Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Riding Out The Storms

The Man is admitted back in the VA Hospital... it was really intense & scary this time, worse than ever before... and after nine hours there I'm physically & emotionally exhausted and drained.  Finally I had to come Home since I no longer had Babysitting coverage for the G-Son... and I hated for him and our Son to have to see Grandpa/Dad like this only days after our last Medical Emergency.  I could see the worry & concern on their faces... and I couldn't make it right or offer sufficient comforting words to alleviate the stress I knew it was causing to us all.  I was barely keeping it together myself after hours of putting on the facade for The Man's benefit that everything was going to be alright and I felt confident in that... because I didn't "feel" any of what was coming out of my mouth... but, when you're the sick one the last thing you need is your Loved Ones going to pieces or panicking about your condition... that would really make you believe you're potentially circling the drain & make the anxiety & fear all the more palpable!   I really commend those in the Medical Field Careers... I couldn't imagine witnessing this daily times the number of Patients & Families you must Minister to and attempt to stay detached yet compassionate... I doubt that I could manage that... God Bless you all!

Riding out the Storms of Life can be quite intense can't it?  We've all been there in one form or another... some longer than most.  The Staff at the VA Hospital commended me on coping so well and staying so calm & collected... I suppose on the exterior I do... only from decades of experience of dealing with Medical Crisis with Loved Ones... but on the inside, well... I'm as stressed as anyone else would be.  Its as stressful & difficult for me, as many times as I've been through it before, as it would be for those going through some Crisis for the very first time.  Sometimes it may appear that those who have grown accustomed to Crisis and Personal Tragedy become more adept at dealing with it, but the reality is that such things are never something you get used to in such a way that it does not affect  you... no longer causes internal turmoil and emotional duress... it does... every time.

And so I want this Post to be for those who have been riding out the Storms in what may seem like endless turbulent waves of it... battering you... threatening to sink you.  And I also want it to be for those who know someone who is.   Like a Boat, so long as all that is coming against you stays on the exterior and you don't allow it to get into you so much that you begin to go down and no longer be able to stay afloat and shipwreck... you'll stay afloat and eventually the Storms will pass and there will be some smooth sailing on your Journey.  It would be difficult to navigate a complex craft by yourself, especially during a Storm, and so the Crew you have on Board will also be vital to your well being and ability to sustain the Storm, especially a lengthy one... such is Life as well.  Don't discount your inner circle and refuse to accept a Life preserver thrown out by any of them... and if you are the one who can be one of the Crew that assists someone in need don't discount your part either... you are vital, you do make a difference and it is appreciated and necessary, sometimes more than you'll ever know.  I Thank my Crew...  you've kept this Ship afloat and continuing on the Journey in spite of the Storms we continue to move through... and we will arrive... one day.

The only time I want my Plate to be full is at a Buffet! *LOL* 

Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi my sweet blog friend... I tried to leave you a comment on your first post about the man being in the VA but my computer decided to quit on me mid way through. You are hugely in my prayers and on my mind. I wish I really did have a magic wand or faerie dust that would make it all ok, but I don't. just tons of love in my heart and healthful wishes for you both. Hang in there. I can not tell you of the respect I have for you for all that you are doing and going through. To still have such an amazing attitude, solid faith and a smile is truly astonishing. You are allowed moments even hours of weakness. Don't fret when they show up. Know that they will pass and you will carry on. Do what ever you have to take care of yourself in all of this. Know that I am thinking of you,
    Tons of love, faerie blessings, muggle magic, good witches spells, and all of Gods love and light,

  2. P.S. with all that you are dealing with please don't feel like to have to respond. You have enough on your plate without answering emails and blogs.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dawn.

  4. Darling Dawn I so hope he is feeling better and home again soon.Its awful the things that we are thrown sometimes will be thinkng of you xxx

  5. Girlfriend,

    Do you sometimes feel like your strength is being tested?? I say, enough is enough! Will "someone" please give Dawn a break!
    hang in there girlfriend. I'm hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel for you.

    Hugs, ~Joyce

  6. Oh Dawn.....I'm so sorry this has been piled on your plate that is already full and overflowing.....Just remember....."this, too, shall pass"....I do not say this lightly.

    Hugs dear lady,


  7. Very good post on dealing with medical crisis and thankfulness for those in the medical field. We are blessed if we have both family and dependable medical care.

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


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