Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Minor Panic ~ Not Too Shabby

Can we talk?  Good... and as we do I'll take you on a visual Tour of one of my favorite Shops NOT TOO SHABBY because I couldn't handle or bear just a written Post. *LOL*  And if you visit often I suspect you expect some eye candy along with my dialogues. *Smiles*

And for those of you who have come for a visit this day and are not up to a conversation, that's okay too... just enjoy the Lovely visuals... its all good whether you listen, respond or just come for the view.

That's what I Love so much about the Land Of Blog... it can be anything any of us wants it to be, for as long as we want it to be, as often as we want it to be... a Beautiful respite with a myriad of possibilities and experiences that suit each of us perfectly.  And hey, that can often be more ideal than Real Life can't it? *Winks*

And so this brings us to my Minor Panic last Night that part of my Title suggested.

You see, I'm a Daily Blogger for a reason... this has been the perfect way for me to wind down each Evening or have a Lovely start to any Day.  A way to be expressive, Artistic and take a personal Journaling Journey whilst meeting new people from around the World and being invited into a portion of their World via the Portal of their Blogs.

Hence I look forward to this time online and I make the time for it because the benefits I have reaped are rewarding, restorative and soothing to the Soul, Mind and Spirit.

For me this Blogging experience has been an extremely positive one overall, with only a few minor hiccups along the way. I've felt enriched and Blessed by the whole Adventure, along with personal growth and a host of new found Friends and a wealth of Inspiration daily.

And that really Spoils a person... and a Spoiled person can begin to take things for granted.

And I had begun to take for granted that every time I needed to Blog or come to the Land Of Blog and visit everyone else's sites I just could, each and every time.  I know many of you will contend that
the System has too many pitfalls to have such lofty expectations! *Winks* 

But honestly, my online experience has been that compared to what I dealt with "back in the day" when Systems crashed more often than they functioned *LOL*, this is an Ideal Virtual Paradise by comparison!!!  And any of you who can go back to the Dark Ages with me can attest to that! *Smiles*

And so... when I settled in last Night after a very long, stressful day, with some Personal Crisis unfolding throughout it after learning that a couple of Dear Friends are presently "going through the extreme Valleys of Life"... and its always painful to me not be able to fix a problem or situation... or offer sufficient comfort or words... well, I really needed my "Blog Fix", my Escape into the Land Of Blog where there is relatively little Trouble in Paradise for the most part. *Winks*

Our own Homefront has been rife with personal Crisis of late and so it truly grieves me when so many others I know and care about aren't faring much better, I have the greatest empathy and point of reference about trouble.  Nothing sorts people out quite like trouble.  Troubles in Life can feel like a Lonely desolate place to be at times even if you're surrounded by people. 

It pains me when I know Dear Folks are struggling or hanging on and Hoping for a turnaround.  Or are becoming too discouraged & weary to even expect one and desperately need to be uplifted, encouraged, or maybe even carried a while until they are more rested, restored and stronger to continue the Journey of Life and not be as vulnerable to the attacks and battles they might face.

Until its you I've always said you never really know how you'll respond to "the various Tests"... whether you'll succumb or have a Testimony.

And so last Night I logged on, fully expecting my time of Respite, Renewal, Enjoyment... ESCAPE!!!

And the System was DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Gasp*  Yes, that supremely shocking four letter word in Internet Lingo... and at first I wasn't entirely certain that it wasn't MY Computer that had perhaps crashed?!?  *Double Gasp & a wringing of hands and knashing of teeth!!!*

Thoughts raced through my head... what if my Computer was on the fritz?!  How long would I last while in the throes of Blogger Withdrawal I wondered? *Winks*  After all, there was no budget at the moment to fix or replace it!!!  Oh, woe is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I tried in vain to get a connection... to no avail!!!  And I don't know if YOU do this my Friends, but I kept coming back to it every so often... just in case, you know? *LOL*  Like a Junkie of sorts unable to get the Fix she needs, I was going through a range of emotions that bordered on the absurd really, anger being amongst them! *Blushing*

Yes, yes I was... I was having my little "I can't get online" Tantrum whilst the Family slumbered.  Because while they are slumbering is the most Peaceful uninterrupted time of my day where I can self-indulge my own Passions and Interests selfishly, to my little Heart's content... during those times it's all about ME you see... and hence the immature meltdown I was Privately having and now am sharing Publicly in my Bohemian Rant! *LOL*

I actually considered waking The Man up and asking for Tech help... I'm Technically Challenged you see, so there was no Hope of moi fixing it... if "it" could even be fixed, which I didn't know at the time if it even could be?!?  But there he was, sleeping like a Baby... *le sigh*... and well, it just didn't seem right so I resisted the Temptation... the STRONG Temptation... to roust him & plead my case! *LOL*

And thankfully, yes, thankfully due to years of working 2nd Shifts and being able to stay up past the time frames of Normal schedules and having built up endurance to stay awake at ridiculous hours *Smiles*... I outlasted the Outage!  *Hurrah!  Angels Singing and the Heavens parting as I FINALLY logged in successfully!*  Though those few Hours of waiting impatiently had seemed like an eternity in fact! *Winks*

I felt so Relieved... so Victorious... so Silly for having had a minor panic attack and Adult Tantrum!
And this Morning The Man said that the Outage even made the News... so apparently I may not be the only one sharing this reaction? *Winks*  So, since Confession is good for the Soul, how many of YOU will come clean and admit that you came a bit unglued, a bit discombobulated, upset, concerned, and maybe even threw your own little Tantrum when the System went Down last Night?

And you were unable to Enter "In" to the Land Of Blog... or perhaps any number of other virtual sites that you've come to rely upon... expect entrance to... and Escape to virtually when the need or desire arises...

I Hope this Lovely Tour of NOT TOO SHABBY's visual delights has refreshed you then?  Inspired you? 

 Gotten you back on track and settled back into our regular routine of getting together and seeking our personal forms of expression and enjoyment.  But Good Lord it was a close call of minor panic wasn't it?!! *LOL*  Well, maybe that's just me??? *Smiles* Until next time...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I totally understand! It is such an delightful escape from real life here in Blogland and when the internet or blogger or my computer is down oh my.... I must admit I've being quite upset by it! lol! Everyone in the household has a panic when it's down! Thank you for all the lovely and inspiring photos today!

  2. Dawn,
    I too, have had those moments...not good for the ol blood pressure.
    Loved the tour and I can't wait to come down and have a girls day (or two) out with you!


  3. I hear ya:) We lost power a couple of weeks ago for a whole 8 days. At first it was strange to not be able to connect with the rest of the world. But then warmth, showers and heat became more of an issue;) lol I do have to say it is fun to be back:) And I do look forward to your posts. You are always an inpiration to me.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. OH Dawn this post was such a delight!!!! I actually thought you might have been to my home and witnessed my life!! I thought I was going to have a mental break when my laptop went to the "puter" hospital!! LOL Your words about life with the breaks of the beautiful images of that wonderful little shop were genius!! Thanks for writing this because everything is SO true...Love your blog!!!

    BTW Love that JOYEUX banner!! <3

    Linda XO

  5. +Hand in air* oohhh you bettcha I've had a mini meltdown or two! Blogger I believe exists in large part to cause these *winks* At one point I was locked out of my own blog for a month! Now I PAY for my .com and was NOT a happy camper about it....So maybe not so mini lol!

    I hope the troubles you're experiencing (As well as your friends) are short lived and leave you alone in the future. *sighs* I think it just comes with the territory at our age girlfriend.

    Now wait a durn minute...Joyce gets to come visit you for a couple of days? I want to come down too! (After Joyce)*winks* Vanna

  6. I'm really curious about the nature of your outage. We have Frontier as our wireless carrier and were off line for almost two days. I was a basket case! I can SO identify with your panic.


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