Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Nostalgic Score ~ A Polynesian Beauty


She looks Divine in front of some of my Killer 1950's Hawaiian Cruise Menus Collection with gorgeous graphics of Hawaiian Art & Culture.

Every so often you 'Score' something so Nostalgic and coveted that you cannot believe your good Fortune!  This was such a day for me while I was out Goodwill Hunting.  I have always loved Sculptures and particular ones have appealed to me since Childhood.  This Polynesian Beauty {or the Beautiful Model could be Filipina, Thai, Vietnamese or from another Asian Culture where Exotic Beauty abounds, it matters not to me} was one such Sculpture that I have adored and wanted since I was quite Young.  She was made in Denmark and is of a solid heavy Chalkware composition with a matt glaze over most of the Sculpture and high gloss glazed eyes. You used to see her, and her companion, a Young Polynesian Boy, quite often in the 1950's-1960's when Tiki Decor was all the rage.  Alas, my Parents never were into the Polynesian Vibe of decorating and so they never procured the set of Sculptures that I so admired every time I saw them.  By the time I had become a Young Adult you just didn't see them very much anymore as that Styling had fallen out of Fashion in most parts of the Country and I wasn't fortunate enough to live out a Dream on a Polynesian Island destination where that Styling might be more typical and Traditional. *Le Sigh ~ Though a Trip to Bora Bora is still #1 on my 'Bucket List'*  So... fast forward to 2011 and I'm trawling the local Goodwill near my Home when what do I spy, but my Polynesian Sculptural Beauty!!! *Insert pulse racing and barely contained excitement since I wanted to let out a squeal of Delight!*  I looked at her price... only $2.99... huh???  Instantly I knew she had to have some condition issues and sure enough she'd had a fall with some injuries {which probably landed her in the Goodwill Donation pile of her previous Owner} ... a few small chippings on her shoulder and a hairline crack that I could certainly live with and didn't seem to compromise the integrity of her holding together just fine.  I'm a Fan of the Beauty of the Imperfection, so someone else's discard due to the loss of Perfection and Condition is my Gain.  And for just under three bucks, to finally procure a Beloved Nostalgic Piece that I've admired and wanted to possess for over fifty years was a 'Score' of the half Century! *Winks*  Because... isn't she Lovely and Exotic... which is just how I like my surroundings to be.

Sign me Today... Delighted Dawn... The Bohemian

FOOTNOTE to Story: In my enthusiasm and exhuberance to Photograph her I inadvertently knocked one of my cherished Resin Skulls off the Table and now he has the Beauty of Imperfection too... as I had to glue him back together!!! *Le Sigh & a Sob* At first I was very upset with myself for being so clumsy and careless in my haste to move him and put her in his place.  He seemed to bounce off the Table in slow-mo as I looked on in horror with my aging reflexes unable to stop the impending disaster!  *Gasp & an ear piercing Scream that the rest of the Crew actually slept through & could nominate me for a Horror Flick Scream Queen Award!  Which is almost scarier than the mishap, no? Smiles & a Note to Self: If I'm screaming for a potentially life threatening reason, don't count on this Crew to wake up and Save or Rescue me!!! Winks*  But thankfully, though he crashed to an unforgiving Field Stone floor in the Diningroom, and lost a large part of his head... he could be Salvaged & repaired with Emergency Late Night Craft Surgery and a Tube of E-6000... *Whew*

And after all, he's a Skull... so cracks and imperfections only adds to his creepy allure & Story... he now looks like some Victim of the Island of Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein.  So now I'm okay and have a Peace with the unfortunate incident & my amateur attempt to restore him... he isn't hollow on the bottom and looks solid, but he is hollow, which makes for very tricky Craft Surgery & perfect placement of broken piece, since his head seemed to shrink slightly smaller after the chunk fell out???!!!  So it only fit back perfectly & snugly on one side?!?  And I was afraid to put too much pressure on the stubborn side lest I create more damage, possibly irrepairable damage... One of the great Mysteries of broken Resin I suppose... *LOL*

So... Note To Self: When moving fragile objects, do not... I repeat, DO NOT, hastily put them close to a Table's edge... especially if said object has the shape that could cause rolling like a ball off of said Table to be a high risk factor!  In fact, don't put them carelessly or hastily ANYWHERE! *Winks* And now that I've ranted a bit about my careless mishap I feel ever so much better! *LOL*

Sign me now... not so Delighted Dawn... The
Bohemian *Winks*

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Source: DREAMY WHITES Blog Giveaway

Source: DREAMY WHITES Blog Giveaway

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Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your stories make me laugh and they are fun to read.You must leave this beauty of a girl in the house.Not in your guest house he he.Hope to see you soon.Have a beautiful day..Chickie

  2. Ms. B. she is a beauty just like you. Be sweet dear one. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words for me this week!

    your blog is a wonderland, you crack me up.


  4. its always cool to read your blog :0
    Nice post & cute clicks :)

  5. I so enjoyed reading your post. What a lovely find. I do remember seeing these figure heads in my younger days. I think perhaps Mr. Skully was a bit envious that the new beauty would be taking his place of honor! So he had to get your attention. LOL

    Thank you for doing such a great post about my giveaway. I have entered you in the surprise drawing as well. Best of luck.
    hugs Lynn

  6. Isn't that the best feeling Dawn?! Made all the better for having wanted it for so long! She is a lovely gal! (My mom has the same one BTW) And I don't think the fall did anything but enhance Mr skulls creepy factor *winks* But I can imagine that scream... because I know I'd be screaming too! Vanna


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