Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A French Fantasy Visual Overload ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part V

Hello my Friends... can you handle a French Fantasy Visual Overload?

Because I didn't get the Title of Queen Of Excess without being... well... EXCESSIVE! *Winks*

I tend to be that way in everything I do and so Blogging & Photography were no exceptions to that rule.

And this very well could be my most excessive Visual Overload Post ever!?!

Because I was up under more stress & emotional duress than ever... and so I NEEDED a Fantasy Visual Overload desperately...

And gratefully I received it at SWEET SALVAGE'S French Market Event.

I attended two of the four fabulous days, Thursday & Saturday... and happily snapped a gazillion Photos... and so then my dilemma... which to share?

And in how many Posts?

And I'm absolutely terrible in making those kinds of Editing decisions!!! *Arghhhhhh!!!*

An Editor I most certainly AM NOT!!!

I suck at Editing in fact & require a lot of help and restraint in Editing anything I do!

Because I'm prone to excess...

In ALL things... it apparently is just how I'm hard-wired!? *LOL*

Sure, I've tried to temper my urge to be excessive over the years...

And usually fail miserably at it.

And most of the time I don't mind really... because I enjoy my excesses... especially when it comes to Creations and Beautiful Things.

And Loving and indulging those I care about, I'm very excessive about that too.

And Collecting... I have probably Collected just about every conceivable thing that catches my eye and makes my Heart skip a beat... I definitely have Magpie Tendencies. 

And I've always been excessive in taking Photographs, even before discovering the Land Of Blog.

I was the one who took so many Photos of every Life Event my Friends, Family and I were ever sharing that they could be certain that if they didn't take enough, or failed to take any at all, they could always borrow some of mine... I'd have more than enough! *Winks*

Yes, sometimes I had more Photos of my BFF's Children growing up than they had in their own Family Albums it seems... and so it was always a Treat to surprise them years later with a Photo Album of those "Lost Kodak Moments" they didn't realize existed... and I had taken.

And so perhaps I was destined and meant to do this??!

Be excessive in those things that could and often do delight others.

And so I don't necessarily see it as a negative when I get carried away...

And agonize over the Editing Process...

And then say to myself, forget about it... I'm just rolling with the excess...

Embracing it... sharing it... giving in this case, a French Fantasy Visual Overload of epic proportions!

Because I know how much hard work is put into Hosting a Fabulous Event or Show.

And very often those who labor so long and so passionately at it rarely get to properly enjoy the Fruits of their labors visually...

They are too busy making it a perfectly delightful experience for the rest of us!

And quite often the Beauty of it is fleeting.  Especially in Retail...

And it may never make it to the pages of a Decorating Book or Magazine in it's entirety... even though the visuals are certainly publication worthy and would Inspire for more than just a fleeting moment in time.

I have a huge Library of Decorating Books... but very often, in the Shops, Shows & Events I have visited I've Witnessed and enjoyed Visuals that are just as Inspiring... just as Creative... and just as jaw dropping as any I've seen in publication. 

And I've wanted to capture some of that in my Images... both to fondly remember...

And to continue to be Inspired by!

And now in the wonderful Land Of Blog I have a means to Share it all!

ALL being the key word here... because how do you choose which Images to Share and use and which to edit out?

Especially when you Loved and enjoyed them ALL!?! *Smiles*

I really don't know how those in the Biz of Publishing do it actually?  The Editing...

Especially since their Photographers are Professionals that take the most amazing and magnificent Photographs of it all!

Because for me anyway, looking back at all of the wonderful Images transports me back there, to whatever place and time it covers... and even though it's the Visual... my other Senses are ignited by the Memories.  The Heavenly Scent of the Fresh Lavender, Basil, Sage and Rosemary...

The touch & feel of the various items I couldn't just LOOK at, but had to run my hands over!

The small details... I'm ALL about the details...

The Ideas and the Creativity abounding... even in the Simple things.

As well as the Ornate ones.

Those Artistic Touches on pieces... that personalize it and make it unique and OOAK rather than mass produced and ordinary.

The exquisite Salvaged items that could have been lost forever... but someone took the time to source, preserve, Salvage and offer so that it could have new Life breathed into the use of it.

The delightful Vignettes that I will replicate in some fashion at Home with my own spin using the Collectibles, plantings, bits and bobs I already have... because I truly Loved the way they were presented and the atmosphere they created.

And I know that if you're here today you probably enjoy these types of things too don't you?

And whether you've stumbled upon my humble little slice of Heaven here in the Land Of Blog and visit once... or come back for more... my Hope is that it will be an enjoyable experience.

That each Post not only nourishes MY Creative Spirit, Soul and is a form of personal expression of my Life Journey and an Online Journal of it...

But that perhaps, in some small way, it may do the same for you?

Delighting your Eyes...

Causing your Creative Spirit to soar...

Igniting your Senses...

Transporting you there... where ever I was... as if we were there enjoying it together... as Friends that are of a Kindred Spirit and find Joy in similar things.

Perhaps have shared Vision?

Favorite Places... that we've either had the privilege of already visiting... or long to visit again or for the first time!

And try to capture the Essence of in the way we decorate our Homes, our Styling and perhaps our Wardrobe...

Or just simply enjoy looking at here in our Fantasy Land of Blog...

Where we can Create anything on our Pages that we so desire...

Reveling in it... or releasing it into the Universe... in shared Posts...

That anyone is Welcome to visit... and enjoy or contemplate what our Words, what our Visuals mean to them?

How they can relate to our experience... or not...

How they can experience and expose themselves to something Foreign and different than their own experience and Culture or Tradition... or connect to it because it is so very like their own?

Or just get new Ideas... or Relax and take time to Dream.

And maybe live out a Fantasy or two about a place, a Style... or something they'd like to have or discover in their own forrays.

Because maybe like Me you also Live for the Thrill Of The Hunt too?

And one of the reasons you visit places that offer the Unique, the Vintage, the Antique, the discarded and Salvaged is that you want that Thrill of finding something that is not so ordinary?

That has a Story and a History to it...

That has some wear, patina, interest, and was perhaps once Loved or used and the evidence of that is apparent... and something that cannot be reproduced any other way but over time.

And maybe you're also attracted to those items because they just don't make it like that anymore?  You enjoy and appreciate the quality of the materials & workmanship that went into them? 

Or the Vision the Artist brought forth in their Creation captivates you?

Maybe it will bring back some Nostalgia...

Or be from an Era you weren't a part of but admire...

Or perhaps it will be a Natural wonder... those Gifts that the Great Creator leaves for us in the Natural World to discover and enjoy.

Whatever the reason it matters not...

Whether it takes you to a place on the Canvas of your Imagination...

Or you're just Shopping and looking for those great Sources to discover your next Found Treasure...

Or you're just sitting in front of your screen enjoying the Stories... the Images...

Or a combination of all of the above?!? *Winks*

Today at least you have been able to Escape... to a French Fantasy Visual Overload!!!

And I Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did?

And I want to thank the hard working Staff at SWEET SALVAGE for Hosting it for us.

And bringing a Taste  & their Vision of France and a French Market to the Arizona Desert.

You did a fantastic job my Friends!!!

And for me, during a particularly difficult time our Family is moving through it was like a breath of fresh air... a brief respite from Reality... which we desperately needed and came at just the right time.

And yep, the Queen of Excess certainly has earned her Title... because as always I went overboard... perhaps even more than usual... *LOL*

And was totally wheels off in the Images I desired to share and so I've dumped the whole bale on my Blogging Friends this day! *He he he*

Were you able to take it my Friends and stick with us? *Smiles*

Have you overdosed on Beauty and Inspiration yet?

Is this perhaps one of the longest & most excessive Posts you've ever visited to date? *Whew*

If the answer to those questions is a resounding YES! ... well, then I've done my job...

And if you've sufficiently enjoyed the experience perhaps you'll come again with me...

And join in on an excessively Good Time?

Indulging yourself and all of your Senses in a delightful way.

And maybe experiencing or seeing something for the very first time?

And afterwards we'll sit and chat... and maybe sip a nice Wine... and get to know each other better...

Either on the Pages of the Land Of Blog...

Or in person if you come to the Valley Of The Sun for a visit or a vacation...

Because I've met the most wonderful peeps since being here in Blogland...

And feel like I now know many of you and consider you Friends...

And even had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of you in person, which is always a Special Treat!

But even if we only ever spend time here... it has still been my Pleasure...

And so much Fun...

And I am glad you stopped by Today and took this lengthy Journey with us...

Come back again anytime.

We enjoy having you visit.

And don't be Shy...

Leave a Comment and introduce yourselves or just say Hi again...

Or Invite Me to explore a slice of your World via your own Blogland Adventures...

The connection is always a Joy...

And I look foward to my Time here.

And I Hope you do too?

And come away Inspired, Refreshed and Uplifted!!!

Because I want my portion of it to extend those things that make you feel good.

Like they make me feel good.

And as you can see I can write as excessively as I Photograph *Winks*... never at a loss for Words! *LOL*

THAT you can always count on!!! *Smiles*

Au revoir for now my Friends!


Your Life...

Those you Love...

And those Beautiful Things that you Love...

Life is too short not to!!!

Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, so many, many wonderful things!!! Thanks for the eye candy and beautiful commentary! Blessings, Laurel

  2. Excess? What is that? I tend to be excessive in all I do...no boundaries! You can probably tell from my humor! :) So glad you found my brand new blog. I have added you to my blog list and am now following you! Thanks so much for feeding my creativity tonight!


  3. Eye candy overload! I really want to go to one of their sales. Maybe next time.


  4. You've done it again!!!
    Another great outing with great results , love the eye candy, yummy!!

    Thanks for the lead on another great blog!!
    Your the best, hope all is well!!!

  5. I can see why you have a hard time deciding what to edit! Sooooooo many beautiful treasures. It is clear that you had a wonderful time exploring and taking these pictures. Thanks for sharing~~I MUST get to one of the sales at Sweet Salvage. I love NOT TOO SHABBY, and I am sure these sales are just the icing on that very sweet cake!

  6. Oh really really georgeous! Such lovely huge parade to start my day with.......
    Oh I can understand you love those pictures all.
    I am glad you showed so many, so many to see....
    such lovely inspiration.......
    A nice treat, thankx
    Fine day

  7. Hey Dawn,

    WOW! You have to take me there when I come down!
    So much eye candy...love it all.

    I have been trying to leave a comment for days and blogger is doing some weird things...soo frustrating. Is anyone else having this problem?


  8. YUMMY Dawn~!! As a dyed in the wool francophile there was nary a picture I didn't want to reach right into and grab a treasure or two! *winks* Sooo many delicious images! We don't have any store like this in my state. Do you know how lucky you are?

    Funny thing when I bought that black shade you mentioned I thought of both you and Joyce! It seemed so "you" *winks* And I know it's "her" too because she bought a very similar one on our shopping trip.

    I hope your hubby is feeling much better and will recover completely. That's some scary stuff to go through! Vanna


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