shelly and Angela, taking time out of their busy and Creative schedules to come say Hi to you here in the Land of Blog.  I was lusting after Shelly's two Beautiful Necklaces by Designers "Twigs" and "Dos Fannies", who are Jewelry Artists that I adore the Creations of and am fortunate to own some of myself. 

And check out Angela's gorgeous Vintage Rose Wrist Cuffs {she's wearing one in the picture & mine is the one in the above picture}, she makes these and surprised me with one as a Gift last Christmas.

RUST & ROSES is packed to the rafters with fabulous pieces of various Architectural Salvage... so for those of us who can't get enough of it... well, this is the place to always be able to find it locally.

And naturally, just before Christmas, just in case someone else has it on their Santa Wish List too, I had to do a bit of "Visitation" with my favorite Vintage Cupboard that I'm seriously Jonesin' for and having a Lustful Love Affair with. *Winks*  Absolutely nowhere to put it even if Santa was seriously good to me this year since I've been such a Good Girl *LOL*... Okay, maybe that's a stretch {the Good Girl part AND something like this showing up unexpectedly ~ insert hysterical Laughter}... but a Gal can Dream... and if it Miraculously arrived at the doorstep, well, I'd figure something out wouldn't I? *Smiles*  Something would be displaced to make room for it... *Smiles*

But there's not just the killer Anchor Pieces to swoon over at the Shop my Friends... plenty of killer Smalls as well.

Plenty of the Sage & Sepia Treasures I'm currently on a Mission to transform Mi Casa with for the Vision in 2012...

And I'm quite certain there is plenty here to transform your Feathered Nest with as well my Friends!

I'm sure you're already making your "List" and checking it twice!?!???!!!!! *Winks*

And although I already have the wonderful Mannequin Triplets... I always have Vintage Mannequin Envy & Love every time I see one I like when I'm out and about.  Shelly has stocked the Shop with several, so if they're on your "List"... just sayin'...

Another Lustful obsession of mine {and I have MANY ... Winks}... are Vintage Altered Art Bottles... in a future Post I'm gonna share an exciting Reveal with you about that... 

I'm also adoring the Crosses and Sap Buckets with Metal Florals adorning them that Shelly has stocked up on... put a Sap Bucket on my "List"...  it's okay, I'm like a Child when it comes to my "Wish Lists", I make LONG DREAMY ones... my List can rival the G-Kids Lists any day! *LOL*  We even go over our "Lists" together Imagining having it ALL... and the Grand Palatial Mansion we'd put it in!!!  Yeah, I know, I never outgrew that phase of my development... *Smiles*

There are also many Beautiful Vintage Spiritual Items & Religious Art and Artifacts to choose from.

And Vintage Silver... and Trunks... and Suitcases...

You'll be on an Eye Candy High the moment you enter the Shop in fact!!!

And if you're a Pillow Fanatic like me... well, you've come to the right place for that too!

Shelly is definitely the Pillowmeister when it comes to Pillow Creating...

And finding the most Beautiful Vintage Painted Furniture...

I'm still obsessing and Lusting over adorned Sap Buckets can't you tell? *LOL* 

And remember my Feather obsession... well, there were plenty of Feather Treasures around the Shop... check out the Vintage Feather Fan...

And isn't this an unusually shaped Vintage Coca-Cola Sign?  Yep, there are the Mantiques here as well for your Guy, so you should be able to talk him into exploring the Shop with you perhaps?

I 'Heart' Old Wine Bottles... okay, I 'Heart' Wine too if it's a good Moscato or Port... *LOL*  Right now I'm seriously seeking a good Vintage Wine Cork to open the Bottle of Moscato The Man got me for the Holidays.  Can't locate the Antique one my Parents gave to me that is over a 100 years old... it's a little Brass Boy with Black Cloissone overlay and Emerald Eyes and the corkscrew is, well... you'll figure it out... *Winks*
When he turns up I'll have to remember to include him in a Post.  As a Child I remember thinking it was a very Naughty Collectible *Smiles*... and now I think it is a delightfully Naughty one and was thrilled to inherit it from my Parents. *LOL*  I believe my Maternal Welsh Great Uncle brought it back from Africa after his Service in the Boer Wars so its a Family Heirloom.

What Family Heirlooms might you be using or decorating with this Christmas?

And who will you be spending the Holidays with?  Here the G-Kid Force is striking a pose to say Hi to you here in the Land of Blog... still in their School Uniforms... which make Princess T look rather Angelic, as Schoolgirl Uniforms typically do... belying the fact that she has a lot of "Red" days in Kindergarten lately for "Aggressive Behavior"!!! *Gasp!!! ~ Yes, I know, MY little Angel being accused of being AGGRESSIVE... Well, that was really no surprise or revelation to her G-Parents, Big Brother & Uncle here at the Ole' Homestead that have Witnessed the Dark side of the Beast Princess... LOL*  Never judge a book by it's cover... *Winks*

I really couldn't get past the Lovely Color Palette that Vintage Green, Burlap, Linen and Fresh Pine Boughs created... quite a Vision... but I'm holding firm to Sage & Sepia with Jeweltones! *LOL*

But for those of you Envisioning a Chippy White and Vintage Green Christmas... you could really be hooked up at RUST & ROSES for all your Styling and Decorating needs.

Now here's a portion of my Christmas Vision... Peacock Feathers and Architectural Salvage...

Jewel toned Vintage Leather... I LOVED this Old Club Chair... I wonder if I could convince The Man to give up his Recliner in exchange for an Old Worn Leather Club Chair one day? *Hmmmmmmmm* I'll work on that... *Winks*

The Religious Art, Last Rites Crucifix and Statuaries were Beautiful...

And for those who enjoy Vintage Suitcases... check out the Green one for Christmas... perfect!!! 

I was Loving this Antique double seater chair in my Friend Pauline's Booth...

More Religious Statuaries...

And fabulous Architectural Salvage...

This Antique Hall Tree Mirror was GORGEOUS... but alas, it didn't photograph too well so the Image doesn't do it Justice...

And I Loved the Silver etched Vase with Pine Boughs...

And this HUGE Beautiful Iron Crucifix!!!!!!!! *Swooning*  it was almost as tall as me...

Shelly's use of Simple Pine Boughs in a Vignette really appealed to me... since I need a Simple yet effective and fragrant Styling for Christmas this year I'm going with this Idea and will be soliciting my Friends who have Pine & Juniper Trees to donate to the Cause... *LOL* 

See what I mean... Pine Boughs and Vintage Silver massed together... Lovely!!!

And here's the Lovely Simple Vintage Wire Vase I came Home with... complete with Fresh, Fragrant Pine Boughs already in it... that was easy... thanks Shelly... *Winks*

Just take a look at this Gorgeous Vintage Green Chest of Drawers... Loving the little charming hand painted details on the lower drawer.

My Vase again... I kept moving it around to see how it looked with different surroundings... I liked it with a grouping of Old worn Black Bibles.

I Hope you've enjoyed our Shopping Spree at RUST & ROSES my Friends?  We'll have to do this again sometime soon okay?

Blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wowser - my whiskers are scorched from all this wonderfulness!!!! Good thing you are in Arizona....otherwise you might have been taking pictures of this stuff leaving in "her" truck!

    Happy Turkey Leg Day!


    Romeo (your new friend)

  2. Good Morning Dawn ~
    Your so sweet but,such a tease! :)
    Showing me a fabulous shoppe I can't visit filled with so many items I need (want). Love the cushions and the burlap tree.
    Do you just have the one day off tomorrow?
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  3. Love that shop Dawn. Great eyecandy photos.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Wow, I'm lovin it, lots and lots of treasures.

    You always go to the most amazing shops.
    Thanks for all the yummy pictures.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Hello again *Hugs*
    Your memories of 'Ray Boy' had me sobbing, how beautifully you have recalled her unconditional love. I have a Burmese 'Tessa'and just love her.
    Your new posts are stunning as usual and I am drooling over your stunningly creative blog as always.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family xxx


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