Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Trip To The State Fair

I don't know about you, but I've never outgrown the allure of a Fair or Carnival!  I enjoy them as much now as when I was a Child.  There's just something about the atmosphere... a positive energy I always find to be uplifting, festive and full of Life & excitement! 

Needless to say our Family really needed that right about now and so when the opening day of the Arizona State Fair came this Friday the G-Kids and I were some of the first in line!  It helped that it was Dollar Day admission and Grandpa, who was still too sick to attend, Bribed Gramma into taking them by funding the whole Grand Adventure so he could enjoy some Peace and quiet resting with a house all to himself. *Winks, hey I have my Price! Smiles*  Is it wrong that I felt I was extorting money from a sick Man by accepting said Bribe I wonder? *LOL*

The Man knows how much I Love the Fair, usually we go together and I'm Hopeful that he'll feel well enough to come at least once before it ends? 

Source: Arizona State Fair Promo Page

 Because they had the most fascinating Exhibit this year called "Our Body ~ The Universe Within"  the G-Kids & I were mezmerized by it, outstanding and educational... and oddly it didn't creep them out & I was impressed with how much they already seemed to know about the Wonder of the Creation of the Human Body!  Kids are often smarter than we think & Princess T caught on right away that she was witnessing real bodies & not props {a concern of mine so her Brother & I hadn't told her it was 'real'} but rather than being frightened every Child at the Exhibit was intrigued and using it as a unique learning experience it is meant to be.  

And of coarse there is the FAIR FOOD! *Winks*  Navajo Indian Fry Bread being my absolute personal favorite!   And yes that is Princess T beside me and not Cousin It from the Addams Family *LOL*, she was not the center of the photo shoot by her Brother and so she wasn't having it! *LOL, what a Diva!!!*

But they also had delish Grilled Foods and so we had some of that too... yum-yum!

We're a "Classic Fair" Family and so our all time fav ride is still the old fashioned Merry-Go-Round.

But we "Heart" the Midway Games too... and all the Kitsch of the Games & Prizes... which nobody really needs, say a 5-foot stuffed Banana or Miss Kitty, or a Goldfish in a plastic dixie cup... but for some strange alluring reason its still exciting to try to win one!? *LOL*  And believe me, kids are adept at winning these darn things & Mastering the Carny tricks to beat these Games... I've had many a year of schlepping a 5-foot something-or-other around the Fair after one of our Children or G-Kids won it! *Whew*

And to see the little faces light up at the Enchantment of a Carnival or Fair brings me as much Joy as I'm experiencing myself just being there...

Because seriously... how could you NOT be Enchanted by such Visuals as the bright Creative Art, Lights, Action & Fun surrounding you?!? 

And the Beautiful and interesting Exhibits... I "Heart" the Artistic Creations such as Quilts, Paintings, Photography, Crafts & Collections that are Judged & proudly displayed... so much amazing Talent displayed from every age group.

And Carnival Art is among my all time favorite kind...

I'd Love for a Carnival Artist to paint an entire wall or Play Room with these amazing Graphics at this ole House! 

And though some of the rides are beyond scary for Gramma since I'm not fond of heights...

There's plenty to enjoy besides the Thrilling Rides... our favorite Craft display was this adorable Halloween Dollhouse scene...

And strolling around with the crowds... simply savoring the entire wonderful atsmophere of the Fair!!!

And "playing" Judge of the Exhibits of which are OUR favorites... and seeing which ones won Ribbons from the real Judges... we "Heart" the creative Cake displays... isn't this one Grand!?

And naturally we have a particular fondness for the Animal Exhibits... this Fashionista Goat obviously enjoys Gramma's Styling sensibilities... Hippie Goat, I Loved it's ensemble! *Winks*

And when does a Gramma know when it's time to exit the Fair and we've obviously had enough fun?

Why... when the G-faces go from looking like this... and in awe of all that surrounds them...

To THIS! *Gasp & suppressing a Laugh*  Yes, Gramma still has more Fair Stamina than the Younger Generation *winks*... and Prince R had his "pained look"... and the Beast Princess has a more fierce face than those 5-foot Sponge Bob Stuffed Gladiators in the background! *LOL*  And no... we didn't win one...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Great capture of the Fair, and the G-Kids enchantment.

    I still love the fairs, and food, only the merry go round for me now.

  2. Who doesn't love a good fair!!! I also have seen the Human Body program . I went with my daughter as extra credit for her nursing class, it was very cool!!!
    So glad hubby got to get some downtime and you got the fair food. That a good trade!!


  3. Hey Dawn,

    So happy for your fun day at the fair. Ya'll so needed that.

    I also got your comment you posted to me about your daughter. Dawn, I want you to know that I meant no disrespect toward your daughter and i hope you didn't take it that way. Thank you for opening up to me about her even though it was none of my business. I'm so sorry and I too, understand the issues. Such a hard and heartbreaking thing to deal with. She is so lucky to have you for a mom and caretaker.

    Like I said, you are a saint and I truly admire you. Take care and hugs to you.



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