Friday, November 11, 2011


So the Date is 11-11-11 ... the G-Kids and I think that's pretty cool... and for me its relevant because I've always had a strange fascination with Numbers and Letters.  Don't ask me why, I don't have a clue???  I don't for instance know why I've always had an aversion to the Number 4, I don't like it and avoid having 4 of anything!!!???  Or why I have a favorite Number, which is 7... and why do I prefer odd Numbers over even Numbers??? Some of the Mysteries of Life... my Life anyway.

I'm no Student of Numerology but I've often thought that perhaps there is some Mystical Reason why certain Numbers are more appealing than others?  Take for instance the Number 13... I remember a time when even Skyscrapers avoided having anything but equipment on the 13th Floor due to Superstitions about the Number being unlucky.  Or they'd pretend there wasn't a 13th Floor in a Building that went up more than 12 Floors and just skip over Numbering a Floor "13"... which I always thought was Silly... if you're on a Floor that is directly above the 12th Floor, I don't care if it's Numbered the 14th Floor... you're on the 13th Floor my Friend, don't be in Denial, just Deal with it being your Reality! *Winks*  I've never had a problem with the Number 13, or even Friday the 13th... just the Number 4.  Probably a good thing I never had to work on the 4th Floor in my Corporate Life I guess... can you imagine what a Weirdo I would have sounded like trying to avoid having my Office there & adequately explaining that?!  Well, maybe not, since I worked in one of those Skyscrapers in the 70's that had the Old enormous Computer System & other Equipment located on the dreaded 13th Floor that the Superstitious Folks didn't want to work or be on. *LOL*  And there have been times when I'm curious as to WHY?!?!???  Since logically it makes no sense, but illogically it's a strong aversion for me all the same and so I roll with it instinctively, not exactly knowing the Whys about it.  Do you have an attraction or aversion to certain Number or Letters my Friends?  Are you a Numerologist and can perhaps enlighten us to  reveal some of the Mystery of it all?  We'll make this an interactive Post shall we... *Winks*  Go ahead, throw your two cents worth in about the Topic, I Promise we won't think you're any Weirder than the rest of us... you're in good Company. *Winks*

I also like things with Letters or Numbers on them and will be more attracted to those objects... particularly those object with oversized Letters or Numbers... or just the Number or Letter standing alone as Decor.  Maybe that's why I've always had a fascination with old Watch & Clock Faces... and Vintage Letter or Number Signage even before it became a Hot mainstream decorating item to use them. I'm actually glad they are popular now, I don't feel so Weird anymore. *Winks*  I used to get a lot more strange looks about my decorating & Styling choices with Numbers or Letters before the popularity of those types of objects... people just usually didn't 'get' it.  But on the flip side that also meant I could always get a Deal on them because even most Sellers couldn't fathom why anyone would want such items?! And very often they were Free... the Magic Four Letter Word... because nobody placed much value on stuff they considered Junk... but now that it's Popular Coveted Junque, well, that's another Story isn't it?!  You're gonna pay what the Market bears... and something is only ever actually worth what someone is willing to pay for it.   That's why in the early 80's you couldn't get Cabbage Patch Dolls for Love nor Money for your Kid and now they're in every Thrift Store for a dollar and ninety-eight cents & your G-Kids want something else that's all the rage... oh, and inflated in price I might add. *Smiles*  It's okay though, I'll still pay a premium if I'm strongly attracted to a piece and feel I have to have it... I don't waste energy lamenting in the Nostalgia that several years ago it was probably considered worthless to anyone but perhaps me. *LOL*  I've always gotten what I Loved or felt an attraction to anyway, regardless of trends, you can't go wrong with that strategy... and I will continue on that Path because it pleases me and satisfies whatever strong urge I have to acquire the objects that I do... even if I don't understand any of it... *Winks*

Today I'm joining Cindy over at MY ROMANTIC HOME for SHOW & TELL FRIDAY Blog Party!

May 11-11-11 turn out to be a significant, memorable & relevant Day for you too my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. I love this post and the pictures. I am attracted to numbers too, but I am not sure if it the numbers, or the way they are shown or displayed in an industrial look like on baskets, drawers, etc. Never tire of them!

  2. Hey Dawn!

    If you saw my blog on my obsession with clocks, just another thing we have in common...something about time and old time clock faces. And I too, love numbers, 7 being my favorite.


  3. Dawn I always enjoy these shopping visual tours with you! So much yummy!

    I too have a thing with numbers. I don't mind 4 but dislike 6 *winks* And I have no problem whatsoever with 13....Even Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for me. I'll also pull over to savor the moment if my car odometer reaches say 10101 (you get the picture I'm odd *winks*)
    When I was working out at the gym I had a guy come up and ask me how much longer I was going to be on the treadmill (as the gym was very busy)...And I told him as soon as I'd burned 555 calories...He told me he'd never heard someone refer to the length of time in calories instead of miles.....I think it's probably because I'm the daughter of a mathmatician so it must be in the DNA lol! Vanna

  4. OK so here is a strange one for you... I have always connected numbers with colors. If you say a number I immediately see a color that goes with it. The odd thing is it hasn't varied since I noticed it as a child! See if you get the same notion and we will compare colors,
    Love your blog as usual!!!!
    Tons of faerie love,


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