Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Creation For Kendra

So this Friday I met my Friend Kendra at LOLA'S COFFEE BAR at the Historic Gold Spot location in Downtown Phoenix at 3rd and Roosevelt.  Kendra Styled this location and and so it is fabulously Vintage Industrial Chic with her amazing signature Style that I adore!!!  If it hadn't been so busy I would have been snapping pixs all over the place to share with you all. *LOL*  Take my word for it, the pieces Kendra found to Style it with are so cool and many are Antiques sourced from Europe!!! The Coffee and Pastries there are wonderful too, so whenever you're in the Downtown area, check it out.  FINALLY I was presenting Kendra with the Bag I had created for her... seriously, this Gal has the patience of Job, she could have given birth to a child sooner than the wait she endured for this piece and I Thank her for being ever so patient! *Winks*  It looked far better with Lovely Kendra Modeling it than Mannequin Yvette... sorry Yvette,  you're just not that tall nor slender. *Smiles*  And though we'll make a slight adjustment in shortening the strap to get it at just the right length, I was happy that she loved the piece as much as I'd hoped that she might.  And we had such fun chatting and catching up... I really need more Gal's Day Outs with my Friends and I Promise that's going to be a Goal to achieve as we head towards the New Year!  Because all work and no play... well, it makes Gramma Dawn cranky!!! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hey Dawn, what a beautiful purse. It was good to hear from you. I must say this Fall show was definately different for me. It was hotter than it's been in a while, the customers were being very careful on their purchases and it almost felt like a full moon was out everyday. I could go in great detail about this show, not all good, but it's over and I'm just thankful to be home. I do have several posts more to share but since I was just worn out when I got back it's going to take me time to get all posts out there. Please keep watching for them. Hope you have a great rest of the week, T

  2. Hi Dawn. The purse is absolutely gorgeous !! Looks like another place for me to check out as well. I hope you are having a beautiful and creative day....Chickie


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