Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Treats

Being the 'Foodie' that I am, I must confess... one of my fav parts of any Holiday are the Treats and Foods we eat to Celebrate each Event.

Each Holiday has it's own significant Treat or Food items Traditionally served... though that can vary from Family to Family or Culturally.

But I'll venture to guess that a lot of Holiday Memories are centered around the Special Meals or Treats prepared or purchased for each Holiday and the sharing of them with Family and Friends. 

In today's Post the Images I'm sharing are of some of the Treats we enjoyed for Dia de los Muertos.  The Lollies were adorable, fun Sugar Skull Designs... some were Candy, others Marshmallow or Gummi Candy. 

We threw a Yoda Lollie in there too... he's a versatile Character for almost any occassion, an endearing Iconic Character. My Brother has one of the original Yodas from the actual Star Wars Movie... along with just about any Yoda Collectible ever made.

The split Pinto Beans are just to hold the Lollies in place... though they make great Refried Beans when we're ready to make some from scratch.  I've always liked the look of raw lentils, rices and pastas, I often store them in containers where they remain visible.

We also almost always have an After The Holiday Party directly after a Holiday Event... to enjoy the Treats I've gleaned at a significant markdown in price after the Holiday is over.  It extends the Holidays & Festivities and we're totally down with that...

These Lollies in fact were a 75% markdown... each now only 25 Cents!

Since I still have my Autumn Holiday Decor up until the day after Thanksgiving, we still have the Autumn Vibe and ambiance so an After Party works out just fine and can be Hosted at a deep discount.

Does it really matter WHEN you're enjoying a good time and delicious Food & Treats? *Winks*

I thought not... so here... have a Dia de los Muertos Lollie...

And tell me what are some of your favorite Holiday Treats & Foods?

What do you Traditionally Serve?  What new things have you tried or incorporated into your Holiday Spreads?

Do you pick up the After Holiday Treats at a Discount and continue to enjoy them past the actual Event?

Are there some Holiday staples that you just wouldn't feel complete without having on the Holiday Menu or in the Candy Bowl or Cookie Jar?

I enjoy every aspect of each Holiday and Special Occassion... but I must say that the Treats and Foods complete it for me.  And continue to provide enjoyment and reason to have a Celebration and feel Festive even after the Holiday has passed. So getting them at a significant markdown is part of the Thrill, because seeking out great Deals for the things we enjoy, well, for those of us who get a Rush from the Thrill of the Hunt... that's a Treat in and of itself!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping by to say hi! You should try a soldering class, it was not as hard as I thought. I think you could create some great bohemian treasure! XO Christie

  2. Ohhhhh the skulls in the first pic! And the treats! :)
    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. There is so much to celebrate in life, I love joining in other cultural celebrations. It broadens my horizons.


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